Post Hysterectomy Recovery Survey

We have been undertaking research into the experiences of women having hysterectomies because there is little research information about the impact that having a hysterectomy can have on women.

If you have already had your hysterectomy, then we would be very grateful if you would help us to get a better overview by taking the survey below, it shouldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes to complete but will be enormously helpful to us in encouraging change with the National Health Service.

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  1. I had a TAH back in May 2011. This was due to a whopping 40+ fibroids, a cyst on each ovary and severe endometriosis. About 3 months after I started getting the most incredible sharp pain in my right groin area. It’s very intermittent but lasts between 1-10 minutes. Does anyone else have this. It only happens when I either stand up or when I urinate for the first time in the morning?

  2. I had a complete lap. hysterectomy on Aug 20, 2014 , Since then i was cleared for sex after 3mnths, On Halloween had to have emergency surgery from my hubby busting my insides open, then 2wks after that spent 5days in the hospital with severe infection in incision, sine then my inside stitches have busted 4 times, im in constant pain, my doc says im a medical mystery an the infection wony go away, Now since my doc cant figure it oit shes sending me to another surgeon, no sex for 8 mnths an hope i get better! Am i seriously the only person this has happened too? Its getting close to a year an ive still not recovered, my sex life is gone, I’m in constant pain.., Im going crazy an wondering if i’ll ever be normal again??

  3. it nice to read something more positive, i am due to have tota hysterectomy & bilateral salpingo oopherectomy in 5 weeks, i keep finding myself fluctuating between feeling ok, & scared, the bits that scare me just change, if its not pain, then its the side effects, the hormone changes, worring that our sex life will never be the same, and reading all the complications people seems to tell you about, …. so its nice to read one that isnt so negative . thank you 🙂

  4. It could be just the way your body recovers from surgery or it could be your hormones settling down, finally it might be the sign of a minor infection and perhaps a chat with your GP might be a good idea.

  5. It’s been3. Weeks since I had my hysterectomy and I been feeling nauseous and certain smells make me this normal or should I call my dr?

  6. Hi Sue.., I know how miserable that is!! I am 8 weeks out and although I still have a LOT of difficulty with my bowels I can say that them being as painful as childbirth has passed… Probobly about 2 weeks ago.. So 6 weeks or so. I used RX mirilax plus a high fiber diet. It is still painful when they are thin but not AS painful. I hope it eases for you soon. Just know you aren’t alone!

  7. Gaynor, I am soon to be 8 weeks Post Op from a Vaginal partial Hysto. I am only 29 years old but also have Alpha 1 COPD and 3 children ages 3 to 7. I have felt so.. Alone.. I guess because i just haven’t felt good at all since my surgery. I have NO energy, my bowels are always from one exteeem to another. My appetite has dissapeared, althofh I am always exhausted I find myself unable to sleep.. Constant feelings of anxiety and restlessness since surgery. NOTHING seems normal… I am not me since surgery and some days don’t feel ever will be. My DR says TIME!!. Although I m sorry that someone else feels like poo… Im glad I’m not the only one after a surgery like this.. Makes me feel less alone. Ive kept wondering why I feel like this?? Any comments would be appreciated!!

  8. I had morning sickness symptoms for 3-4 weeks post op
    Certain smells would turn my stomach

  9. Thank you, I’ve now only seen this response so please don’t think I’m rude, I ended up in a&e and re-admitted following scans and tests, it showed a large collection had formed, I was in hospital a further 5days, bleed then for three weeks and once re scanned after 6 weeks the collection, head aches and the severe pain I mention had stopped. Maybe my experience will be off some help to anyone who gets similar symptoms in future. Thank you for the support xx

  10. I have had so much nausea since surgery. It has been just over a week. I don’t understand. I feel full and often am sick in the afternoon. I can’t se to eat much either. I have no pain. I am ready to feel better

  11. It may be that your internal organs are just moving around and will settle down in time. Or, it could sign of an infection. If you are concerned a trip to your GP to get a check-up would be a good idea.

  12. Its now my 4th week of having a total laporoscopy/vaginal Hysterectomy and have strange feelings in my stomach….like there is a space there, no pain, but quite an unpleasant feeling..also feeling in my anus that everything is anchored to it…quite a tight feeling and again, not pleasant at all.

  13. It took 6months before i felt any symptoms-when they came they were severe-I didn’t take HRT at first-I do now and wished i had straight away before I allowed myself to get so ill-everything fine now but took two years to get sorted-you will be fine if you take HRT

  14. if it hadnt been for this site i wouldnt have known anything, my hospital have been no help at all all i get told is “every 1 is different” and now i cant find any 1 to give me advise on the menapause im suposed to be in! keep up the good work we need you x

  15. I had a LAVH 1 week ago, three days ago I started with headaches that just aren’t shifting, and extreme pain with bowels and severe shooting pain across the abdominal area when attempting to wee. Is this normal, or something I need to contact my dr about?

  16. This post is old I wonder how you are doing now? I had vaginal hyst 4 weeks ago for chronic back, groin, leg and pelvic pain. The first 2 weeks I felt great but all the original pain came back and I feel even worse. I kept my ovaries as I’m only 33 but my gynae did say she felt most of my pain was hormonal so keeping my ovaries was a risk and they would need removing if my pain persists so I’m not happy. It was my decision and I made the wrong choice. I think I’m estrogen dominant because I suffer horrendous breast pain, night sweats you name it. Gynae thinks my pain is hormonal. Hope you got sorted out.

  17. I was supposed to have keyhole surgery for my large ovaries but had vaginal surgery instead because my surgeon said I was fit and healthy but did not know about my condition because he has not seen me before that day what do I do about it. thank

  18. Had total hysterectomy in August 2011 in India. I went to remove fibroids and the doc said the womb should be removed n no ref to ovaries. No info at all. During the operation she removed my womb, ovaries, tubes, everything. I have not been well ever since. Severe hot flashes , weight gain, inability to sleep, constipation, waist and back pain. Now I have been diagnosed of spondylolisthesis, in severe pains that radiate down the legs. Can’t move around. Wish I can turn back the hand of the clock. Anybody with severe surgical menopause symptoms and spondylolisthesis? How do u cope? Live in extremely hot environment of over 33 degrees centigrade. Pls help. I am on livial but I still have severe heat in my body. The new gynecologist I have seen in nigeria ordered thyroid function test n the results are normal. He asked me to continue with HRT . I have ulcer because of many drugs i have taken. Who in this world has had my experience?

  19. Abdomen is still larger on the right side of belly button and gets firm at times. Walking up a hill or walking for about 1/2 hour causes my abdomen to become uncomfortable and it becomes hardened and heavy. Was able to sleep on stomach after 1 year. Weight gain in troublesome and I get tearful easily. There should be support groups before and after or at least after hysterectomy surgery as women are not well informed of the results one must endure post-op. I am a nurse and recently retired and had no idea how uncomfortable women were after this type surgery and 2 of my friends who are nurses with TAH also had no idea of the consequences of this.

  20. Hi
    I can really identify with your experiences as I am nearly 5 weeks post op of total hysterectomy.
    I tried slogging pants as read somewhere that a light firm support helps but have not yet been able to bear even a light pressure.
    Can now sleep on the side but was too wierd to tolerate until last week.
    Try leggings in a slightly larger size – I’m rarely out of them and they give me confidence as like you everything feels like it gets stuck when standing and moving – especially from a sitting or lying position and when my bladder or bowels are full.
    Have you managed to sleep on your tummy yet?
    I’d be interested in hearing how things are for you now as you posted your comment a while ago and I’m not sure what to expect and plan to return to work in 10 days time.

