Laser and Thermal Balloon Ablation

It has been suggested that laser therapy and thermal balloon ablation are promising new procedures in the treatment of heavy bleeding.

Thermal balloon ablation is a second generation endometrial ablation technique and involves the insertion into the uterus of a balloon filled with hot water which will remove the endometrium from the Uterus.  This technique is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of heavy bleeding.

Laser surgery is another form of endometrial ablation and is a simple procedure in which the doctor looks through a hysterscope and removes the uterine lining.  The procedure is very rapid and will enable a patient to leave hospital within a few hours in most cases. There is frequently a vaginal discharge for several days but significant problems with recovery such as pain, infection, or bleeding are rare.

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  1. I had mine done 8 yrs ago due to heavy periods i have been great no problems at all if u have bleeding again get it checked ok ?

  2. This was a very new procedure when I had this done and I haven’t seen a spot of blood until recently. I am 56 so thought that I was over the menopause but I seem to get the symptoms of a period, headaches, (teenage spots) and a slight spotting. Is it normal to spot after about 16 years?

  3. I had this procedure 20 years ago and it was relatively new
    One of the best decisions I made and totally successful to date

  4. It may be a bit too soon for sex, normally it’s recommended to wait at least six weeks so that everything can heal. I’d see your GP to make sure you’re healing well.

  5. Hi I had this therapy 5wks ago and appart from the discharge its been ok. However when my man and myself have sex I bleed only lightly but its alway btight red blood. Is this normal or should I be speaking to my g.p.? Thanks x

  6. It is quite common to have nerve damage during any abdominal surgery. It usually sorts itself out in time but for some women can be ongoing. It might also be worth asking your GP to investigate possible thromboembolism.

  7. Has anyone suffered extreme pain in their lower back or legs since their ablation was done or had root nerve damage since

  8. I’ve had the thermal ballooning in November last year this was my second one I’ve had very heavy bleeds after I’ve been back to the specialist and he just gives me tablets to stop the bleeding I don’t think it has worked for me so what’s shall I do

  9. I have a scrape and the balloon Ablation on 13/0114 .. I had cramps for a day and and had a discharge/light bleeding for a about 3 weeks .. My first proper period was very light hardly anything my consultant said approximately 3 months before we know it’s worked or not .. Fingers crossed it has .. Sex was good had that after 3 weeks just felt different at first but it’s good ..,

  10. Hi there,
    I had a thermal balloon endometrial ablation on the 23rd May & I am just coming through the other side of it all now 🙂 I was worried sick by all info I read on it before & afterwards. Worrying abt fluid loss & acceptable colours. Sex was the very last thing on my mind too. I had weird discomfort down below…..front & back & even thought I’d suddenly developed incontinence, haha. After the fear settled down though the logic kicked in. I accepted that my nether regions had taken a battering & been kept prised open against their wishes, so of course swelling was bound 2 occur. Also, thinking of the yellowness in burns, it’s no wonder yellow is a colour included on the discharge rainbow guide. Just remember to rest, feet up, a plenty. Every time I thought my discharge time was up, a simple car journey seemed to set it off all over again. Be kind to yourself….it’s still a type of hysterectomy. It still pulls on your tummy muscles & this op cuts a layer of muscle away. My after op pain was intense & I needed Morphine. I have other medical issues though & pain relief doesn’t work well on me, but the day after was nowhere near as bad & as time went on I just felt like I had lots of little paper cuts at various points over my tummy. I was in no rush for sex but had it on the 23rd June, exactly a month to the day of the op. We took it steady, we didn’t complete the whole act, to avoid possible infection, but the intimacy & closeness was worth it after a month of nothing but worries. So I guess, so far, I am giving a thumbs up & wishing everyone the same success. Mine was done at Hereford County Hospital by Mr Subak-Sharpe. I have got a pelvic scan on the 3rd July see how it’s healing & if I remember, I’ll come back & tell you all 🙂 Stay safe, rest well & have faith all will be well. Trudy 🙂 xx

  11. I have no idea Sharon about either of those things, the only people who would be able to advise you correctly would your medical practitioners. It would be worth seeing a GP for a referral if you’re concerned.

  12. I had thermal baliation op, 5 years ago and it was successful. I am concern about the weight have put on, my body swells sometimes. Could this be water retention. Also having abornormal smears what do u think it could be?. I have parathyroid disease & other illness. Could it be that?

  13. I’m due to have a hysteroscopy and ablation on the 25/10. I have a few queries.
    Some of the forums I have looked at say that the fluid loss lasts many weeks, does anyone have any experience of this please?
    Also resuming sex – when? 🙂
    I’m worried that I may just be swapping heavy periods that last 7 days (that are becoming more irregular now that menopause symptoms are also starting!) for a continual loss – again does anyone have any thoughts/experience on this?
    I’m also assuming that weight gain due to the procedure won’t be a factor as long I continue with normal eating/exercise regimes. Any thoughts/experience please?

    Many thanks

  14. It could be from the surgery – so it might be worth checking with your GP.

  15. i had the the opp 5 days ago im getting bad cramp and im sore around my virgina and back passage is that normal

  16. I think you might want to go and visit your GP as it may mean that the ablation didn’t work as well as it might have done.

  17. I had my op in october and i have been bleeding full on or evene worse before the op, but last month was the first time ever i havent blead but still have the mood swings and the pain is this right

  18. Linda is right Michele, i had mine done 1 week ago but i’m off another week because i’m not quite right. But don’t worry love it’s not as bad has it sounds.

  19. I have just had this procedure done 1 week today, i had mine done at burnley general hospital. The staff were absolutly great with with.

  20. The anaesthesia will be determined by whomever is performing the treatment it might be worth asking them before the day. As for recovery time I believe it is just a week or so.

  21. im going for this treatment on my paper work say general aneathetic is this correct and how long do you think i’ll be off work for after.

  22. It’s great to hear of an alternative that can be effective Glen – thanks for sharing that. Linda

  23. I had the balloon ablation last year it didnt stop the bleeding as said it might but my periods are a lot less now. I would recommend it for heavy periods defo. but i still suffer with a lot of pain so hey ho time for the big H now. just waiting for appointment.

  24. My GP has agreed to refer me for this procedure, but cannot at present find any hospitals which offer it. Can you let me know where it is carried out?
    All pointers gratefully received!

  25. I had a balloon ablation 4 weeks ago and i had sex for the first time on sunday and have been in agony with abdominal pain. any ideas? should i have had sex is my question?