Looking forward to the New Year (2014) – Lisa’s Story

Hi, I’m 50 yrs old. In 2010 I had a pelvic floor lift due to leaking urine when I laughed, coughed and did star jumps at the gym! My gynae decided he would replace my mirena coil at the same time. On having my coil checked later it could not be found, so I had a scan which showed multiple fibroids, small but plenty of them. I was assured that the coil would keep them at bay!

Two months ago after suffering with lower back pain and constipation, I returned to the doctors I had felt a large tender lump, lower right of my abdomen. I had a scan a week later and discovered my fibroids were much larger, with one 7cm plus the many other small ones. I also had blood tests done, my CT125 levels were raised, the scan could not find my left ovary. I went home and started Googling. I then worried that I had ovarian cancer.

Apparently, not seeing the ovary is actually quite good news as a cancerous ovary is usually enlarged. It is probably hidden by the fibroids. 18th Nov 2013, I went to see the gynaecologist at the hospital, she took a biopsy of large fibroid and swabs to test for infection etc. and tried to remove my mirena coil which she was unable to do.

I was booked in for hysterectomy in February 2014 (3 months later), however 2 days later I was back in hospital with heavy bleeding. Stayed in overnight and left with a lot of different pills; Tranexamic acid (to stop bleeding) Medroxyprogesterone ( hormonal to stop bleeding) Cyclizine ( stop sickness from other tablets) Ferrous Fumarate ( iron tablets) Tramadol ( pain killers), Paracetamol, Senna and Laxido (laxatives).

Five days later back into hospital, the bleeding had only just stopped but I had a severe headache. I hadn’t taken any tramadol so it had to be the Tranexamic acid, I was told to stop taking them immediately. I had a CT scan ( all normal) as blood clots are a possible side effect. What they did find out was that I’m now anaemic.

My bleeding has returned and I’m back to hospital in the morning for pre-op assessment and will be getting bloods done again, if they are lower I will be getting the op done sooner. I can’t believe that I’m hoping they will bring it forward. I have to say I feel I have had fantastic care the doctors, nurses and consultants have been great, I’ve been well informed. I was hoping for keyhole but due to the large fibroid it’s going to be abdominal. I’m a really positive upbeat person and am looking forward to throwing away the sanitary towels and getting back to the gym!!


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  1. Lisa, I wish you all the luck in the World and think a positive attitude will really see you through.

    I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on Monday. At the beginning of October I had never had a bad period, a bloated feeling, funny lump or even a bad water infection in my life. By the middle of October, I thought my World was caving in. Excruciating pain, blood tests, CT scan, consultant visit, MRI scan and the information that surgery would be inevitable, for what was likely to be an extremely large fibroid, which was degenerating for some reason.

    As my original consultant could not be 100% sure of a fibroid and told me there was a very small possibility of sarcomas (malignant mass rather than benign) I had the choice of transferring to a gynaecological oncologist for further consultation and treatment.

    I suppose that, as all of this happened in a space of a few weeks, I have had little time to worry too much or get too stressed about the situation.

    Of course, on Monday, surgery day, I was nervous and emotional, leaving the family, etc ( I have a 10 year old daughter and a 19 year old son) but, now it is all over and, without a shadow of a doubt, better than I thought it would be.

    I was back home by Wednesday, my pain relief is working well, I am, of course, taking it easy and getting lots of support from a great family and friends, but I feel very much in control of my situation and optimistic. Of course, I have results to wait for, til the end of next week but, my consultant was fairly confident that there was nothing too sinister so, hopefully, onward and upward from here… I’ll keep you posted and, good luck, in the meantime.