Peggys Hysterectomy Story

I had my hysterectomy surgery in April 2007. I am 41 years old. Uterus was removed, fallopian tubes and ovaries stayed. My decision was a no brainier. Get it taken care of or bleed to death.

I missed my period in Aug & Sept 2004. Then, I finally started and it never quit. I went to General practitioner and he put me on 4 pills of birth control a day for 3 days to stop the bleeding,then tapered down. Well, I started bleeding again. Huge clots that would litterly take my breath away for a bit. Would get really light headed and dizzy. Ended up having what I and the Dr. thought was a miscarriage.

What was terrible about the whole ordeal was my husband has had a vasectomy,,,, twice,,,, They missed the vasectomy on the first try and ended up taking muscle tissue out, believe it or not I did get him back in once again 6 months later. This time it was a complete cut from each side. Sperm sample was taken in and all was well. So I had to deal with an emotional struggle with how I could have been pregnant.

Finally, the Dr. took a closer look at the tissue that was passed and figured it could have been a cyst. Had a D&C and was good to go for about a year.

Fall of 2007 started to bleed heavily once again. My OBGYN suggested an ablation. Before I could have that done which was the next day I had to have 2 pints of blood transfused. I had a blood type that contained a lot of antibodies so I only received 1 pint that day until they could get more of my type in. I came back the next morning before the ablation and received the other unit of blood. I thought it was coming out as fast as it was going in. Had the ablation – not to bad.

After surgery I just felt a burning sensation down on my lower abdomen. It felt like the crowning part of child birth. It was really minor a few Tylenol and I was alright. Went home the same day. No bleeding for exactly 1 month, then a little started and continued on. It was just a small amount, but enough to make me wear a pad. This disappointed me so much. I was ready for “new underpants” hoping it was going to be taken care of.

In January my Dr. decide to set up the hysterectomy. I held off until April hoping it would quit. No luck.

April 24th at 6am I was admitted to hospital scared to death for I have never had a big surgery where I would end up staying. Surgery proceeded at 7;30am.  Did not feel a thing. Came out went to my room. Dr. said all was well. She did a bikini abdomen incision. Removed the uterus and a small cyst on the fallopian tubes and one on an ovary. I did not know why she did not remove it all, thinking here we go once again, ‘I will be back in a year for ovarian cancer or something’, but my mother has osteoporosis severely and she was concerned I would carry that trait and if I could maintain my ovaries I would avoid that. If of course I increase my calcium.

I went thru a rough couple of days. Very sore. Thought I made a wrong decision. I should have just lived with the bleeding , but here I am 4 months later and I feel great. I keep waiting thinking I am going to get my period any day now. Its not here yet. Most import thing to remember is to follow directions. It does not heal over night, it really does take time.

Guess what my gift to myself was right after surgery?

A package of new underwear.

I threw the old stained one out and have new undies that are not stained anymore. YAHOO!

Sex life is great. Once in awhile I can feel my husband tapping on the inside of the spot where it was sewn back together from the uterus removal, but its minor compared to not being able to enjoy my husband.

Its the best decision I have ever made. So far!


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  1. hi , i am 4 weeks post op and still feeling a little sore not as bad as expected though. i had a total abdominal hysterectomy with removal of ovaries and tubes i am 45 years old with 3 grown up kids . i had been suffering for about 15 years i had lazer surgery 12 years ago but nothing changed and was told to grin and bear the pain but i had had enough so i went private to have my surgery this time, i had everything removed because i had a number of fibroids, a polyps, a cyst on left ovary and endemetrioses to the womb and ovaries and hrt implanted , i have no regrets as yet as feel much better without all that pain its just the boredom now thats setting in not being able to do anything, if anyone out there who needs this op i would say go for it i wish i had it done years ago as my consultant said i shouldn’t have suffered for so long,good luck to anyone who has or who is going to have the op for a better quality of life

  2. There are always so many things to consider when thinking about major surgery such as hysterectomy and your job is definitely one of them. The worst thing to do would be to add to the stress levels you already have.

  3. Hi Carol
    I am also due to have a hysterectomy in a weeks time but I am having second thoughts about it. I am also frightened and have just made an appointment to see my constultant again to see if he can just remove the fibroid only. I am very worried about the recovery time as my work are making redundancies at the moment.

  4. It sounds like it is pretty traumatic at the moment and hopefully that referral will come through very soon.

  5. All your stories make good reading. I am due to have a hysterectomy because of fibroids and really heavy period. I am frightened to death of what will be. Reading your stories has helped me. Thank you once again


  6. Hello
    Here I am 1 week after my Hystorectomy to remove 2 LARGE Fibroids !
    My stomach was so swollen I looked 6 months pregnant.
    My Fibroids were so big I had to have 4 months of injections before the surgeon would operate as they were soooo big !
    I found that in the end they totally drained me , no bleeding as they were absorbing it all and taking all the goodness from me like a baby would !! Yeuch.
    I now 1 week on feel better already .
    bikini cut to remove .
    I am going to be carefull as I heard a few scarey stories in hospital about girls who did too much too soon. So Dont.
    You get the operation done as soon as you can or you will feel worse and worse.
    Good luck xx it,s a piece of cake xxxx

  7. Hi. I have been suffering heavy periods for two years now. The last three months have been awful! Massive blood clots suck in my womb,infection after infection but when I have bleed tests and urine tests every think comes back normal. I have tried the coil, it will not stay in. Pills and potions! I am bleeding every two weeks for anything between 11/21 days and then two weeks and it starts all over! In October Drs tried again to put the merdina coil in ,it fell out within three weeks. I bleed 21 days,then had two weeks with no blood but very sore boobs! Now bleeding all over again! I am unable to go to work and have no quality of life and am feeling very low at the moment and still waiting for another referral. I am a 46 year old who has had three wonderful children!

  8. Hi Pixie.

    I dont think it is necessary to have your ovaries removed if they are perfectly healthy. Your consultant I’m sure is just being overly cautious.

    However, I had my hysterectomy on the 20th of October 2011, so I am only a bout 10 days into recovery. I had fibroids and so know exactly how you feel about the heavy period, the pain and the swollen abdomen.

    I can honestly say that I do not regret having the surgery. My stomach although swollen from surgery does not feel bloated any more. I am really looking forward to no more periods and no more pain.

    At the moment I am sore, understandibly, and I have had days where I feel a little low, but that is nothing more than post operative blues. The only thing I am stressing over is not being able to get on with things on a daily basis, or drive to the shops etc. All in all, this is little to pay for a lifetime of freedom once the recovery period had ended. I thought the pain I would be in after surgery would be terrible, but its nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated and so I have not even been taking pain killers since I left the hospital.

    The key is to take your time doing thing and rest as much as possible.

    If you feel that you would benefit from the surgery then go ahead, just be adamant that you only want your womb removed, not your ovaries unless it is absolutely necessary.
    For me, it was the best thing I could have done.

    I wish you all the very best with your decision.


  9. Hi Ann thank you for sharing your story, I have been diagnosed with fibroids (I am 43) after suffering heavy bleeding for the last 3 years. My Consultant booked me in for a hysterectomy and after some thought (he suggested I have my ovaries removed which of course means HRT for me) I cancelled it and went to my doctors asking what else I could do. I am currently on the pill, which so far so good is working. However I feel that my fibroids are growing and indeed my stomach is always slightly swollen, and am wondering if I should have it done while I am still young. Why did you retain your ovaries (I’ve had the fear of god put in my via my consultant regarding ovarian cancer) as the advise is to get rid of everything. There is no alternative for me and I do not know if I should put up with my yearly growing tummy or take action now. Any advice please