Laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy

Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy (LAVH) is a procedure using laparoscopic surgical techniques and instruments to remove the uterus (womb) and/or tubes and ovaries through the vagina.

Its greatest benefit is the potential to convert what would have been an abdominal hysterectomy into a vaginal hysterectomy. An abdominal hysterectomy requires both a vaginal incision and a four to six inch long incision in the abdomen, which is associated with greater post-operative discomfort and a longer recovery period than for a vaginal procedure. Another advantage of the LAVH may be the removal of the tubes and ovaries which on occasion may not be easily removed with a vaginal hysterectomy.

This does not mean that all hysterectomies could or should be done by LAVH. There are certain conditions that will necessitate abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy. In fact a vaginal hysterectomy by itself, if indicated, is less time consuming, less expensive, and can be less dangerous. When LAVH is performed, several small abdominal incisions are made. Through these small incisions slender metal tubes known as “trocars” are inserted. They provide passage for a laparoscope (which is like a tiny telescope) and other microsurgical tools.

A camera attached to the laparoscope provides a continuous image that is magnified and projected onto a television screen. It provides the view by which the surgeon operates.

The uterus is detached from the ligaments that attach it to other pelvic structures using laparoscopic tools, electro-coagulation or a laser. Adhesions may have to be freed and, if the tubes and ovaries are to be removed, they are detached from their ligaments and blood supply. They then can be removed with the uterus through an incision made in the vagina. Since the incisions are small, the scarring and pain from LAVH is often less than that associated with abdominal hysterectomy.

This approach is best for benign conditions that lead to hysterectomy when the uterus is not too large. It is often the best approach for uterine prolapse. With a vaginal hysterectomy, you will not have any external scarring. You may also recover more quickly because you are not waiting for a large abdominal incision to heal.

However, vaginal hysterectomy gives the surgeon less room to operate and no real opportunity to view your pelvic organs.

Laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy offers an alternative. It is a combined procedure that can remove the uterus vaginally when it otherwise would require a large abdominal incision. The surgeon makes a small incision in your lower abdomen to insert a thin device (laparoscope) that allows the surgical team to see inside your abdomen. Your surgeon uses specially crafted surgical instruments to detach the uterus and then removes it through your vagina. This approach requires the longest operating time.

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  1. I’m 65 and will have a hysterectomy on 11 April, with ovaries and uterus removed. I went through menopause at 58 with no problem at all and have never had HRT. I have a cyst growing on one of my ovaries and my elderly mum had ovarian cancer diagnosed just before she passed away at 84, so this is a precautionary operation.
    A friend suggested I would need HRT after having ovaries removed but I didn’t think I would. Does anyone know the answer? I will check with my doctor when I go in to hospital but it would be good if anyone knows the answer.

  2. Hi, I am 33yrs old and has a lavh with removal of some endo, uterus, cervix, and tubes. I got to keep my ovaries. I am 3 weeks out from surgery now and I have a uti now, I’m pretty sure I’ve had it for a couple weeks but was just started on antibiotics. My doc told me that I can’t do anything really no sweeping, mopping, vacuum, dishes, picking up my kids, bending over, and limit my stairs for a total of 6 wks. I was told this at my 2 wk check up. Anybody else get the same restrictions for 6 wks? I’m going crazy as I’m a stay at home mom…it’s making me feel worthless :(. I feel fine really, I just walk really slow still. I’m not really in any pain. Of course I’m going to listen to her orders, because I don’t want to wind up back in the hospital. I just thought I would be back to my routine at 2 wks not 6.

  3. Hi Theresa have just read your post I’m waiting for appointment to have vaginal hysterectomy some of the posts I have read has made me a bit more nervous but I read yours and it has given me a bit more hope I lost my husband 5 years ago to cancer he was 66 this summer about April I had a breakdown it all hit me at once I didn’t want to live but my doctor got me urgent councelling and I feel a lot better I have even been abroad this so temper I lost my mum 2 years ago and my dad 6 months b4 my husband Stuart so anything that happens to me or worries I can’t cope easy how long was you in hospital after op glad yr ok now take care and have a lovely xmas from jan x ☺?

