Rollercoaster tah bso – Caren’s story

I had my hysterectomy 10 weeks ago today and what a rollercoaster it’s been thus far! It was a tah bso (total abdominal hysterectomy and ovaries removed).

I had it due to a large melon sized fibroid that was sat on top of my womb and growing fast (did 2 years watch and wait with scans, blood tests, hysteroscopy etc.). I refused the coil due to 2 pregnancies with a coil in years ago in my 20’s. I tried tablets to shrink my fibroid but felt dizzy so came off them quickly. I had heavy painful periods due to the fibroid and a lot of discomfort from where it was sat pushing on my organs.

I was 44 and had my op end of August. I was so nervous and couldn’t see beyond waking up after the op! I had modified anaesthetic due to reflux and also epidural (was well out of it whilst imagining a Sunday afternoon on wine).

I asked to keep my ovaries but my gynae said no because I was peri-menopausal prior to op. When he came to see me morning after my op he said my fibroid was attached to 1 of my ovaries but took both. Was in and out of hospital within 2 days, last in for op so late back on ward and glad to be home as so short staffed.

My hubby and kids have done everything for me including school runs for my youngest at 12. I can now walk 7,000 steps plus, but 4 weeks after my op we went on holiday for my birthday and I was so tired and could only walk short distances. It felt like forever and very frustrating, but I feel so much better although I’m still suffering some fatigue and hit a brick wall many days.

Because I’m in surgical menopause it’s hard to know what’s the op and what’s menopause, although the flushes are awful and go on day and night. My gynae wanted me straight on HRT tablets but after researching more than previously (as was hoping to keep my ovaries ) am finding it a scary minefield!

I went back to my doctor who gave me gel instead of the tablets so hopefully less risks involved but still haven’t started them yet! I see my gynae next week for my follow up and intend to ask for pics of my fibroid to help me think this was worthwhile! Also to understand why he removed both my ovaries.

It’s been a lot harder than I imagined and I’m off sick with a 12 week note that runs out in 2 weeks. My job is physical so just hope I’m up to standing all day as I’m still not doing much round the house as it causes pain and discomfort. Walking is easier.

Good luck to anybody about to have their op and try not to worry and take it day by day. I’ve watched a whole box set but not read or watched as much as I would have liked as the tiredness is the hardest part. Enjoy being pampered and rest when your body tells you to – however hard it feels.

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  1. Hi Marie

    I had a TAH 30/01/18 and so currently week 3 post op and feeling not too bad.
    I was in hospital for 3 nights but pretty sure this was because I had it done privately via health insurance. That said, I left the hospital on the Friday feeling very underwhelmed with very little aftercare advice and rather like I’d been ambushed out of the door. There is, it appears as much pressure in the private sector as there is on the NHS. Pretty sure they’d stripped my bed before I made the lift..!

    Not gonna lie the first few days after we’re pretty horrific and as bad as I expected.

    The worst things for me have been the trapped wind after surgery and constipation. Peppermint tea has been unbelievably helpful for the wind and is incredibly effective. The constipation probably getting moving and plenty of water and the right food has helped. I’m still not there fully with that and it hurts my tummy a lot when I go but I’ve been told that this could be the case for a number of weeks post op.

    The other thing I’ve struggled with is getting comfortable at night to sleep as I’ve normally always slept on my tummy. I’ve found an ishly ok solution putting a pillow between my legs which has helped quite a bit.
    Ive struggled quite a bit with energy levels and knowing when to stop and ask for help… I’m ridiculously independent…! The best advice I can give here is to accept all offers of help.

    Im much more mobile now though still not back driving. I am going back to work next week but only part time. My job is not very active and to be fair sitting at my desk working isn’t a lot different to sitting in a chair reading/watching TV.

    I’ve started my HRT but to be honest I don’t really know what it’s doing apart from making me feel crappy. Mostly nauseous, lightheaded and thirsty all the time. I will have a chat with my Consultant when I go for my post op appointment in a couple of weeks to see if this is normal or not.

    Im 41 and had the op because of horrific periods and multiple cysts. Oddly my problems didn’t start until after I’d been sterilised in 2005.

    Looking positively forward, I’m expecting a pain free future so that I can enjoy spare time with my teenage daughters, my husband and our dog..!

  2. Hello

    I had a TAH last Friday. I have spent weeks and weeks not sleeping, fearful and an absolute nervous wreck. I even wrote letters to my children!
    I am on day six post off and without reading through this page I think I would have drove myself mad! I have a very active job and over active mind so I needed to listen when being told to rest/drink/eat/sleep.
    I was really surprised the lack of after care information given by the hospital on discharge but my family have been great. Looking at the positives I hope that I will no longer suffer the daily pain that I surlffered with my condition and taking the time to get better properly will enable me a quality of life that I haven’t had since I was 22 (now 42) From pre op to surgery I cannot fault the care and treatment I have received. It is really daunting but please please don’t be frightened Melissa

  3. Marie I like you was petrified. I had a full hysterectomy, womb, cervix, ovaries and tubes on 20 dec by keyhole surgery . I came out of hospital late 22 dec and was sitting down on Christmas Day at the table. I was so scared prior to the op I didn’t sleep for a week before . I had womb cancer. I have never felt so good post op. I took all painkillers offered whilst in hospital but it was nothing like I imagined. My surgeon was amazing and if you have a good surgeon and anaesthetist you will be fine. Everyone is different but I wish you luck

  4. Iam due to.go in to get a total hysterectomy in march iam so scared i dont know what to do have it done or suffer the pain please help