My hysterectomy – Marie’s Story

I am 8 days post op after a abdominal hysterectomy I wanted to share my hysterectomy story as I have read many stories and some if the put me off having a hysterectomy.

I have always had really painful periods since they started aged 13. I am now 39 I have really suffered heavy and painful periods the pain being that bad I would be physically sick and they prevented me from doing things I wouldn’t go on the pill or have medication as there is a family history of thrombosis which caused my dad to die aged 49 so medication was not a option for me.

I have one child always wanted more but this never happened for me so I began to foster I have been doing this now for 9 years one of the children I look after is autistic and has ADHD so is very active how ever my periods stopped me doing things to help keep him busy. So I went to my doctor who was very good and agreed I could go and see a gynaecologist my husband get health insurance through work so I was lucky I could be seen quickly. I was sent for test and I have a cyst on my Fallopian tubes. My consultant spoke to me about the risk and I had told her I had been thinking about this for the last 6 years my own son was now 19 I didn’t want any more birth child and she agreed I could have the surgery done. I went in last Monday 14/04/1014 my op was at 3 o clock in the afternoon the staff was lovely and my consultant was very happy with the way things have gone.

I am still in pain however compared to my periods they are manageable without medication in the day. I know I could take tablets but then I would be tempted to do jobs around the house with a pain being there I know I can’t do anything yet. I stayed in hospital for 3 nights and I think I have been very lucky after reading some story some of you have really suffered. It has been the best thing I have done for myself yes I am in pain now but because I did so much research and I was really sure I wanted to go through the operation I am very happy with my decision. I will be happy when I can start to do things for myself again the worse bit of all of this is the injection I have had to have four week after my op.

I know some people don’t get the chance to make the decision if you should have a hysterecomy but if you do make sure you are 100% you want the op I did and I am happy I went through with it and once if have healed I will have the rest do my life pain free 🙂


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  1. I have had a sub total with ovaries removed , due to large fibroid on 15/8/16. Had an abdominal .Only in hospital 2 nights.
    I feel I have been really lucky, hardly any pain( except when coughing , which feels like a burning stitch)and painful, no bleeding though.
    Was taking Oramorph, which has given me the worst constipation known to man !, thank god for sites like this that are so informative, peppermint tea, apricots, fibregel have helped.
    I am now able to manage 2 weeks on with a few paracetamol and ibuprofen. Which has surprised me , obviously still swollen and sore, but I am relatively pain free.
    For the first time in years I have no backache, (Yay)!, it’s still early days and I am taking it very easy still, but enjoying the time to catch up with reading and resting .

    A massive thank you to You The Hysterectomy Assosiation, you have made my recovery more manageable, I am looking forward to no more monthly tiredness , cramps, and hopefully mood swings .