  4. I had a LAVH done 19/8/16 and felt I was recovering well until day 10, woken up with stabbing pain & heavy bleeding. Same thing happened the following week. Saw my consultant last night who says its haematoma & all ok but wish someone had told me this could happen – very scary. Dont see how anyone could go back to work after one week, I get so tired!

  5. I had a Laparoscopic hysterectomy done on the 15 august 2016 and they left my ovaries in I feel the pain getting bad and I am hot and my scars are red and I wish I could feel back to know again as I can not work as well at the moment

  6. Hi I’m Theresa my lvah was 2 weeks ago I’ve been up walking around the day after surgery my bowel movements hurt at first but put thar down to the pain meds I am sooooooo bored at home I’d be back at work tomorrow if I could but I’m a supervisor in house of fraser so on my feet all day even though I’m building the walking distance I do every day my tummy pulls abit if I do to much walking my partner frustrates me as he won’t let me pick nothing up but the surgeon told me I could but just be careful your body will tell you what not to do at least I’m catching up with TV I’ve recorded xx food luck ladies best decision I ever made I had everything removed tubes ovaries and uterus

  7. Today I am 2 weeks post LAVH. I am off pain meds except for NSAIDS. I am very glad I have a full 4 weeks off as I still walk slowly and have no stamina. Bowel functions ok but that took a full week. Did not take any laxatives, only Colace. I am off that now. Good luck!

  8. I had mine (lavh procedure) less than a week ago and I have been up and about since my 2nd day home. I have had zero pain and have not taken any pain meds. I have to stop myself from lifting things b cause I was told to take it easy, but I’ve been so well I keep forgetting! I want to go back to work and ride my horse, I have to force myself not to!

  9. Hi Connie, yes, I was back at work after week. My LAVH surgery was done on Monday 25.4. and following Monday I started to work again. So far I am feeling really good, even better than I expected.

  10. Hello Ladies,
    I am a 48 year old tennis coach and middle school teacher. I am having a LAVH in a month. I am having the surgery on a Tuesday and thought I would be back teaching and coaching by the next week. I am told that is dreaming…has anyone had success with going back to normal routine and work activities sooner than 4-6 weeks?
    I’m feeling discouraged.
    However, I’m thinking anything is better than the bleeding and resulting anemia that I am having now. Is it true that I will feel that much better after recovery?????

  11. I had a LAVH not even a week ago and I wish to return back to work on monday which will be just under 2 wks recovery and I work in an office sitting all day, thats not to early is it??


  13. Hi had a hysterectomy just shy of 6 weeks ago. It was done with a fancy robot, vaginally. I thought for sure when I was given the recovery time of 4-8 weeks the Dr was joking. Thought for sure I’d be up and moving in 2 weeks because “I’m not a pansy” – calm down, it’s a joke I have for family and friends when I hurt myself and need to get back to work….but I found recovery to be so much more than I expected. You had major surgery! Things are no longer there that have always been there. Have you watched any type of surgery – it’s not gentle. Your insides were moved around with the intent of moving them around to do said surgery and not for comfort – yes they don’t want to nick or poke or cut or hurt anything – but there is a time limit and those other things need to get out of the way. That is a lot of the pain you guys are feeling. You lost major organs and your other organs are trying to make themselves a new home. I spent last week – week 5 – dry heavy every day like I had morning sickness. This is a thing. I hope that isn’t going to happen again. Bad pain, bleeding, light headedness, being super tired, moody, not able to eat a lot. I wasn’t really told this was shit that would or could happen but it does and it has. I still have my ovaries, but menopause can still happen folks. We’ll all be good. I promise! The reason we had this surgery done was far crappier than where we are heading.

