Paula’s Endometriosis and Cancer Story

I was 25 when I had my hysterectomy. It has been a year now and I still can’t believe it. I had to have mine because of stage four endometriosis as well as cancerous cells. This was surgery number five for me.I was so upset because I never thought I would be going through menopose at my age. It is very hard sometimes because nobody ever told me that it was going to be this hard or this rough to deal with. I had to go through three different estrogen treatments to find the right one and now I am fixing to have to change it again.

If I could go back and change it I wouldn’t not because for the simple fact the surgery basicaly saved my life but because if I hadn’t had it I would have gotten cancer and not had the chance to get ready to marry the man of my dreams.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve all been through it. I was only young and hadn’t had any children when I had my hysterectomy. It was a total hysterectomy so I have been taking HRT for 10 years.. I keep saying I’ll come off it soon.

    I had mine due to chronic PID, there were no known additional factors. I’m told this is a rare occurrence – I could have had IVF if I’d wanted. I just wondered whether anyone else was ever asked whether they wanted any eggs saving? I thought they might have asked me but didn’t think about it until afterwards, I was in such a state.

    Also, I overheard the consultants arguing outside my room – one saying, “This young lady should never have been allowed to have this operation”! Is it normal to be given a hysterectomy for PID?

    Many thanks :o)

  2. HRT has been linked to weight gain so perhaps trying a different brand or method of delivery might help too Helen.

  3. i understand, had endometriosis and cervical cancer when i was 32, im now 39, yes really happy to be here and well, stopped taking hrt, i was just getting fatter ! eat healthy, and exercise, have slowly been gaining weight from size 12 to struggling to stay 14/16 . one doctor says cut out my clothes labels and another says im obese and depressed ! not listening to second !! so im frustrated ! but its better to be a whale than a mermaid !!x