  21. I am so grateful for sites like these. I had my total vaginal hysterectomy 6 weeks ago and I have found that these sites are full of helpful information and I am so appreciative of all of those that share their experiences. I had never had any surgeries before. I am 40 years old and have had 3 normal vaginal deliveries. The past year or so I began having very heavy bleeding from fibroids and my life was turned upside down. My doctor said the only real option was a hysterectomy because of the placement and size of the fibroids. The surgery lasted about 4 hours. I had some anxiety when I was in recovery. Some IV Ativan helped with that. I started walking the halls a few hours later. I was discharged the next morning. The first week was a little rough. “Swelly belly” was an issue and my bowels were not the same. I was exhausted as well. At least 2 naps a day. But by week 2 the swelling was better. The pain less and less. My bowels were returning to normal. I had no real bleeding to speak of just some brownish discharge. I made sure to drink a lot of water. I think the fluids helped a lot. I ate small frequent meals which I tolerated very well. Lots of protein and greens with my meals to help heal and build up my iron. I started walking a mile then 2 miles by week 3. I did re injure myself at week 5. I think i pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen. I needed to rest for a few days then slowly started to move around again to build up my endurance. I did very well with this surgery and would recommend it. The key for me was rest, good nutrition, slow building up my endurance and taking the time off from work and everyday life to let my body heal. Good luck to anyone thinking about having this done. It’s been a blessing!

  22. I had my total laparoscopic hysterectomy 2 weeks ago and as of yesterday I have passed two big clots. I sneezed yesterday and I began to bleed heavier that the daily spotting. I passed another clot of the same size today and I am beginning to worry. The color of the blood has changed from a brown to red. It is not too heavy but it is more than I expected. should I be worried? I made an appointment tomorrow to go in to the doctors office because I am scared that something happened when I sneezed.
    What is going on???

  23. HI it is now 14 day since my laprascopic viginal hysterectomy, left wth both my ovaries,, i went back to work within one week and generally feel ok appart from agonizing pain when my bowels are full. Wasnt shown any pelvic floor exercises to do in hospital so not sure what im supposed to do. bleeding got heavier today and ive had a headache from hell for day which i just cant shift…

  24. It’s been 4 months, and l.m always tired, don’t sleep well, have had lower back ache since operation , have no sex drive, l already had bersitest in left thigh , the pain has got worse , l still get syptoms every month , sore breasts and back pain worse, headaches and very moody .I get hot very easy, Had light bleeding 2 times now after sexual interlude, stomach is always bloated and have a feeling of being full, even if l don’t eat much and l have put weight on my hips , my bowel hasn’t been right since operation , had 8 weeks of consipation ,now l can be one way or the other, when l do go m always feel like l need to do more but can;t get it out . The smell hasn’t been the same since the operation either, have been back to specialist 2 times that was over 5 weeks ago . she said it will take time and my Gp about 4 times, don;t feel like l got any help. just wondering if this is normal.

  25. This website is invaluable I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 6 days ago its so reassuring knowing other women have gone through near identical symptoms.

  26. I am really glad that your website is here as it has been invaluable. I just wish there was more information out there about the emotional toll the hysterectomy takes on you. I was totally unprepared to feel the way I did. It is coming up to a year from my operation and I am only now just beginning to feel fit and well again. It has been a very difficult year, but following counselling, I actually feel better than I did before!

  27. is it nateral for me to be still very sore around the belly and gettin wired shootin pains up my vagina to the point where it feels like my bladder is goin to fall out im really worrying about these weird feelings im getting and i dont no where im ment to have my post op check up either any help please thank a bunch

  28. hi im a 30yr old woman and im 15 days post op i was woundering if any body could help me out now i feel really ashamed about this but i was woundering if i could have outtercourse i still have my overies and im feelin really frisky as ive not been able to go near my hubby since the 22nd of feb due to hemmerging and now theres no bleeding im feeling very up for somthing sos to speek i no my insides is a deffo nofly zone but can anybody help me out here please girls

  29. Hi,
    I had my, laparoscopic hysterectomy, 5 weeks ago tomorrow, and wanted to comment about the care I received. I live in Lancashire. Firstly I was given lots of information about what to expect.
    Secondly, the care I received whilst in hospital was second to none, my surgeon came to see me after the op, and explained everything to me, I was up and in the bath with help the morning after my surgery. I was visited by a physio, we had a chat and she gave me a leaflet to take home, I was then given some pain relief to take with me and then went home that day, the nurses were amazed.
    5 weeks on, I feel better than I did before having it done, yeah I still get tired if I overdue things, and my tummy gets a bit tender, especially if I am not wearing elasticated trousers, but I am in no pain.
    I am just beginning to notice signs of hot sweats, especially at night, but was expecting that.
    With a very understanding boss, and the agreement of my surgeon, I am working from home for a couple of weeks to ease me back into it, meaning I can rest if it all gets too much.
    I would do it again in a heartbeat.
    All thanks to the NHS what a superb job.

  30. Hi I’m 8 weeks post op after a vaginal hysterectomy. I’ve gone back to work and my lower abdomen feels fluidly and sort of numb then it can go and feel ok. Jelly belly. I’m walking about an hour a day and doing gentle pelvic floor exercises whilst sitting and 25 squats a day slowly and gentle. I feel great in myself but its just this fluid belly that is getting me worried a bit. Thank you xxx

  31. I know exactly what you mean. There is nothing that can prepare you for the effects of a Hysterectomy, and GP/Consultant tell you absolutely nothing.

  32. May 2013 it is 2 yrs since I had radical hysterectomy and the process, the drs, the nurses were all brilliant………….morphine was brilliant and recovery was good but for the gas however after the healing and retuning to work after 6 weeks which i was ready for I have never been the same i have back pain i have foot pain i am depressed and not on HRT as mom had cancer from that and now has spine cancer…….so my drs in process of referring me to a specialist to share the risk as i want to go on the treatment as anything is better than the sadness and pain i have now

  33. hi i had full hysterectomy 29thoct from waking up in recovery room i have bn i horrendous pain, i was on lots of morphin i came out 4days later and continue to have these pains especially wen ive eaten they are worse, bowel movement is worse than having a child n i can now go 2-3 times a day with help of laxative,i found this site by chance n pleased i did i now realise im not the only one having similar problems also i came out of hospital with few brouchers on exersice n my follow up app is not till end of jan so thank you all for the comments i feel alot easier in myself

  34. I had a total abdominal hysterctomy and removal of my ovaries 10 days ago for fibroids and heavy periods. I have been suffering for at least 2 yrs. My womb was the size of a four month pregnancy. I weighed myself before i left the morning of my surgery and weighed myself the morning after i came home and i had lost 4 pounds in weight (the size of my nephew when he was born). Im still swollen so expect to reduce further too. I still have post op bleeding which the nurses reassured me could last for 6 weeks, and only to worry about it if it becomes heavy fresh blood or smelly. The sharp stabing pains people mention are the nerves coming back to life post op. My stomach feels very strange like there is actually a baby moving around in there, just everything settling into position i expect. My consultant and the nurses on the ward have been fantastic. I have the mobile number for the gynea outreach team who visited for a few days when i came home and will visit now if i need them. I actually asked the question ‘what is holding my vagina up now since my cervix is gone?’ I was reassured that the vagina has its own ligaments that hold it in place. I have the personal mobile number for my consultant so i can contact her if i have any problems. I was given a booklet prior to my op with information about what to expect post op. I have also been given a table of activities to follow week to week. Codeine is my new best friend. I keep thinking that this short term pain for long term gain. No more having to take spare clothes everywhere in case i bleed on everything. Its quite liberating, or will be when i can get out lol. Hope this helps a bit xxx

  35. hi dont know what to do had hysterectomy 10 mnths ago by vaginal still got overies and tubes but im still experiancing all the pains of been on a peiriod evry month im getting bad pains in my upper groin area wich they told me it would go once i had the op is anyone else experiancing this its making me wonder iff something didnt go to plan cos the care i had was appouling and went back to the hospital at least six times withen the first three weeks of the op i hope someone can give me advice