  14. Hi Linda, I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy and BSO 7 weeks ago. I believe all has been removed vaginally as my surgeon told my GP that the specimen was delivered vaginally and the vaginal cuff was stitched with v- sutures. Am I right I thinking that my procedure was a laparoscopic vaginal assisted hyst and BSO. Was the uterus, ovaries etc all removed that way? Also would like to know how long it takes for the vaginal cuff to heal? And if it’s OK to start any daily activities by now. I have been cooking, doing the dishes etc and I am worried I may have overdone things. Grateful for your reply. Thanks Alex x

  15. Hi there, i am now three weeks post abdominal hysterectomy. Feeling great, slight cramping, no bleeding. I want to know when I can sleep on my stomach? I have restless legg syndrome and struggle to fall asleep on my back or sides. So tired!

  16. Hello lovely ladies!
    I am 35 years old and I had robotic assisted laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy on September 1st, where both my ovaries were also removed. I was able to return home the following day, with a little over an hour ride home on some not so favorable roads post surgery, lead to a bit of intense pain, nausea, and bleeding. Pain med and nausea pills helped a log with lots of rest. Yesterday I noticed that both my legs and ankles were swollen. After most of the day spent with my legs elevated I am happy to say that today they are back to normal.
    My hysterectomy was the , as I like to call it, lesser of two evils, after dealing with the relentless disease of endometriosis. For now I have opted to hold off on my hormone replacement pills hoping I can deal with the soon to come early onset of menopause.
    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you up front for sharing all your experiences and bless each and every one of us for having the strength and beauty that only us women can truly relate to.

  17. I’ve just turned 30 and been put on waiting list to have LVHA done soon I have 2 children one nearly 6yrs and the other 4months . Just wanted some tips and advice in how I will feel after I’ve had an abdominal laparoscopy 8yrs ago when having part of my bowel removed and adhesions removed and remember the horrible wind feeling up in my shoulders, but just wanted some advice for post surgery and how long people have stayed in hospital for. Thank you xx

  18. Hi, I also am schedule for LAVH 9/24 for enlarged uterus and fibroids and continuous bleeding since April, Drs. tried everything and the bleeding continues to this day. I’m prepared for it and am not nervous anymore but I also am schedule to have bunion surgery for both feet 6 1/2 week before my LAVH, and I want to know is if there is anyone else out there that had multiple surgeries and can give me advice or tips to survive this journey, I was able to take the time for both surgeries and don’t have any kids at home any more, husband will be helping out and have siblings stopping by to look out for me and take our dog out. Any suggestions or experience is greatly appreciated.

  19. It’s perfectly normal to be afraid and almost everyone experiences it.

  20. Hi, I’m booked in to have a total hysterectomy inc both ovaries, and a vag repair due to a prolapse into the bowel in 3 days time, Wednesday 22 July. In having an endometrial ablation earlier this year due to heavy periods for years and resulting iron deficiency, they discovered pre cancer cells in my uterus. I always said I would never have any body parts taken away from me, so this is quite a journey of coming to terms for me. My gyno and GP have been lovely, the pre-op staff at the hospital were very caring and understanding as well when I went in for my pre-op tests. But I am so nervous, and so emotional. I went a whole day yesterday without crying and I was very proud of myself for that, I worry about what’s going to change afterwards. Eg will I be moody, how will I feel, both physically, and emotionally after the surgery, as well as psychologically etc, will I still enjoy sex, will it hurt to have sex, will my personality change, and sometimes ‘will I not wake up’… dr said to do some relaxation techniques and try to remember that this surgery actually has less risk then driving in my car (I didn’t realise he’d heard of my reputation as a driver haha). Is being this fearful prior to my surgery normal? I don’t want my partner to leave me there, I don’t want to be in hospital by myself, I don’t want my adult kids to see me hooked up to the oxygen thing and groggy and weak. I’m hating this I really am. I am 46 years old and I am afraid. And I’m not afraid of anything. (Except snakes, omg yes I’m definitely afraid of those). Has anyone else felt such morose emotions in the lead up to surgery?

