Not So Scary, Wendy’s Story

Hi, I’ve suffered with very heavy and painfully periods for years and years. Also suffered 4 miscarraiges and 2 failed attempts at IUI. We are very lucky and very blessed to have eventually got pregnant and have a beautiful boy. 4 years after trying for another baby, with no results, and continuous heavy bleeding with severe cramps and other problems, demanded a full hysterectomy. (I had tried all kinds of pills to stop bleeding, nothing worked).

After tests found out i had cysts and fibroids, i had also previously had dodgy cervical smears in previous smears so surgeon suggested a total hysterectomy (cervix was prolapsed), with a bladder repair (bladder prolapsed too).

I could not wait to have my op as had suffered so much pain for so long, I was glad to get rid of everything. Ppl kept saying to me you will go into the menaupose straight away, I am not scared or worried about this, surely it can’t be as bad as all the rubbish I have had to contend with for years.

I went into the hospital on the morning of the op, got a bit tearful, as realisation and relief dawned on me. Realisation that we would never get pregnant again for sure and relief that it was all coming to an end.

Had my bloods, bp etc done. Then had to wait for 3 hours as op wasn’t booked until 2pm. I got gowned up and I was physically shaking by this time. Nurses put me to sleep (which is fab), and woke up, it seemed, minutes later. I was in quite a lot of pain, nurse gave me morphine, which is also quite naughty but nice, she also put on an electric blanket as I was shaking.

I got taken back to my room and was very aware when my morphine wore off after every 4 hours, so buzzed for more. Have to say I didn’t sleep too good that night as I had pads on my leg that kept expanding to keep my circulation going, also nurses in and out to do my obs. I lay talking to one for ages. All the staff were amazing!!!

I had a bed bath the next morning and even went for a walk, felt quite light headed, but didn’t pass out. I was attached to a catheter and had a drain from my tummy. I had no bleeding at all in my under wear, not even now, 10 days later.

The WORST thing fir me was taking out the vaginal pad!!! OMG! That was awful. And the trapped wind, jjjjeeeeezzzzzz. I stayed in hospital for 3.5 days.

I feel fab!! And just take pain killers (paracetamol) when I need them. I feel some of the stories I got told before I went in were very dramatic. However, I was glad to get all my bits out and I do “get on” with things, so maybe my attitude helped.

Taking it easy at home, only have a bit of period like pains if paracetamol is wearing off.

I hope my story helps. Don’t be scared. You will be fine. Ps I had my op vaginally.


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  1. Hello! I had a vaginal hysterectomy done 2 weeks ago still spotting a bit but otherwise I’m feeling good , I walk everyday but not to far, and I can drive without have pain. But I do notice when I do over do it! But overall it’s been pretty good!

  2. You may have started doing too much too soon Wendy. The trick to noticing this is that if you do something and then get pain, you’ve probably overdone it 🙂 Urine infections can be painful but you may find that it’s the driving that’s caused the additional problem.

  3. 4.5 weeks after op. All been well. Tummy is looking a tad bloated now, but I’m sure that wil go down. I did have to have a course of antibiotics for a horrible chest infection, doc says caught this after op as may have been run down 🙁 I started driving yesterday, physiotherapist said it was ok to do so. But now I have period like pains, and draggin pains too? I went to the docs, again! He said I now have a urine infection, but the antibiotics should clear this up, as I’m still on them for another day. I also have thrush like symptoms, so gave me a single tablet for this. Can a urine infection be this painfull ? Have I overdone it and ripped something inside? I did drag a wooden chair in the garden before 🙁

  4. Hi I had vaginal hysterectomy last week, home now and find when I go for a wee , I need to hold something due to the pulling down like pain ? Also just over a week and I am still bleeding ? X

  5. Hi and here are some fairly vague answers 🙂

    1. It depends on whether you are at high risk or not – research shows that women who have had a hysterectomy have a lower risk of breast cancer from HRT than those that haven’t, but if you have close female family members with it then you may be want to avoid it.
    2. It depends on how long you and your doctor feel you need it for.
    3. Taking HRT means that you effectively not menopausal (this is a grey area as the menopause is defined as your last period) and you will have symptoms of the menopause when you stop taking it.
    4. You won’t.
    5. Good for you 🙂
    6. Natural rememdies work but they need to be a combination of diet, lifestyle change and compilmentary remedies.

  6. Actually!! I am now starting to feel the miserableness that is “Menopause”!! I feel dreadful. Tired, snappy, cant be bothered, headaches, hot, just generally rubbish. Can any one help me with HRT? Should I or should I not go on it. Here are my questions and concerns
    1 Will it give me cancer.
    2 How long to I have to take it? Some ladies I know are still taking it in there 60’s.
    3 doesn’t HRT just prolong the meno. ? or is it to ease it ?
    4 if I’m on it how will i know if i have finished the men. I could be taking the HRT for years for nothing.
    6 Does Vitex complex or true food soya gem work? These are natural remedies.

  7. Glad you seem to have had a positive experience overall. I agree there are a lot of scary tales out there they scared me too. I’m 7 wks post op & can start driving again now and it only hurts when I laugh which is a bloomin nuisance but it will pass too. So stay positive it can only get better, feeling well is wonderfull and in itself makes it worth it!

  8. Hello Wendy and thank you for taking the time to share your story. I have just made the decision to opt for surgery and find your frankness and honesty amazingly refreshing. Take care and best wishes. Lorraine 😀