New iPhone app for post operative recovery

I’d like to tell you about an application for iPhones which is specifically for the post operative period. The app’ is designed to offer ‘in your hand’ details of post operative exercise ranging from the breathing, bridging and pelvic stages to the post 8 weeks period and came about because I kept losing my own sheets of paper and two of my friends had what I would consider no advice at all when they left hospital. I don’t call one reference to pelvic floor and how to lift a box preparing women for a healthy recovery or helping them regain some degree of core stability. I spent my ‘recovery’ reading up on how to design and programme applications and am really pleased to say that Apple not only liked the app but it’s now on the app store for ladies to download – if they have an iPhone.

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  1. Hi Angela your tummy will be swollen for several months to come yet – it’s just recovering from major surgery and the twitches are a normal part of the healing process as the nerves reattach and connect again. You can help yourself recover by walking (a little further each day) but not overdoing it, resting when your body tells you it needs to and drinking plenty of water.

  2. Had a total hysterectomy plus BSO just over 4 weeks ago now. Please can someone tell
    me how I should be feeling. I know everyone is different but I had no advice on discharge from hospital. I know I have to take it easy and not lift anything but any advise would be most welcome please. I have lots of twitches and my tummy seems very swollen. What can I do to help myself get over this quicker ? What should I be eating? What excercises would help me?

  3. It is normal and it will lessen in time and exercise can help but there will always be a small ‘pouch’.

  4. since the operation i have had an over hang of fat above the scar. will this go in time or will i need to do exercises

  5. Seems an odd thing for a GP to say Rosie and I’ve certainly never heard anyone else say that. A good suggestion though is to find a pilates or yoga class locally as these are both fab exercises for toning and strengthening all the core abdominal muscles – you know the ones that make you feel your tummy is flabby!

  6. Hi good morning I need some help. Will someone advice me where to go or buy a video about exercise to do after hysterectomy. I had my hysterectomy last november 2010. I want to have a normal life I went to see my gp but he said to me since I had my practice I
    never refer someone to physiotherapy who had hysterectomy.
    Thanks Rosie Laceste