  21. I had a LAVH BSO two weeks ago due many years if suffering from PCOS, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and fibroids. I held out until I was 47 as I was so desperate to be a mum. 11 failed IVF treatments took their toll on my emotional and physical health before I called time on fertility treatment at the age of 40. I still held out in the small hope that a miracle might just happen.
    After two years of flooding, passing large clots, agony and extreme pressure on my bladder, although terrified of hospitals, I decided that my health and sex life was being governed by my faulty menstrual cycle so finally I was going to take control and put a stop to it.
    Apart from extreme fear before the operation, a noisy ward and too long a visiting time of 5 hours when all I needed was quiet, it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. The funny thing was thinking I’d had my first hot flush as I was so hot and the sheets were wet in the early hours of the morning after the operation, only for the nurse to discover I had somehow pulled the catheter tube whilst moving in bed so I was lying in my own urine!
    Days 10 and 15 post – op have been the most painful in terms of vaginal pain but maybe I have been overdoing things? My first hot bath instead of showering might also have softened the stitches this morning. It feels as though I have had a red hot poker inserted!
    The letter from the surgeon has still not arrived at my GP’s surgery so HRT hasn’t yet been prescribed but menopausal symptoms have been minimal so I can wait.
    So far the emotional impact does not seem to have hit me although I am avoiding pregnant women and babies to protect myself.
    If I can go through this after 12 years of actively trying to conceive and failing, anyone can but those blessed with children please never complain about them as other women like myself would give their right arms to be in their position of being a mother.

  22. I am seeing my consultant this Friday evening to discuss a date for my total hysterectomy. The decision to go ahead comes after 5 years of treatment for pre cancerous cells which the hospital cannot clear, years of heavy periods and now unexplained mid cycle bleeds. I’m hoping to have key hole surgery rather than abdominal as I believe the recovery time will be faster. I have a million and one questions and am worried about how I will manage afterwards – I have two young boys and a husband who doesn’t do much!! I’m scared of weight gain as I battle with mine ordinarily and I am high risk HPV and have been told that I will still have to have vault smears after the operation.

    I’m glad I found this site though, as it’s more informative (and less scary!!) than others!

  23. That’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question – it can take weeks or even a few months.

  24. Sounds like you should get a blood oestrogen test as it may be hormonal. The ovaries can fail at any point after having a hysterectomy and they do in 50% of women. Of course it could just be your blood pressure and will need constant monitoring over the coming weeks.

  25. i had an lavh on April 29 and only had uterus and cervix removed due to large fibroids. I was put on a pac pump in hospital. Doctor said surgery went great but I did lose a lot of blood. I had the following issues in hospital and want to share my experience for others and to see if I’m alone in this. I only hit pain pump 5 times because I was out of it most of time. That night I got a hot flash and started sweating and was nauseous. This passed. However next day, I got up and immediately blacked out. After I came to I noticed hot flash again. After a while I was able to go to bathroom. While there I had another hot flash which passed. A little later I got up to walk around. I was still so tired and weak. I sat down and got flushed again. That is all I remember as my husband said I collapsed again. Each time they took my bp and said it was 80/43 and 85/44. My pulse stayed in the 50’s. They pushed fluids thinking it was just from blood loss. I went home that day and immediately started getting migraines. I have not found anything to help migraine. I am constantly nauseous and have no appetite. I have to force myself to eat or drink and haven’t had a bm. My bp has improved and have not passed out anymore. I have constant pain in belly and back. I am not sleeping at night. No more hot flashes just constantly stay hot. Is all of this normal and any idea when I will feel somewhat normal again? Doctor said I need to keep taking pain med as that will all work itself out over time.

  26. I am 4 weeks post op from a LAVH. Does anyone know how long before I can put on normal clothes? I can’t even get my work pants buttoned 🙁

  27. If it hurts you need to stop, if you are very tired then you need to rest more but really, everyone is different and you just need to pay attention to your own body – it will tell if something is wrong 🙂

  28. I had a lavh April 13th and prolapse repair due to ceverical cancer. I returned to work April 21st. i have a desk job. I feel okay, tired at the end of the day. I keep hearing “you’re over doing it or you’re going to regret it.”
    Are there symptoms or signs I should be looking for?

