One Week After Total Abdominal Hysterectomy – Donna’s Story

Hi.. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH) last Tuesday afternoon.. The op was apparently tricky because of the severity of my endometriosis.. And the cyst (8.4cm) that was on my right ovary had attached itself to the wall of my body making it tricky to part with.

The consultant had to remove my uterus, tubes, ovaries and cervix, so when I came back onto the ward I was in a lot of pain.. But luckily the morphine pump was on hand. I was kept on oxygen all night and at 2am they called the dr to query the amount of blood that I had lost.. I was borderline having a transfusion but luckily all was ok.

The next day they removed my morphine pump in the morning and catheter in the afternoon… Getting up or the first time was scary.. And wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.. I managed to get up and about a few times to go to the bathroom and felt really proud of myself!!

The drain came out in the evening… Ouchy!!!!!!!!!!

I kept myself quite active the next day doing laps around the nurses station..was hoping it would help with sleeping too!!

On the Friday I had to have a scan where I had dye put through me to check that my kidneys were not damaged… All was fine.

Six days after the op I have had my stitches out.. I feel ok.. Walking around quite well and the stairs are getting easier.. First bowel movement made me hit the roof.. But apart from that each day gets a lot easier and I’m only on paracetamol now for the pain!!

My advice to anyone about to go through it is take each day as it comes, never expect too much and be proud of your achievements.


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  1. I had surgery Dec 21. Today is my week out and I have some strange pains in my stomach region but the quickly come and go. I am able to walk well but standing up is like pulling a bag of coal. I feel blessed because I know it had to be done and it was relatively successful….The surgery went longer than normal because of all of the scar tissue. There was tons of it, my body my womb was destroyed but its over and Im looking forward to a new chapter. I teach belly dance and Im using those movements to help aid in my healing…. visit me if you have questions about it

  2. Hi I had abdominal hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. Still battling with pain. Walking is also very uncomfortable…I look like a cave woman. But..The good news is each day seems better. The key is to rest and listen to your body. Trust me, your body screams when it’s had enough. Just like some, I was terrified prior to the op. This is normal but all will be over soon. Just hang in there. My family and prayer has been my guiding stars. All the best.

  3. What form did the Henna come in, I’m having my hysterectomy on the 11.8.16 & am trying to get everything in place now.

  4. Im 7 days after womb removal ..after day 5 i felt great…..its hard to keep reminding yourself your not allowed to lift… trying my best to let it heal and get strong…im doing pelvic exercises…..but im sad that i cant do my dancing for a long time……its very physical…..i do fancy footwork…..but im not doing it properly for months…..i was terrified of being butchered under the knife…..but the lady doc was a great surgeon….i look normal….my only tip would be drink henna every day…i dont want to be crude but when i finally passed a motion it took all day and was agony….and all that bearing down musnt have been good for my new stitches and gravity:(……in a few weeks in going to get down there fit and strong:)

  5. I had a TAH December 17, 2015.

    I had a lot more pain than I expected post-op, but was only inpatient for 2 nights.

    I am 5 days post op and find myself easily exhausted, but bored and trying to move around as much as possible during the day. I am only sleeping a few hours at a time each night.

    My incision was closed by layers of stitches followed by DermaBond on the outside.

    I am just not sure how much longer I have to where I am so exhausted. I know this is only the beginning of my journey.

    Any advice would be helpful.

  6. Hi Tina,
    I am 40 and as I said in my above story, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on 6th nov.. It will be 12 weeks on Tuesday since my op and they removed everything. I had chronic endometriosis and another condition called anenomyosis.. Which apparently isn’t very common to have both together..
    My children are 13 and 19 and both girls and have been great, as has my hubby.. I started on patches a couple of weeks ago, and so far so good.. I have had some hot flushes and night sweats but that’s all really.. I went back to work 10 weeks post op but only 3 days a week for 2 weeks, then 4 days this week.. I’m finding it ok, I just ache a bit in the evening from being on my feet all day (I’m a manager in retail) .. All I can say is take each day as it comes, do not over do it.. You will heal quicker watching Jeremy Kyle then doing the school run and shopping… And the main thing is listen to your body.. It will tell you when enough is enough!!!
    Oh and stock up on leggings… I’ve lived in them!!!
    Take care and don’t worry… This is just the start of your pain free future xx

  7. Hi there Ladies, I hope you are all coping ok today. I have endometriosis and have had several lap’s and several hormone treatments but no joy. I have been told by my consultant that having a hysterecotomy isn’t going to help and that I just need my ovaries remoeved. I am 40 and we are applying to adopt a child and just don’t know what to do. Having surgery could delay our application but I so want to be rid of this disease. Any one else been told the same? Thanks xx

  8. How are you? I’m 40 and scheduled to have cysts, ovaries, endometriosis and uterus removed in April and I’m so scared. Worried about HRT – wondering if I should just risk the menopause symptoms. Scared of recovery and missing work and how I will take care of my kids. Would love some words of wisdom.

  9. I have 3 days untill my surgery and I’m starting to freak! did anyone else get real scard befor thier oporation.

  10. Hi,
    I have a large complex ovarian cyst which has grown quickly to 15cm. Blood tests for cancer have come back negative so hopefully it’s a benign tumour or endometriosis. I have been given the option of having a full hysterectomy or leaving my uterus and other ovary intact. Reading your stories scare me a bit and I’m worried about having HRT. I’m 42 and also have lupus which is an immune system disease that causes chronic fatigue. I would appreciate any advice!

  11. Hi, I’m having everything out january14th and I’m not looking forward to it.i’m scard of cancer.can you help me?

  12. That is very sage advice Ali and thanks for sharing it. I often liken recovery to having a swollen ankle, every day it gets a bit better, but it still swells each day too, just a little bit less each time. 🙂

  13. Hi there, i had my total abdominal hysterectomy on oct 4th 2012.. am now 14 weeks down the line and still very slow going. am back to work but only a few hours a week and office based, i was community based before, i find that am so tired and if i try to do too much i get stomach tightening s and pain around my scar. i have a scar starting from my pelvis up to my belly button which i put oil on to lessen the redness.. i also had awful adhesion’s which were attached to my bowel and my cysts were huge, also came home with a water infection. most days i feel so much better than before but some days i feel totally miserable and want to stay in bed all day!! i also suffer from ra which at the moment is making me feel tired, i don’t let it slow me down though i want to enjoy my life without periods and am planning holidays and trips already. i hope you continue to improve just give yourself time…ali

  14. i should of had laproscopic and vaginal assisted but had to have a full abdominal hysterectomy on nov 21st 2012,my god what pain was i in operation was 4 hours long due to complications as my bladder was stuck to my bowel,pelvic wall and something else. and had to have catheter fitted for 10 days as my bladder had took a battering,ive had bladder problems since n got lumps in tummy my scar is still very sore,the operation has knocked me for 6 and as totally drained me wich im finding it getting me down as im so active,im now on hrt bladder tablets and still recovering.