Life after my hysterectomy aged 52 – Gina’s Story

Well this is week 5 after my hysterectomy and I am due return to work this Friday. If you told me I’d be ready for work now 2 weeks ago I would have challenged you.

Following years of miserable heavy painful irregular periods and a recent failed hydrothermal ablation 18 months ago, at 52 I had an elected full hysterectomy. What could I lose? My last period resulted in admission to a & e as was unable to pass urine so had to be catheterised for a couple of hours. Couldn’t do that each month!

I had my hysterectomy on 19th November and was discharged on 21st. Was up and showering on the morning of discharge.

I put the success of recovery down to good planning on my part before leaving work so I had nothing to worry about, good communication with my boss, husband, friends and family, sensible rest and gentle exercises and not least, reading the experiences of other women who have contributed to this site. We are all different and have varying support at home. Sensible eating and plenty of water to drink along with avoiding powerful pain killers helped keep toilet issues at bay.

Apparently the surgeon removed an enlarged womb, fibroid and endometriosis. Womb was the size of a 20 week pregnancy!

I have had no advice about HRT but asked the GP for some and I was given a print out though it may be early days. So far only experience of surgical menopause are hot flushes and dry skin. I’m putting poor sleep down to inactivity and hope it will improve when I return to work. I have to say, if you are going for this ladies, do your research first (I insisted on anti sickness meds with anesthetic so did not feel rotten this time where as I did following hydrothermal ablation). I feel really well currently and look forward to a less restrictive life!


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Other people’s stories help women feel less isolated. They show that they aren’t going mad, missing the point or stupid.

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  1. Hi jane
    I’m going to look for help around the hot flushes through the day and night. These are the most noticeable side effects and more inconvenient than intrusive. My sleep has not improved yet since the op but I want to avoid medication if I can and the libido is non existent not helped by dryness.
    What I’d be interested to know is what to do about the ‘pelmet’ tummy – what excersizes are safe at 7 – 8 weeks?
    Don’t know if it’s related but now being tested for diabetes and have high cholesterol – already have high blood pressure and under active thyroid. Maybe things just start to fail at 52!
    Any ideas?

  2. Hi Gina,
    Great to know that you are feeling so well and just about ready to return to work. As you say, we’re all different so our experience of this process will be as different as each one of us. Well done on recovering so well,