  36. Had a total hysterectomy and my bikini wound was quite extensive taking from Dec to Feb to heal fully. Got back to work after 12-13 weeks .after going back to work on phased return I realised I had to listen to my body – I did too much and spent the first weekend back in bed exhausted , some weeks later the same thing .I agree listen to your body, exercise appropriately and dont be pressured into thinking I should have been back to normal like so and so in x weeks time. Everyone has been created with a unique body which is different . So my thoughts would be rest and exercise and dont overdo ;my gp practice nurse said be careful re lifting ….not to get a hernia in two years time . If you cant do the full time hours when you first start back, flag it to HR occupational health.every blessing

  37. Thanks for this Mandy – I’m sure it will give other people the chance to set their minds at rest too 🙂

  38. I had a full hysterectomy (including ovaries, tubes and cervix) 11wks ago via the Robot Assisted Laparoscopy where five small (approx 2cm) incisions were made in my tummy (3 of which are above the bikini line which have left small scars – a small price to pay for being totally pain and symptom free at last). I had suffered with terrible period like cramps, ovulation pain, erratic bleeding and the need to urinate more frequently (especially at night!) for over 20yrs. Because I’d always hoped of having children I did not want to have any treatments that may affect my chances of conceiving and carrying a baby. However, after years of fertility treatments, an operation to remove the fibroids (which subsequently grew back again bigger and even more of them than before) and an unsuccessful attempt at IVF , my doctor suggested the Deprovera Contraceptive injection which managed my symptoms for quite a while. However, as the fibroids became bulkier my symptoms were no longer helped by the injection. At 48yrs old, I knew that with my history, I was not going to have children and was finally referred for a hysterectomy. My surgeon initially told me that it would be 50/50 whether I had to have open surgery or a laparoscopic approach due to the complications arising from the possibility of adhesions having formed from my previous surgery. However, less than a week before I was due to have the surgery my consultant telephoned me and asked if I would be willing to have the Robot Assisted Hysterectomy as he believed that I would be the ideal candidate for this type of procedure. I agreed and went ahead with the hysterectomy.

    My experience of hysterectomy and recovery was (and still is!) unbelievable, I came round after the surgery surprised that it had been done already. Apparently the operation took 5 1/2 hours as there were adhesions from my previous surgery which meant that my uterus was attached to my bowel and bladder making it more complicated. I spent 1 night in hospital and was discharged the next evening. However, I can honestly say that apart from the severe wind pain and bowel cramps which lasted for about 2 days, my pain eased within a week and apart from needing a nap in the afternoons for about a week – since then I have not looked back! I was driving again after just 2 weeks. It still seems like a dream and that I will wake up in a minute!

    I was lucky in that my sister had already had a hysterectomy two years ago so she was able to offer me some support and advice. However, I found this website very helpful in that I was able to read about other peoples’ experiences and it made me realise that I was not alone. I hope that this post will be helpful for anyone out there contemplating a Robot Assisted Hysterectomy as my experience has been fantastic.

  39. It could be all sorts of things Heather most of which are nothing to worry about. It could be that you have an infection or something like endometriosis where it wasn’t expected or even fibroids that weren’t expected.

  40. I’ve been asked to see my Consultant again following the report back from the lab, 3 weeks after my TAH and BSO, anybody got any ideas why this may be? Obviously thinking the worst at the moment. Have tried contacting the Consultants office to no avail.

  41. Excellent advice Heather and I’m sure that if we are all pushed that fear of death is one of the biggest 🙂

  42. I had a total abdominal hyst. on 28th June. I was freaking out when I had to sign some forms to say I understood about the fatality of having a major operation. This was my only concern that I would die during the operation. I know now that like every healthcare establishment they have to cover their backs in all areas. The likelyhood of this happening to someone is very rare and surgeons are highly trained in their field of work. I am now 5wks post op and still feel very positive that I made the right decision. I suffered from breathlessness everytime I walked any distance and was constantly being told by my hubby that I was unfit. I had always been fit and healthy and not overweight but before the op I was gaining weight steadily. I had constant hip problems and was always running to the toilet. I put it all down to getting older and felt a little depressed at this. Howevery during the operation the surgeon discovered a large fibroid on the outer wall of my bowel which he removed, my bladder was attached to adhesions (from my section 13 years ago!) and fibroids were also causing complication to my bladder. My womb was removed and the surgeon said it was the size of a 4 month preg. woman (this explained my constant breathlessness). Thanks to the surgeon I am on the road to recovery. I went into surgical menopause and had sweats instantly. I reckon that I can cope fine with these because it is not a pain. I had my ovaries and cervix removed as well.
    In a couple of months I am having a ‘big pants burning party’ with my girlfriends to celebrate no more heavy bleeding and having to wear them.
    I feel positive and upbeat about the future.
    One thing I have to advise all women going for a hysterectomy is to take some form of wind relief into hospital because they are hopeless at giving you these remedies. Wind and constipation is my only complaint which is getting better.
    My hubby and daughter have been so supportive to me and have spoilt me which has helped my recovery.
    I hope this is helpfull to all other women who are going in for a hysterectomy.

  43. Mmm, you might be going to Barcelona Carol but I doubt you’ll be doing much walking. It is difficult and there are no standards for follow-up – some hospitals will book an appointment, others will say ‘see your GP at six weeks’ and still many more will say nothing at all. I’d probably make an appointment at around six weeks to make sure all is as it should be 🙂

  44. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy eight weeks ago, the reason being that I had persistant abnormal cells, I definitely wouldn’t have it done if I had the choice over again. I realise I have done too much too soon but sometimes it’s difficult when you live on your own. The hospital staff were great but I have had no after care at home apart from good friends.No follow up appointment has been made and I’m unsure whether I should book one. Reading your web page makes me realise that odd pains , swollen tummy etc are quite normal. How long does it take for your insides to feel normal i.e. not to even realise they are there, I go to Barcelona in 9 weeks and obviously will be doing a lot of walking.

  45. TAH/BSO June 1,2012. Experiencing swelly belly. L side of abdomen is more swollen than right. I now have an “apron” and don’t like it much. I feel like my internal organs, probably my intestines, are moving about at times especially when getting up from sitting down they seem to “catch” a little and eventually straighten out to a more comfortable status. My internal abdomen seems to flop around when I turn in bed and I hold my incision and abdomen when I turn to ease this discomfort. I can feel comfortable once settled to sleep on one side or the other but must again hold incision and abdomen to return to my back. I haven’t tried to sleep on my stomach as yet and this is my usual sleep position. The abdomen swells usually toward the evening or late afternoon. Can’t stand to have anything rub incision as it is uncomfortable especially the seam in shorts/slacks so I move the seam to the side a little and actually enjoy wearing a loose summer dress more than shorts/slacks. Hope that comfort with my abdomen comes soon.

  46. Hi,
    I am six weeks post op and I am getting dreadful stabbing pains in my left side under my hip bone. I went into Derby hospital on Saturday and was told that it was not from my wound but that it was a blocked bowel. I had a bowel resection two years ago which concerned me. I was given some bowel prep which caused the runs. Back home now and been for a walk to find the pain worse than ever.


  47. It could take days weeks or months Trisha for you to get symptoms and remember not everyone gets that much in the way of symptoms anyway, you could find that you are just lucky 🙂

  48. Hi – had abdominal radical hysterectomy six weeks ago. Agree with you all that I had no idea what to expect when I got home and no real guide lines on what I should or should not do other than not lifting anything. Yes I have pushed myself and was back at my desk(Iwork from home) six days after my op. and back to full time work after five weeks. I am exhausted but have put that down to the anemia. The one thing I am really worried about are the really sharp stabbing pains I am getting in my tummy either side of my wound when I am on my feet for more than twenty minutes. My surgeon just said I am over doing it but it is now six weeks and I am finding this is really getting me down and I feel I should be able to walk pain free by now. Is this normal or should I be worried and go back to see him again? Has anyone else had pins and needles in there arms – legs and head after surgery?

  49. I had a sun total hysterectomy 9 days ago . They took everything except my cervix. Due to a 15 x 11 x 9 cm Tumor and a 4 cm Tumor on my ovaries I’m 43 and had no symptoms until 1 month before my op. I’m not allow HRT until the results come back from my lab. Can anyone tell me when the menopause will start. I sit every day waiting for the flushings or sweats to start.