  29. I am 5 weeks post op. I still get bad headaches. My hips have hurt so bad ever since surgery. I feel like I need a complete chiropractor adjustment but I can’t lay on my stomach yet & I’m afraid the jerking around would cause problems. So I take 800mg ibuprofen most days to help ease discomfort. I know this post has been quite a while ago, so I hope you are doing much better and have returned to a completely normal life style.

  30. I had an LAVH on February 9 and I am experiencing the same stomach problems. How did you resolve this? I can’t take it anymore.

  31. It’s been 4 days since my sugery I came home the next day. First 2 days just tired but to tired to sleep. I have extermely restless nights and awake with terrible headaches. I find I get frustrated because I am so use to doing a lot more. I am not working yet but have children to take care of. I still find some gas pain but as far as surgery I was in so much pain prior to sugery this isn’t to bad. Does anyone else have a hard time sleeping and awaking with serve headaches???

  32. Its been 3 weeks since I had a full Lavh, some spot bleeding, an ache some times, goes away if I rest, went to go with my husband to see my Mom, she lives about 5 hrs away, just ride there, then do like I would at home. is that okay?

  33. Hi. I just had a LAVH on last Thursday June 26, 2014. I was nervous just as you. First and foremost pray and ask God to grant you peace and strength to go through this… The surgery, I was told lasted about an hour and a half, afterwards I couldn’t remember nothing. In fact that whole entire day post surgery was a blur. I had three incisions, 1 on my left bikini line, 1 on my right bikini line and 1 in my navel. Honestly the incisions didn’t hurt me at all ( maybe my navel was a little sore but nothing too badly). My pain was felt internally. Every movement was a challenge. But prior to surgery, the anesthesiologist told me that there would be very bad trapped gas that would make me feel terrible and that there wouldn’t really be anything I could do about it except let it pass. The night after surgery I started feeling more and more internal pain is, the gas pains. I was given pain meds and gas meds every four to six hours. The pain meds only put me to sleep but the gas pills slowly moved the gas… Slowly. The next day I was all set for being discharged but for some reason I was continuously bleeding so my discharged date changed. The doctor and nurses said my lightheadedness may have been a result of the anesthesia. My second day stay, I had no appetite. Everything they brought me, I nibbled on. The internal pain was my focus it really hurt me to move around. They wanted me to walk the halls but I was limited because I was dizzy a whole lot. But I managed to get in a few steps. I continued to take my meds, sleeping and slowly passing gas. The second night was okay because I was able to rest a little better. I was released on Saturday morning. Getting home was a good feeling but also a scary one because I’m so afraid of pain and there was no doc or nurse to call whenever I needed. I never was able to have a bowel movement while in the hospital so they told me prior to leaving to make sure I take a stool softener because u didn’t want constipation to set in. I started taking stool softeners and maybe one dose here and there of MOM because I started feeling really uncomfortable and my stomach was still full of air (from the surgery) and nothing was moving… Well after a couple days at home my stomach muscles started contracting and I started feeling since really really sharp pains from my lower abdomen all the way to the small of my back. My stomach was growling but that noise was pure pain. I had to use the restroom.. Poop, and my stomach was feeling like someone was ripping me a part on the inside. It hurt me so bad to use the restroom. And to this day, 4th of July, I’m still having the same pain very very bad pain. But it only occurs when I have to use it. I’m not straining and I’m not constipated, it’s just pain. I go to the doctor Monday and I will surly find out how long this is suppose to last or if it even suppose to be happening. I hope my story helps you and I’d be glad to answer any other questions you may have. Good luck to you and God bless you.


  34. Most people forget that a hysterectomy is major surgery regardless of how it is done. There is an assumption that because it is vaginal or laparascopic that it makes a huge difference and it doesn’t really – the only difference is in the slightly elongated recovery with a full abdominal incision.

