My hysterectomy experience so far… – Mona’s Story

I am 45 and I had a total abdominal 11 days ago with one ovary remaining. Reason was for large fibroids (1 kilo-2.2 lbs). There were complications after surgery ( excessive bleeding), so I had to go back in to surgery after I was finally waking up. They did not re-open but went in vaginally to resew something.

All this led to the need for blood as well. Everything seems to go on track and all indications of eventually came into place (pressure, blood count, temp, bladder, bowls, etc) except for pain.

In hospital I had the most excruciating stabbing, stinging on my right side below my incision. That was the worst and although it is not as unbearable, it is still a special pain I am enduring. And the docs and nurses all said it was normal as my insides have had a beating.

I am moving at a snails pace all day and sit and stand so slowly. I really wonder if I will ever be strong again. When can I do what I want? No one will know but my body, this is a tough one to accept.

Pain is much easier to deal with if we knew it was ok or normal. Being women as well I think we are more prone to worry. In hate laying in bed wondering if my pain is normal, or if I should call a doctor. What is normal anyway?

Thanks to all for showing that this surgery is different and that we are all very different in how we handle it.


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  1. Hi, i am 47 and had an abdominal hysterectomy & removal of both ovaries & Fallopian tubes 14 days ago. op went well no infections to date. I am on hrt patches lowest dose, starting to feel up & down emotionally & tearful. Do you think I should see my doc for a stronger hrt or will it sort it self out?

  2. The discomfort is to be expected when you do something new and should ease, however if it doesn’t then a trip to the GP would be in order for a check-up. As for the aching, your body has been traumatised through surgery and your hormones are probably also in chaos so it could be menopausal symptoms kicking in.

  3. Hi Everyone
    I had full abdominal hysterectomy 29th Oct with ovaries and falopian tubes taken out and have good days and bad days. Had a UTI which i am on day 5 off antibiotics. Went out the house on a short shopping trip today for the first tiem as it is day 13 and i thought i should venture further than the garden – But I this has caused me some discomfort in my stomach. Like the other lady i have nights when i am awake all night and it feels like my whole body is aching even my legs. I have not heard others write about this? should i be concerned?

  4. It’s normal to have a post op UTI infection after a hysterectomy. As for wound healing there are all sorts of things you could do if you are interested in complimentary therapies. One good thing that springs to mind is Aloe Vera juice.

  5. I had a sub total hysterectomy and sacrocervixpexy for prolapse two weeks ago. I felt well fairly soon after the op, came home and pottered around quite happily, resting when I was tired. I then started getting a strange ache when i wee’d – turned out to be an infection. And two days ago I went back to have my stitches out and the wound isn’t healing. The consultant said the wound had to heal from the inside out but I’ve never had problems with post operative healing. No-one has suggested what I can do to help myself heal up or suggested why I’m not healing up.I’ve just been given blue gauze to put over the wound.Still v sore but the antibiotics are helping the UTI.

  6. Hi, ive just been advised im able to have a total abdominal hysterectomy. Not sure how long ive got to wait but at least ball now rolling. I m 47 and had my family so all is ok in that area. ive suffered with severe period pains now for over a yr though thankfully no bleeding as i have myreena (please excuse spelling if wrong) coil. Having read quite a bit of info on subject im a little worried as to how some ladies have suffered. Dont wish to appear a wimp, and i know its my decision, i jusy fancy some feedback. i have been told its up to me re keeping ovaries, but im confused about that too! words of wisdom please. Denise x

  7. Hi I had a partial hysterectomy on the 22nd october so it’s still early days I had my womb removed through keyhole and I feel rubbish not eating great feel sick not sure if it was the tube to open my air ways but throat is really sore.I cry every day and just want to feel normal.

  8. Hello Ladies,
    i love your site,it provides great ideas for women like me who are set for hyst. i had no one to talk to to ask to,en thank god this is heaven.
    iam skedule to a hyst operation and a left ovary removal on dec.26,i have an adenomyosis-adenomyoma and cyst on the left ovary.painful period and excess bleeding are still present inspite that i had myomectomy last yr..with all those i read i feel scared and frightened but then again my faith keeps me going that after these i’m goin to feel much better.pls pray for me and all of us special women who have this special illness.thank you

  9. It is common to have an emotional reaction Nicki – this can be caused by a variety of factors, including a reaction to anaesthesia, your body’s reaction to having the trauma of surgery (post surgical blues), your hormones going into a bit of a free-fall and finally, how you feel about yourself after losing your womb. In most cases it clears up by itself because it is a physical, not a psychological, reaction.

  10. Hi mona I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I too am 45 and had a total abdominal hysterectomy on the 1st October 2012. I also had problems post op which has hindered my recovery. However I am feeling better every day now and it’s true you just have to listen to your body. I am still tired and resting a lot of the time as I’m afraid I’ll overdo it, but I’m walking every day and doing a little bit more around the house. Looking back I felt dreadful but you do improve, slowly, and I feel so much better already and know I’m only going to be better than I was before the operation. We all just need to be patient and kind to ourselves, which for most of us isn’t easy but it does aid the recovery process.

  11. Hi I’m Nicki, I had a full hysterectomy a week ago today and like you I’m in so much pain. Feel a bit of a woos and shuffle around wincing with a burning across my stitches, still unable to use the loo, tried three different laxatives. They kept one ovary, but since the operation I’m wide awake at night, even though I’m taking loads of medicines. I’m tearful and just want to know is this all right? All normal, loads of people say you never look back, but I am. I had severe endometriosis, reason for the hysterectomy.x

  12. Hi Mona

    I have had 3 abdominal operations, the 1st they removed a large cyst and Fallopian tubes, the second was a full hysterectomy and the 3rd to remove adhesion because I was still in as much pain as before the 1st op. IMO it is perfectly normal to still be in pain 11days after your op – it took 3 months before I could drive or walk upright or feel strong enough to continue normal life. My advise would be to buy a hysterectomy belt – only found this during full hysterectomy and it was a gods send. Also a wheat bag helped ease the pain. Good luck to you I’m sure you will recover fully in due course you just have to be patient!!