  50. i had a tah 8 week ago, my right ovary was saved, ive felt absolutely brilliant since, apart from yesterday, i woke up with a dull ache, like stitch, on my right side just near my bottom rib, and this is worrying me……

  51. I am now 6 weeks post op TAH BSO and sadly like you my mum was terminally ill at the time of my op. She sadly passed away 17 days post-op so the 4 days prior to her death I had to be with her virtually 24 hours in a hospital 50 miles from my home. This was unbelieveably hard for me physically( especially since i bled post-op and needed 6 units of blood and god knows what else). However having said that am now feeling reasonably well physically… emotionally not quite sure really. the hrt doesnt seem to be a problem, feelings about hysterectomy pretty much drowned out by grief and generally feel a bit numb. I am however a natural optimist and dont feel down in general.just unhappy and sad about events. I do feel though that all of this is just part of being alive and dont be afraid to feel it , it wont last for ever nothing ever does.
    I hope this helps
    I feel your pain

  52. It might be wise to avoid being in a bath until your abdominal scars have healed – you don’t want them sitting in dirty water and possibly getting infected 🙁

  53. Ive only just discovered this sight and think its brilliant. Its nice to know that im not alone! I had my abdominal hysterectomy eight days ago and although ive been taking it really easy I feel like every thing is bearing down in my stomach. Its not that painful really but just a very uncomfortable feeling. I have had showers, however i have disolveable stitches, but I really want a soak in the bath, will this be ok? Also ive been putting ice packs on my stomach and dont know if im doing the right thing. Any advice please guys

  54. If I were you and we’re able to I certainly wouldn’t go back to work yet, you sound like your not fully fit yet, and there’s to much emotionally going on for you. I too had horrendous amounts of tubing in my TAH drain site, it still hurts now only 3 weeks after op. Take care. Karen:-)

  55. I have no idea Rose, I think that a chat with your GP is in order first and then a referral to a gynaecologist.

  56. Had Hysterectomy Oct 2010 because of fibroids, kept ovaries. Damaged my bladder.fitted with stents & catheater. Had terrible bladder contractions resulting in trips to A & E. pain worse than child birth. Numerous water infections, E-Coli. Had blood transfusion. Lost so much weight my Surgeon did not even recognise me when I went for follow up appointment.
    6 months off work & i am still having problems with bladder. Urine flow is very slow, do not feel when i need to go to loo unless bladder is so full it causes me pain.Still more tests to go but thinking it will never be right again.
    I now want my ovaries removed because of cysts, do you think this would be advisable??

  57. hi linda,15mths since my t.a.h. and everything has been great,no problems at all the odd hot sweat but decided to go cold turkey as i dont want h.r.t. So far so good,no regrets at all,my sis had her t.a.h. in sept 2012 and again no probs apart from 2mths after she fell down stairs carrying a xmas tree and broke her foot…Many thanks for all the help you give everyone especially me,i still read the site and i pass it on to others,take care everyone..

  58. Being 12days after my Hysterectomy your H/A has helping me not to feel alone with lots of information to help me with my recovery. Thankyou.

  59. Hi Louise, yes that is normal – you will still have a cycle and may experience similar symptoms to those of your previous cycles, but they should lessen in time.

  60. Hello, I had a vaginal surgery 14 days ago and feel really well, however I would have been due on my period and I am having all the symptoms – period pains, feel like I am bleeding. Is this normal?
    Many thanks

  61. You mention Donna, that the Doctor puts down a lot of the symptoms as due to existing conditions or your disablement – would it be an idea to make a list of things that you are experiencing and questions you may have and when you next see the Doctor, that you make a double appointment so you don’t feel that you are being rushed through the system and have a chance to get answers?
    I’m surprised that you are not on HRT as yet. Again, have a word with the Doctor – if you feel that you are not being listened too, ask to see another Doctor or ask to be re-referred to a Consultant who hopefully should be able to get you back on track. Fingers crossed and let us know how you get on.
    Thank you also for mentioning about the ‘relations’ ! First of all, you definitely are NOT a plonker!!I work in the NHS, (due for surgery soon) and I was in the dark as to where ‘stuff’ goes after everything else is removed. My husband found my description of it floating around just like cyberspace rather amusing, but to be honest, it was the main thing I couldn’t get my head around!! I have many medical professionals in my family and didn’t really want to ask them.
    To actually find that once I have a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy – (everything goes bar the kitchen sink!!!) that they will put stitches in to seal off the end, is actually a huge relief.
    I shall certainly be glued to this site before, during and after my surgery & hospital stay. It’s a little treasure!

  62. thanks for the support and info from the website and booklet. I had my operation in January this year and although I have healed well there has been little support from the hospital, or consultant on discharge from hospital I was just told that is it now we don’t need to see you any more. No advice about exercise, recovery etc the information from your booklet was invaluable.

    As a self employed foster carer I haven’t been able to officially take time off but the support from family has been fantastic as tiredness has been the worst part of my recovery. Although I feel well the temptation to do too much too soon is great. My best advice would be listen to your body, if you feel tired rest, if you feel ready to do more then do it. Don’t feel guilty about asking for help, plan for your recovery think of those things you wish you had time to do, books to read,music to listen to and use this as time to catch up.

  63. I am 13 weeks post op and I have had no backup from the consultant in fact he told me in recovery room that he didnt want to see me again… Initially the only problems I have had are immediately after having catheter removed I started to have a temperature and the next day when the drain was removed the reason for being ill was the “large” amount of tubing that was inside me 2 meters!!? The nurses were even shocked. The only other complaint I have is the key hole stitching one side fell out completely and the other was stitched up so tight they have taken skin from my groin so I now have an overhanging “bullet hole” on one side, my cervix was removed but also not stitched up properly so the healing is taking so long, I have had smelly discharge and now have thrush from the anitbiotics, my recovery was supposed to be quicker with keyhole but the whole experience has left me feeling a bit weird and so exhausted, I am glad I had it done now as things are slowly getting there.
    My main question is I have one Ovary now and am not on HRT I dont feel any symptoms of menopause (Idont think) The thing is I feel nothing and like my brain has been replaced by dough its like they removed my brain instead of my womb… My dad is Teminally ill at the moment and I feel its all overwhelming me and I am supposed to be going back to work next week… I have wonderful support with family friends and work but I dont feel engaged by anything the thing is I am happy positive and fulfilled otherwise this webiste has been very helpfull I wondered if anyone can offer advice to whether its normal to feel like this. All the comments i read make me realise I am not alone to have these feelings comments please 🙂

  64. I had my hysterectomy on 29 December 2011, due to a cyst on my ovary. Which thankfully was benign. My specialist said he could take just the ovaries out but if there was anything I would have to have another operation. The specialist I was recommended to was very good but if I had had the operation on the National Health I would have had to wait longer, so I opted for private, which was done and all over within a a week after consultation. I had my operaton at 5 p.m . on 29th December and although I was booked in until Sunday 1st January, my specialist said he would let me out on Saturday 31st as I might as well rest at home as in the hospital, which I totally agreed. However like many of your readers of the forum I had no back up whatsoever, I was told if I had any trouble just to ring up, but that was all. You do feel totally lost and as the days go on I think you feel even worse. I had to go back on the following Thursday to have my external stitches out, the nurse at our health centre said “well I haven’t seen this method for a long time”, as it was a little bead inside my tummy button and one at the bottom of my abdomen, which was easily pulled out but didn’t give me much confidence in her as she wasn’t sure how to start. I just wish there were more centres where people can talk to each other. My worst experience has been the wind and bloating especially at night, which makes it feel worse. I have still got this to a certain extent even now and it is four weeks since my operation, is this normal and can it go on for weeks. Thanks for letting me put my feelings down Linda, and any contribution I can give I will.

  65. I had a total abdominal hyst on December 20, 2011 with a bikini incision. I have question on what to expect after this procedure. I am 43 y/o married and a mother of 2. How soon may I return to work, what kind of chores I can’t do. When is sex safe?
    I am so glad I found this site!