  35. I just had a robotic assisted LAVH June 10 and was under the impression I would be back to myself in 4 days. Although the surgery was easier than a big abdominal incision, I did not bounce back as fast as I would have liked. In all fairness, I had everything but my left ovary removed as well as additional scar tissue that was causing issue. I did try to go back to work at 7 days post op (I have a desk job) but it proved too much. It was much easier to come back at day 13 and now at day 15 I have some soreness but mostly it is the pure exhaustion that makes things difficult. Remember that you are having organs removed and to take it slow. I am a young mom (36) with school age kiddos. Having friends and family help out those first two weeks were pivotal.

  36. Jessica like Linda says you won’t know how things go unless you go through it……I have had a pretty easy time but you wouldn’t want to go back to work too early…… do get tired more easy and there are days you just don’t feel good but I am in my third week and finally am returning to my normal self I had a UTI which probably had a hand into the not feeling good stage. I had everything removed which put me into menapause but I am taking estrodol daily my dr . Said I will be on that for at least 5 years. You also got to take into consideration on how well your body reacts to being under anesthesia….. I don’t get sick or anything with that …….but I did read up on everything and it does make you nervous but after it was all said and done I don’t regret having it done!!!! Hope everything goes well for ya I will be praying for ya!!!!! 🙂

  37. Hi Jessica. There is no ‘one size fits all’, everyone is different and everyone has a slightly different experience of the surgery. As a result you can’t assume that just because one things happens to one person it’s going to be the case for you. I’d suggest you have a read through our stories, the ones about LAVH might be the place to start and you can find them here:

  38. Hello,
    I’m going in July 7th to have my LAVH done. After reading so much on the internet im really nervous about having it done. What can I expect and anyone who has had the procedure can you explain it to me? My dr has but I want to hear it from someone who has actually been thru it. I have had a tubal ligation done and laparoscopic surgery to remove scar tissue, will it be anything like either of those. I was back to work after 4 days. Thanks to anyone that can help me out on this on easing my mind a nerves a little bit. It would be appreciated!!!

  39. I had my LAVH on May.28, 2014 a little over 2 weeks I was sent home after 1 day stay in the hospital. I am 42 years of age. I had fibroids with enlargement of the uterus.( Many years of heavy periods ) I pretty much have had an easy time until recently I have a little bit of pain feeling as though that feeling when you are getting ready to start your monthly still having a brownish color discharge …… tired now most of the time. I started having a sensation of not being able to relieve my self when going to the bathroom ….the start of a UTI. Dr. Put me on an antibiotic. The antibiotics seem to be making things worse. Is this normal?I feel more tired and the pain seems to be lingering. The overdoing it feeling more intense…. I have been listening to my body when I get tired and I rest but feel like crap when I wake up from taking a nap…

  40. I had a davinci hysterectomy leaving only one ovary. on 3/26/2014, post op I felt great only push my pain med button when told to because I was not in that much pain. I also had very little bleeding and was releases in 24 hours. The Bleeding had completely stopped two days after my surgery. My abdomen is a little blotted and 1 week post op I started having pain that I associated with my lack of bowel movement. My Dr put me on colace and milk of magnesia which produce diarrhea however I take vitamins and I’m monitoring this as well. My issue is middle back pain that can be sharp and debilitating as well as when I eat food or drink I hurt from both sides and back I rest a lot I have had to drive but it was very quick to get food and supplies because I live alone. I walk around the house but I do a lot of resting not as much as the first week because I sleep 85% of the time but at least 50% of the time. My question is what is wrong why am I having this pain.

