Only 14 days since TAH – Anne Marie’s story

After years of heavy periods and then the diagnosis of a fibroid (size of cricket ball) my GP referred me to see gynaecologist at my local hospital. My husband and I went along to the consultation and she really did listen to me. I explained how the symptoms were affecting my life, marriage, etc and she offered me either ablation for the 2nd time or TAH. Without hesitation I chose TAH.

I had the operation on 8th June 2016. I was scared on the morning of the surgery but I needn’t have been. Everyone at the hospital were wonderful and really put me at ease. After I had the anaesthetic the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room. I was groggy but I was not in pain. I was in surgery for about two and a half hours then recovery for about two hours. I was then transferred to the ward where my worried husband was able to sit with me. I was given a device to press and administer morphine as and when I needed it. Was sipping water and felt OK.

The next day I felt a little pain and was stiff as I had not moved. I was helped out of bed( by far the worst bit) and sat in the chair for the afternoon. Later that evening the catheter was removed. Woke up feeling ok the following morning but quite quickly afterwards felt really unwell. Really bad head and felt nauseous. I was told it was probably due to the medication and anaesthetic. As soon as I was sick, a couple of hours later, I was fine again and sat and ate lunch. That evening the drain was removed and my husband helped me in the hospital bathroom to wash and change my PJ’s. Made me feel so much better. Had a good nights sleep, the dressing was removed and was discharged from hospital the following morning.

The journey home was a little uncomfortable even with a cushion between me and the seat belt but pleased to be home. Within half an hour of being home I wanted to see how I would cope with the stairs. I was fine, slow but fine. That night and every night since, I have slept on my side with a v pillow. I have been feeling better every day. No real pain from the scar. Worst pain was the headache before discharge and the gas/wind pains since. Get up and have a little wander and this really does help.

I cannot believe that my operation was only 14 days ago and his well I am feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still not been out or dressed. Still in my PJ’s after my daily shower and tired but it’s over and can now get my life back on track.

A few pieces of advice: buy big knickers that won’t rub on your scar and a v pillow. Finally, be sensible and rest, rest, rest. Let your family and friends help. They will want to help you.


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  1. Hi, I had the same burning pains, it’s a nerve pain. I took St Johns Wort.I am now at 7 weeks with no pain at all.Hope this helps

  2. Hi, I had my hysterectomy 7 weeks ago. For the burning nerve pains I took St Johns Wort from health food shop.I am now pain free. Good Luck

  3. Hi I had a full hysterectomy March this year. The feeling you described in the public area is something I remember well and I kept thinking I had a urine infection but I hadn’t when tested. Was advised to go on HRT for quite a number of reasons one being that because of me plunging into the menopause and sudden lack of hormones it makes your bladder very sensitive Going on the HRT has certainly improved it which is what my Dr said wud happen. Worth asking about plus HRT protects you from brittle bone. Hope this is helpful.

  4. Hello,
    I just wanted to check in as I’d been reading people’s accounts religiously following my total hysterectomy in November 2013. Two and a half years later, it was a ‘no brainier’ having the procedure. What I found helpful were the excersizes, dietary tips, big knickers, leggings, support of people who love me and last but not least, reading other people’s journey too. The scar (pelvic) is virtually invisible. I have gained weight and have hot flushes, but what a small price to pay! I’ve never looked back. Honestly! And I don’t have hrt either. On the negative side, this may be totally unrelated of course, I have developed painful osteoarthritis in my hands, shoulder, knees and feet but take glucosamine and turmeric – that helps! Good luck everyone!

  5. I had my total hysterectomy on 15th June and felt fine after it. It’s only now 6 weeks later I’m struggling with pain and discomfort. So annoying as I was hoping to be driving by now but just can’t chance it. Had an infection after a week that took 2 lots of antibiotics to clear but expected this as I’m diabetic. Now I have a burning, raw pain in pubic area- no urine infection as I keep being checked for one. Driving me crazy, is this ‘normal’ any ideas pls?