  66. Hi Debbie, I’m not sure what I can say that will make you feel better. Your reaction is unusual and it could be related to anything. Linda

  67. I had my hysterectomy 1 month ago. Nov 3, 2011.. As soon as I was in recovery I had nothing but problems, When I was taken to my room in hospital I had severe heart palpitations, anxiety, I could not sleep the whole time there.. This whole month of recovering has been the worst. I have SEVERE anxiety, insomnia, UTI infection from the catheter, I have been to ER and UC, Primary dr, Obgyn several times this month. Several tests have been run and they thought I had a blood clot going to my lung, but CT scan was normal..I am on anxiety meds, sleeping meds, antibiotics and suffer from depression because of the surgery.. Before the surgery I was a happy person minus the issues from bleeding all the time, endometriosis. Now I need to see a psychiatrist, I have been home bedridden because of the anxiety & depression..I wish I never would of done the surgery…I also suffer from dizziness, nausea and have been bleeding 2 weeks after the surgery and still continue to bleed. I need answers ad my obgyn just wants to shove anxiety meds at me..Will this ever go away?? Anxiety has ruined my life and I am scared for my future having all these symptoms..

  68. The swelling will reduce but it takes time (months in fact for it to go completely). If you think about it as you would a sprained ankle, the more you use it the more swelling it has as you use the damaged muscles, they do heal but in their own time.

  69. It might be worth revisiting your Doctor to get an opinion on it. Probably nothing to worry about, but always worth checking when you aren’t sure about something 🙂

  70. Hi, I had Tah 12 days ago – and I am also amazed of the little information out there on something that 1 in 5 or 1 in 3 depending where you look, has some sort of hyst – my concern is that on one side of the cut it is quite hard and lumpy and there appears to be a pull on the same side down into the outside lip of the vagina – is this normal due t swelling and internal stitching? great site thank you Vibeke

  71. Hi All
    I am just 22 days post op (abdominal hysterectomy) and like many have been left to my own devices! No explanation as to why my insides felt as though they had been battered by a heavyweight boxer! Weirdly, the left side of my bikini cut closed well but the right side has taken longer and was weeping. It began to smell funny so I called my GP and she came out with 7 days worth of anti-biotics. Since then I am feeling better. I am a gym bunny and it’s really difficult to know what I can and cannot do in respect of exercise. However, over the last week i began walking for 15 minutes daily and have now increased this to 40 mins. My major concern is the kangarro pouch that i now have in place of my lower abdomen (not aesthetically pleasing to the eye! When does this swelling reduce?Sometimes it feels softish and sometimes it feels a bit firm…Is this normal? I suspect the odd tingling/stab is to do with the body repairing itself so I can cope with that.
    Never in a million years did I think the day would come when I would slow down! But please take it from me, you need to wallow in the recovery period…and get your 8 hours sleep.
    This site has been a blessing, because every other site I visited made me think that if i move my toe everything would fall out!
    I will keep all posted and look forward to reading everyone else’s experience.

  72. its only been 2 weeks since my tah/bso
    and i have been on the website everyday and the emails also keep me going
    i have got so much support and advice i feel we should be given this website before or after having hystorectomy keep up the good work this site is invaluable

  73. Hi had tah on the 11th of July 2011 am 14 weeks post op gone back to work part time still get very tired and still get some pain in belly and back and groin of left leg am sure it will get easier and am glad I had it done . It’s just nice to find a site like this were you can get support from other women my family have been brilliant.

  74. Why thanks Gen – that is a lovely thing to say and it is heartwarming to know that we’ve been able to help you both prepare and recover too 🙂

  75. I don’t know where my head would be without this site. Before my STAH + BSO a month ago, I was very focussed, not worried, I just wanted to get on with it and start to live without constant pain, flooding, etc. No-one prepares you for the ‘after’ part. (I will say that my hospital care was excellent.) As Julie said, there is no guide as to what you should bother the consultant or gp about, no time frame on feeling better. Thanks to the girls on this site, I have received reassurances about basic things that have changed in me (the dreaded bladder & bowel thing, hrt info, pressure to return to work). Even though I don’t feel that great yet, I realise that there is some way to go, but to stay as positive as possible and get a tiny bit fitter day by day. My Gyn has brought forward my follow-up appt from 7 wks to 5 and I am worrying about the histology news. Breathe deeply and slowly, I guess. Thank you, Linda – the site gives us much needed support. xx

  76. What a lovely comment to leave Rosemary and thank you – you’ve really made my day today 🙂 It’s not unusual to feel that you are still recovering 12 months on – this is major surgery after all. The trick is to be kind to yourself still.

  77. Hi Linda Had my hysterectomy on 14th April 2011 and am 6 mths post op today (14th Sept 2011. I have now gone back to my keep fit class once a week and feel great for the gentle exercise, however, I still feel I have a way to go in my recovery, still get aches and pains in tummy and the dreaded sweats have started but only at night. Am coping well and feel much better after having 6 years of continual bleeding, Thank you so much for your web site, and for your book, it is so helpful and re-assuring, also it’s great to feel well again! lots of love Rosemary X

  78. Absolutely Rachel – the more hospitals, gynaecologists doctors know about the better in my opinion 🙂

  79. ty linda when i go for my 6wk check up is it ok with u 2 give my hospital this site or the ward where i was in i think this will b very helpful i love this site keep up the great work

  80. Hi Rachel, it’s quite common to have this feeling and is normally an indication that the nerves are healing. If you are concerned though you will need to see your GP.

  81. i was going to ask if anyone else had pins and needles i feel like ive got stinking nettles in side ny site wound im in my 5th wk post had a total hysterectomy had my ovories out 2 im 46 do i need to have hrt im sweating like mad like before my op im so glad i found this site thankyou for all your info

  82. A quick check up with your GP may be the order of the day just in case you have pulled something – it’s probably nothing to worry about but worth checking anyway.

  83. Thanks for that Liz – I shall update the questionnaire now that I know there are some question marks over the state of implants.

  84. In the HRT section it may be helpful to add a ‘free’ section – i am having testosterone and oestrogen but couldn’t add it so went for oestrogen only. Organon have now stopped producing implants in this country and I think this sort of info ( in the survey) is useful to the NHS as for some people implants are really useful and if patches aren’t tolerated using gel designed for men (which is ok in some cases but prescribed off license) is our only testosterone option.

  85. Hiya …post op 4 weeks now. I have been really well until I had a sneezing fir a few days ago. Since them I have had a burning pain in my stomach just as though someone has sliced me with a red hot knife. I have taken pain killers and rested, and thankfully the pain is starting to ease. It has worried me as to what damage I may have done, have you any advice please

    Thank you

  86. Thank you for sendingme your booklet. It is 3 weeks since I had a total hysterectomy and a BSO and it is the first time that I have started to feel alone and uncertain about how the operation will affect me long term. I have looked at some web sites which are doom and gloom and if im honest scared me a liitle. I needed the op because of a massive fibroid. I feel much healthier than before the op but i am suffering from hot sweats and feeling very emotional …….which is not like me. Thank you for your support, x

  87. Am 3 week post op. I would just like to add some info on HRT; I am starting to experience the hot flushes and thought HRT would be the answer so trotted off to Dr (ok not trotted, more like shuffled :-)), however, as I suffer migrain, I was told I would be very high risk of stroke and under no circumstances take HRT, I was pinning my hopes on HRT.
    I have just started taking Menopace plus, this is an over the counter vitamin, its too early to tell if they are doing anything, but I will comment in a month or so. Here’s hoping!!
    Wishing all you ladies a speedy recovery to a fun filled life!!! xx

  88. Thank you Linda for your prompt response, and I am sure all the ladies who manage to find this fantastic website are truly grateful, as I am.

  89. Your comments are exactly the reason why The Hysterectomy Association was created in the first place Julie, lack of information was the number one problem cited 17 years ago and it is still the number one problem cited today. We are slowly making in-roads and we receive more referrals than ever from the NHS these days, so things are improving – it”s just gradual.

