My Total Vaginal Hysterectomy – Sangita’s Story

I was going through the menopause for the last 2 years with no real problems and am 50 years old. Then in February I went to the Dr’s because my stomach started to feel huge and was sent for scan. My scan revealed the lining of the womb was usually thick for someone who was menopausal and was told I had a fibriod and had to see a gnecologist. Just before my appointment I had a really heavy bleed completely out if the blue.

My gynaecologist arranged a biopsy and hysteroscopy to rule out cancer. I was so scared and waiting for the results was a nightmare I kept thinking cancer all the time. Thank god my result was all good no cancer!

I was told by the gynaecologist he would monitor me every few months but if if I bleed in between I should ijnform him. Well as luck should have it I bleed again. This I was told was not a good sign had more scans and eventually was offered a hysterectomy.

I had a total vaginal laprosocpic assisted hysterectomy a few days ago. Kept me in for 4 days, now home recovering. The operation went well was told about possible damage to the bladder because I had two previous c sections but my consultant was excellent and did a great job. I feel very sore and tender cannot eat much and feeling very constipated. Get very tired quickly so resting a lot. It’s going to take a long time to get back to normal but I have a lovely family who are caring for me.


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  1. I feel for you sangita. I’m 35 just turned.5 months ago I had same issues I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. I kept having follate issues gland womb pelvic pain Polycystic ovarian disease in the end I had bled that much I did not clot. I was not fortunate enough to become a mother. I don’t have any issues with my hysterectomy. But I do feel very depressed at the moment. I was constipated to very much so. I’m not advising you I’m not a gp if you can try to deal with pain do so. My pain was left 18 years before this self grin gynaecologist came along. Painkillers were my only option my womb was pushed behind pelvic bone ovaries underneath. If pain is unbearable talk to your gp I have a diluted morphine solution breakthrough pain. Like I said I’m not a gp so depends what they thinks best. I hope you get better soon. Don’t do too much it’s very true what they say you will pay for it. Go to toilet when you can. Don’t feel pressure, try weat etc jus relax on toilet even if it takes you time it took me a week!!!!!!.

    Best wishes xxxx