  90. I am so glad to have found this site. I had a total Hysterectomy (cervix, womb, tubes and ovaries) on 4th July 2011, The care from the medical staff on the ward was good. I did have some post op internal bleeding and had blood transfusion for this as my HB count was very low, however, since coming out of hospital after 6 days, you are left to it!
    There should be some standard literature of the Do’s and Dont’s, Physio exercises, emotional issues, HRT, diet and exercise and what to expect during recovery. I am still in a lot of pain while using the toilet (both), I get up around 6 times a night to pee, I find it difficult to walk very far, I cannot stand up very straight which gives me back ache, I could go on, my point being, if there was some rough guideline as to how long things like this could go on for, it would be so helpful! Due to the lack of information, it is difficult to assess if you should seek medical advice, surely is would save a lot of anxiety for the patient, not to mention time taken seeing the Dr when it could be avoided by having good quality information.

  91. Thanks to all who have posted on this site!
    I thought as others did that the after care would have been better from the district nurses – I had to return to hospital for my clips to be removed. I have made a good recovery though but even after six weeks still get tired if I overdo things. I still experience a tugging pain in my bladder when I go to the toilet, not sure if that’s normal but that and the fact that I can cry at the drop of a hat are the only things I cannot control and the ‘tropical’ moments during the night!
    Thanks again for the advice and support I have felt. I feel as if there has been someone there and that I am not alone.
    Just try to look on the positive side – for me, no monthlies and a huge financial saving on sanitary products! 🙂

  92. I sympathise with you, I had my hysterectomy exactly a year ago today, at the age of 42. I too am childless and it is my biggest regret in life but unfortunately that it something I can’t do anything about now and I try to look at the positive things in my life. I have a totally amazing man who supported me in every possible way through my operation and recovery. Three months after your op I hope you are feeling better about things

  93. I agree that from the time I got home i felt there was no support. Luckily my daughter who is a nurse was able to reassure me that the wound was okay and also put my stockings on each night as this i found i was not able to do. She does not live with me so this meant she was coming into me for a few weeks as they say to wear support stocking at night for a few weeks. The hospital knew i lived alone but did not ask if i needed any help.

  94. 40yrs, full hysterectomy – 6 wks post op. I had my post op check up today, and although I think my consultant is great, he is a little swift! I had a long overdue night out at weekend, and feel like I’ve pulled something close to my wound (i did a LOT of dancing). He kind of brushed it off, and said, painkillers, but I am worried it could be more than that. Its like a sharp burning pain, and is only when I make certain movements – but I havent yet grasped which moves to avoid. As I start chemo next week, i want to be in the best shape, and i just want someone to tell me this probably is nothing. I wish I’d found your site pre op, as I, like many on here, felt totally abandoned after I left hospital. There’s so little information provided by the hospital and i knew nothing. But reading your answers and other experiences, does help, and makes you feel not quite so alone

  95. oh yes and i bought your book and swelly belly band a godsend!! and I had a sub total kept my cervix and ovaries at my request.
    also I recommend a eye cover band for everyone and earplugs beeping machines and lights are a nuisance!
    T x

  96. hi just filled in the post op questionnaire; I had my op at 9.30am on Wed June 8 and left hospital 1.30pm Fri June 10.
    Had a pre op d and c on march 28 this got rid of the bleeding; had 2 zoladex injections 6 weeks and 2 weeks pre op to shrink fibroids (19 in total – I had been bleeding daily since xmas but had the problem pretty bad for 5 years my womb measured 23cm by 14cm) impact of zoladex loads of energy but night sweats!
    with the bleeding stopped i embarked on keep fit and employed a personal trainer for core exercises and running 6 weeks per op – from being able to run just 2 mins i was up to 45 mins running 2 days before my op and I had lost 8 kilos. Also joined weight loss resources to monitor food intake and still doing this.
    Went into hosp with the right mindset took arnica 3 days per and post op; spa tone iron supplements for 3 weeks before and still taking; peppermint tea for wind and fennel tea for water retention; I did not need painkillers from sat onwards; tummy still numb and swollen . Yes I was emotional just pre surgery as the drugs went in; more about a fear of not waking up!! But today I have packed the tampons and pills up hurrah! why did i put up with it for so long; will post again in 3 months

    hugs to you all tracey xx

  97. You are very welcome Nicky and I’m so pleased we’ve been able to help and you never know … one day there may be a cure for the old swollen belly syndrome 🙂

  98. I’m almost seven months post-op (TAH) and, having found this website an absolute God-send in the run up to my own op, I’m very happy to complete the survey in the hope that my feedback might prove helpful to someone else.

    Aged 36, I was suffering from complex atypical hyperplasia and – after a year of hormone treatments to delay things – was recommended to undergo hysterectomy to prevent womb cancer. It was a massive decision for me, as it is for every woman facing this option, made even more difficult as I’d always hoped to have children of my own. This website, Linda’s superb publications and the comments that we leave for each other continue to help and I’d like to say a sincere thank you for that. Every woman facing hysterectomy will have a very individual experience, but forums such as this website offer support by showing that there are others out there who can truly empathise with some, if not all, that you’re going through.

    For me, the worst bits have been the emotional strain of deciding to proceed; fainting every time I stood up for two days post-op due to blood loss; dealing with a reaction to Clexane injections which led to two months of living with an open wound; and wondering if I’d be able to walk without clutching my stomach ever again (good news – I can!). The best bits have been realising what a wonderful support network I have around me in my family, friends and neighbours; finding a new friend in a fellow patient; and being fortunate to have a very approachable team of gynaecological and oncological consultants/doctors throughout my hospital care, as well as superb support from district nurses and my GP.

    I still have questions (for example, is there a miracle cure for my swollen belly?!!) and no doubt will have for some time to come, but I just wanted to say thank you and good luck to all who might visit this site for information, reassurance or to pass on their own experiences. As I say to my gorgeous nieces – big hugs, ladies x

  99. I had suffered with Fibroids for over 14 years. Back in Nov 2010 I decided to go ahead with a Hysterectomy, after seeing my gynaecologist I started the process. To controll my bleeding and shrink my fibroids I was given a monthly injection (Prostap Ieuprorelin Acetate.) which switched my ovaries off in preparation. Unfortantly I wasn’t seen by my gynaecologist when the injections were prescribed. By Janaury 2011 I started suffering with Anxiety Attacks, Hot Flushes, Sleepless nights, Nausea, electric shock sensations, a dry vagina, low libido, I was unable to work and visited my GP 4 times in one week. Who was very supportive and explained I was having an accute menopause. Those two words ‘accute menopause’ were like slap in the face and made me go home and start researching the ‘Menopause’. Over the following days I surfered the internet and many web-sites finally coming across this web-site. I would like to Thank everyone at The Hysterectomy Ass and all the ladies who blog the site you have been my life saver, pre and post ob. It hadn’t surfed this site and downloaded my 101 helpful hints, then I would have had a different / diffcult hysterectomy and recovery. Thank You

  100. Although I think surveys like this are extremely useful I do have a problem with the final question – 18. If you were able to go back in time and make a different choice, would you still choose to have a hysterectomy?
    Why is there no option for ‘There was no choice’?
    Four weeks ago I was diagnosed with an extremely rare caesarian scar ectopic pregnancy and after a 2 week wait they whipped me in for surgery. By then the foetal sac (fortunately? I had already miscarried the foetus) had embedded so much that the heavy blood loss during surgery made anything other than a hysterectomy an impossibility.
    Of course I wouldn’t have chosen to lose my chance of carrying another baby but it was a life-threatening condition and at least I’m still here for the 2 children I do have. Hopefully the good days will soon outweigh the bad and I can start looking forward to things again.

  101. I had a total hysterectomy a week ago. I am due to have my staples removed tomorrow. I felt frightened when told I had cancer of the womb. I hope it has been removed. I was ok at first, but now i am feeling a bit depressed. I think I have done the right thing. With what I have read my chances are good, I was rather surprised to realise I was now nearly 60, where did my years go, I still feel 40, I was told my back muscles were strong, I looked fit and well, you never know do you, when you are hiding something nasty inside you. I wanted it gone, removed and destroyed. I feel very down tonight. I want to feel the optimism. I hope that my chat with the consultant in a few weeks time gives me good news, and I wish all you women out there the very best of luck

  102. Gosh, that’s a difficult question to answer Debbie as the menopause and how it impacts is such an individual experience, both in terms of the symptoms you experience and length of time it takes. If your mother or another close female relative is still alive it might be worth asking them how long it lasted as that would be a good indicator for your own experience.

  103. Had a total hysterectomy 10 weeks ago due to endometriosis,recovering well but have found aftercare and information on the menopause non existant,it was a relief to read the other comments and find i wasnt the only one feeling this way.
    Can you tell me how long the menopause lasts when you have had a hysterectomy?
    Does it go on for years? I have been advised against HRT as i have a family history of breast cancer,and was treated for endometriosis.
    Fantastic website and information,thank you x

  104. What a wonderful site. I had a laparoscopic total hysterectomy 5 weeks ago and doing quite well considering. The hospital gave me no info whatsoever when I was sent home just a bag of pain killers. My partner rang the surgery after a couple of days and the district nurses were upset because they were not informed that I was home and they promptly came out and were wonderful. Everything we needed to know that we didnt get from the nurse is on your site. My partner has been amazing and after reading your site has done all the looking after of me himself. Thank you

  105. Thanks for the positive comment Madeline, it sounds as if all is going well although if you are feeling unusual things like the bearing down it’s probably an indicator you may be doing just a little too much. 🙂

  106. I am 8 weeks post op – partial hyst. (kept ovaries), abdominal – due to a mega fibroid which had made itself at home in my womb – all went well with surgery and is going well. At this stage though, I still feel a bearing down/weighty tightness in my abdomen when i get tired. I am curious as to what causes this and … is there anything (excercise?) i can do to alleviate it, and should i hold off hill-walking (which is my main hobby) for a while longer?

    Great site – very useful and reassuring.

  107. It’s unfortunate Caroline that your experience is the rule rather than the exception, it’s great though that you found us and were able to be so pragmatic about things.

  108. I think it’s good to educate and inform yourself about things that affect you, and your website was a valuable resource which I was pleased to find.

    I think that the quality and effectiveness of the patient information produced by the local hospital was not very good/ not very patient focused. Your website is entirely patient focused because it’s written by the people experiencing the symptoms and undergoing the procedures. It helped me to understand the choices available and enabled me to say what I wanted in a clear way.

    For me personally, being able to have some say in what is done to me makes all the difference – I don’t feel that I’ve been diminished through having a hysterectomy, I know what I should expect of myself in terms of recovery, and I’m feeling positive about getting back into life and work in the coming weeks and months.

    I fully agree with other contributors that there is absolutely no aftercare – I’ve been sent home with a bag of medicines and some self-administered injections, and not much in the way of informed guidance from the hospital. I do have the comfort of knowing that your website is there and if I do want to find out something more, I know I stand a good chance of finding answers there; thank you.

  109. Hi, had a total hysterectomy on the 29th March for adenomyosis and severe adhesions. Have felt really well, apart from the tiredness, which is overwhelming after the slightest physical activity.

    I am due to go back to see the consultant tomorrow, 18th April, to discuss HRT. I have absolutely no idea what to do. I have suffered with my hormones for most of my adult life, together with endometriosis and have really had enough of all hormomes, but over the past couple of day i have started to experience anxiety attacks agains and feel really tearful. Is this normal? The night sweats and hot flushes are not too bad and i can cope with them but it is the anxiety that I hate as it really stops me enjoying my life. Would HRT help? I know that you cannot tell me what to do, but a bit of advice would be helpful. I have been told by so many people that after the surgery i will feel like ‘a new me’ but at the moment i just feel anxious and panicky.

    I have to tell you that I think that your web site is fantastic, it is so helpful and informative and it has really helped me to get through my hysterectomy. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you


  110. Don’t worry Julie, it’s very common to have a strong emotional reaction to the surgery and you are right about the aftercare – it depends on where you live whether you get a post op checkup even.

  111. hello i am 9 days post op after having ovaries fallopian tubes and womb removed via bikini line i know nothing about if i need hrt or not and wow does this hurt cant sleep as unable to turn over in bed confined to laying on my back not good…… i am 50 years old and had fibroid and Polly ovaries x

  112. I feel exactly the same. You are cared for around the clock in hospital, but when you get home………..nothing……….you are left to fend for yourself. I feel lucky to have a Dr and Nurse in my family. They have been an invaluable source of support and information for me.

    4 weeks post op xx

  113. hi, i had a total hysterectomy 6 weeks ago,i had a grapefruit size lump removed all went well,my gynae consultant said she found a variety of extra things wrong when she went in,like endometreosis,fibroids,and my bowel was stuck to my ovaries.before this,i was complaining to my gp for about 2 years about a bad pain in my groin,to no avail.i even had a massive infection of my lymphatic system 3 times,and a small lump in my groin.he just kept giving me antibiotics,i was wondering if anyone else had a lymphatic problem&is this normal.i think my gp doesnt take much notice because im disabled,and he is used to seeing me about having a bad spine,and all my ailments,etc.that he just put it down to arthritis, was in fact my rheumatoid doctor that sent me for a ct scan,when they found my lump,so im so grateful to him for getting me referred,as my gp did nothing.the worst thing about it all was the pulling out of the drain,the catheter wasnt too bad,but my stitches were in so tight they had to basically rip them out.i nearly hit the roof&bled a lot after.its still sore,&i can feel two hard lumps under the wound that feel like tight stitches pulled together&i havent felt like doing much,because i lost a lot of blood,during the op,& im now anaemic&on iron tablets3times a day.i still feel very giddy&boiling hot all the time.i was wondering could you tell me if this will go away soon?or is it symptons of the menopause?i havent got a clue about what happens&when will i need to go onto hrt,or so very grateful to you &all the ladies out there who have kindly shared their information to all the plonkers like me,who at the age of 47 stiil dont know anything!lol.i dont even know what will happen when im allowed to start having relations with my husband again,& where does the semen go to,& will it now get lost up there!i told you im a plonker!lol,anyway,thankyou so much for all your help,everyone,i am most grateful.from donna calnan.xxxxxxxxxx

  114. I had TAH and ovaries were removed 3 weeks ago. Had slight infection in wound a few days after discharge from hospital, but apart from that have made quite a good recovery. The only problem I am left with really is pain on passing water, but there is no infection. Doctor has asked for another sample to make double sure, but would like advice on what this could possibly be.

    Also I can’t get over the feeling of being butchered (bit extreme I know) and am disappointed with the total lack of after care. I don’t know what I expected, but I did think that a District Nurse would come and check on me a couple of times. I noticed that my wound was weeping though before it got serious. Can I just add that I have a large family and they have all been very supportive especially my husband, who has been a complete star!

    Have some days where I could just sit and cry, not because of a sense of loss, because I have all the family I intend to have, but I think its because of the trauma of the surgery itself.

    Although my post seems as though I have nothing but complaints, I feel my surgery has gone well and I have the all clear to go back to work on a phased return after only 4 weeks, so do consider myself very lucky.

    I wish everyone who has gone through any kind of hysterectomy a speedy and full recovery.


  115. I had a sub-total hysterectomy (cervix and both ovaries left, fallopian tubes removed) 24 days ago. I had multiple fibroids and was unable to urinate. So far, generally, all seems well, I do get extremely tired after doing simplest of tasks, but I have learned to do a little and rest a lot!! As women I know that this can be very difficult particularly if you have a family but in my experience in these first few weeks of surgery I think it’s crucial .

    For me the information from my local hospital (although generally limited) regarding post op exercises was good. I have done these daily (normally in bed) before getting up as well as some gentle yoga exercises – legs up the wall pose, deep breathing belly exercises, hero pose(researched through internet – see and walking (I have increased daily). What I have found surprising was that (although my stay in hospital was good) some women were given this info whilst others weren’t. Some had access to info pre operation – others didn’t. Amazing! It seemed to vary so much.

    What has greatly benefited me has been this website (well done to Linda and all contributors!!!). For those of you haven’t yet done so, I would also personally recommend the pelvic floor exercises and tips (bladder control, emptying bladder properly etc) by Michelle kenway – pelvic Also, the tummy band available form this website and wearing big knickers!! I no longer feel as if my tummy is ‘falling down.’

    Before and after the op I did some research through internet and asked other women who had had the op about their own experiences. Aged 42, I felt the hysterectomy was my last option as I had multiple fibroids that prevented me from urinating. I had researched other options including embolisation and a myomectomy but as so much time had lapsed and I was keen to get back to normal I eventually opted for the hysterectomy. As I had walked around with a catheter in and a bag attached to my leg for 6 months any effective solution seemed good.

    Now post op I can now pass water again. Fantastic! What has worked well for me has been eating well, drinking lots of water, walking, very gentle exercise, pottering about the house, lots of rest and of course my family/friends who have been wonderful and incredibly supportive.

  116. What a great website. Such a great source of information for someone facing hysterectomy and what to expect. Now that I’m 3 weeks post-op, I come back to read the post-op comments left by other women just to see if my experiences match what others are going through. I’m feeling good and healing good with the exception of the swelly belly:)

  117. It’s such a hard thing to do Rovianne because you are dealing with a very complex set of emotions and the surgery will (to some extent) exacerbate them for a short period of time simply because of the physical effects of surgery. You are right, at some point we need to know when we have enough information, and when any more would be too much. Perhaps a chat with your GP about arnica might be helpful.

  118. Hi Dael, our emotional response can come for a variety of reasons. Firstly there is the bodies own reaction to the trauma of surgery which stimulates an emotional overload, secondly there are the hormonal upsets whether you have your ovaries removed or not, thirdly the anaesthesia used can cause us to experience our feelings more and finally there is our own reaction to the meaning we put on the importance of our womb. If you experience all of these (and it is possible) it will be a very intense and emotional time, but it will pass.

  119. i had a full hyst 2007 mayjor comlications lead to futher surgey i am lucky to be here i used to be very active but now even 3yrs after i stil have no interest my doc tryed me on dif tabs & gels the only thing left implants which i refused this was all in the 1st yr what should i do/ i would love to go back to my former self

  120. Just been for my pre-op assessment. I am full of fear of the pain and my pain threshold. Worst of all I am a childless, motherless woman, aged 44 (next week!). Im very sad & grieving at the thought of never ever being a Mother. I think the loss is harder for that. The anaesthetist nurse told me not to take any herbal remedies including arnica. I was planning to do so a week before the op to help with the internal and external bleeding. Sometimes too much reading and information can render you powerless but found this website very informative. How do I allay my fears and tears?

  121. I am 42 and 2 weeks ana day post surgery. I am soo tired after I do the simplest task. Is this normal? And I found some really good imformation on the site!!! Soo glad to find it!!!

  122. I had an hysterectomy last week (Jan 31) along with an anterior repair and cystoscopy which showed the erethra was stenosed (v. narrow!).
    I feel I had a bad time and felt like a piece of meat in a private hospital. I feel so emotional, woolly, lost etc., etc.
    My husband is phenomenal as are my sons; my daughter – no. Don’t know why.
    How long do you feel like this? No-one is hospital seemed to understand when I said I was emotional. I felt that to them, I was a nuisance who kept getting upset!

  123. Are you taking HRT or an alternative like Black Cohosh? If so you’ll need to stop because the endo may well have regrown. You’ll need to give it time to die back and that could take a good twelve months to do.

  124. hello i wonder if any one has any advice? i had a total hyst and cervix and ovaries removed because of endo on 14th oct. i have had it for 26 years ane endured 6 operations and countless drug therapies and just wanted to be rid of pain. All has been fine except that i can no longer have sex because of the pain. . . . . . . . .my internal scar is so painful -so i returned and told my gyne who said i have lots of granulation tissue on my scar and he cauterized it with silva nitrate and told me it should all be ok and not to have sex for a few days. well . . . over the next few days the pain was worse then when i had the hyst done and i was in bed for a week. it did evetntually ease off and three weeks later we tried for sex again but the pain was so bad it was just impossible and i am left with so much tummy pain its just not worth trying again. please help as i am worried this is going to ruin my 20 year marraige.

  125. It depends on what you mean by get up and do things Elaine, if you mean vacuuming the floor then probably a few weeks, if you mean a little light dusting then as soon as you feel able to. Everyone is different and what you feel you can do will be unique to you . You don’t need to sit and do nothing and you should be exercising from day one with a gentle, SHORT, walk which you increase by a few yards each day.

  126. hi linda
    i had a total hysterectomy 10days ago and so far so good,the usual aches and pains after surgery but nothing serious,had my stitches out this morn and everyone was pleased with my recovery.Your site was really useful i really enjoyed reading it,your comments were very helpful..If anyone out there is frightened then dont be,remember everyone is different some recover quicker and some dont,keep reading sites like this because the comments good or bad have been written by us who have been through it,if in doubt contact your doctor or hospital,so good luck to you all,we will get there eventually..

  127. i had a total hysterectomy 12 days ago my family are looking after me well, i have started experinceing sharp pains in my hips on the right side in paticular is this normal?

  128. had my op 10 days ago still blown away by it all found lynda and website reassurin and a blessing so thank you

  129. How long was it after your op that you were able to get up and do thing around the house, I am waiting to have my op and dread the thought of not being able to do things for myself

  130. Last April 2010, I had a total hysterectomy (41years) due to 2 large tumours – I found your website very reassuring and a great support both before and after surgery.

    9 months later and I’m feeling better than I’ve ever felt! Currently taking Zumenon 2mg, and not experienced any side effects.

    I wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ for all your support and to all those other women who took the time to post their own experiences!


  131. Hi Ruth, yes pins and needles are normal and are a sign that nerves are starting to heal. You will still have a monthly cycle – whether you still had ovaries or not as the female sex hormones are produced in lots of different parts of the body too. Having said that, the cycle won’t be as obvious as it was. Linda

  132. I had a total Hysterectomy 8 weeks ago. I had a very large tumour in my womb so i have a bikini line incision and have been cut inside.

    I have felt ok up to press. Antibiotics for an infection in the begining but starting to perk up now.
    I am now starting to feel quite painful pins and needles all around my abdomen is this normal?
    Also as my overies have been left will i still release monthly hormones?
    I have just come accross your site but it is great to speak to people in the know.


  133. I had my operation nearly three weeks ago. I’m so glad to have found your website. It gave me lots of useful info and all the forums were brilliant and really helped me understand what I was going through. There hasn’t really been anything else out there with so much information, even my husband agrees. Thank you for putting it all together.

  134. I left hospital 12 days ago feeling really abandoned. Although I am doing well and being looked after by my family. The information I have gain from your site is invaluable, I shall be making an appointment with my doctor on monday to receive hormone treatment. Thank you very much for the emails you send and it’s nice to know I am not on my own and the symptoms are normal. I haven’t been brave enough to post in a forum yet, so a big thank you to “The brave ones” 🙂

    Take Care and a speedy recovery to everyone.

  135. Had a reasonably straight forward vaginal hysterectomy last week and feel fab, but left totally in the dark about post op symptoms, thank goodness for your web site.

  136. The ONLY place I have any advice from. Great speaking to others in the same situation

  137. I had a subtotal hysterectomy on Monday week and I am sorry to say I had the most terrifying experience with post -op complication and had another resurgery due to haematoma and gap wound. the most intrinsic concern was going back to A&E after loosing about 200 -300mls of blood and waited for a bed for nearly 8/9 hours.

    I just wish I didn’t opt for this procedure in the first place.

  138. This site is really helpful, I’ve gained more knowledge from H/A than from GP or Consultant.