  41. I had full hysterectomy 3 weeks ago.because of cancer cells.I was discharged from hospital after a day which was a huge shock especially as I am a single mother of 2 children. Because of my circumstances I have had to get mobile quickly as I have no one to depend on..I have had no menopause sypmtoms even though both my ovaries were removed and had felt reasonably well until today when I have a really bed pain on the right hand side below my feels like when you are pregnant and you have an elbow digging in you…I did want to start swimming again as I have had no bleeding at all but people are saying Im pushing myself too much and will make my recovery harder. I am tired but as a rule Im always tired as my life is a million miles an hour….now Im thinking about going back to work but people are telling me you can drive for 6 weeks which I havent but 6 weeks is the minium time of work….mentally I feel well but am getting so frustrated…can someone tell me ehats right or wrong as some days I feel such a fraud….also I have found I have lost weight and for years I have struggled with weight gain…thats a positive

  42. I had total hysterectomy on Thursday 13th February 2014 still resting in bed my family are looking after me and will do until Wednesday where I will still be lazy and not do any housework et.c my job is very physically demanding and I have resigned myself to 12 weeks off work. This has to be for me and about me that’s how all ladies should deal with this one

  43. I had the LVH just over 2 weeks ago, and apart from feeling very dizzy the first time I tried to stand and a bit of discomfort sleeping, I feel great if not a bit of a fraud still being off work! However, I’m aware that I need to take it easy, but am finding this really hard as my head doesn’t feel ill. I’ve had the ridiculously heavy bleed around day 11, but am still bleeding lightly, how long does this (annoying) bleed last?

  44. Driving at this stage is out of the question, housework (no matter how bad the house gets) is out of the question. If you do things too soon you will cause further problems which, in the end, will take longer to heal. If you are doing what you say you’re doing, it’s no wonder you are in more pain than normal. You need to slow down and ignore the pressures. Eventually hunger and lack of clothes will force someone to do something for themselves 😉

  45. I had a LAVH with my ovaries left in on Nov 29. It’s only a little over a week later, but I am getting so frustrated. I am a mom of 3, along with 2 stepsons (total of 5 kids in the house ranging from 11 yrs- 22 month old), and my husband…well he isn’t the most easiest to deal with when someone other than him is sick. The dishes pile up, laundry not done, grocery shopping not done. I am being told that I am overdoing it, but it’s so hard to see everyone not helping out because everyone is so used to me doing everything. I am still bleeding brownish, sometimes reddish blood at this point, some days heavier than others (so far not more than a pad an hour though). I get so exhausted so easily. I’m ALWAYS hot, pouring sweat. I still hurt so badly, every movement is painful, especially first half of the day. The evening time, I have a little more energy, but not much. I haven’t lifted my 22 month old as of yet, though it is very difficult not to. I did try driving on Saturday, a little over a week later, and, though not painful, made me dizzy. However, I have to be able to take the kids to school because my husband has MS, so his dr. doesn’t like him risking driving, since an attack can come on any moment. I thought having this done this way would mean I’d be ok after a few days, but it seems so much worse some days. Other days, I feel ok, other than some pain. I’m getting frustrated, and more so every day, and I am very tired of hurting. I may seem to be rambling, but I am ready to be back to normal. I start the nursing program on Jan. 9, 2014, after 3 years of trying to get to this point, and now I’m freaking out, crying because every time I turn around, I hurt, sweat, am having black tarry stools, the bleeding…I didn’t take pain pills other than my first childbirth…my 2nd and 3rd, I was up walking a few hours later and no meds for pain. I am now relying heavily on the Motrin they prescribed, though it doesn’t take all of the pain away. I can handle pain, but this is worse than pain I’ve felt before. How much longer should I expect to feel like this???

  46. I just had the lavh 8 days ago… I at first just had the normal pinkish spotting & today I started with some brighter red & have pain in my pelvic area.. Is possible I just over did it????

  47. I am now 7 weeks post op and am still suffering. I have severe pelvic pain. A deep ache on my left side and bad cramping in my stomach. I too had anti biotics for an infection. The hospital just keep telling me its normal. I wake up every day feeling sick and still get very tired.

    I know how you are feeling.

  48. Hi I’ve just been told that I need this hysterectomy done in the next 3 months been . Advised to think about pros and cons for having ovary removal I had left ovary removed last year but now need hysterectomy. Any advise would be great..
    Thank you

  49. Sounds like a good idea to me Kerry and a low mood can be caused by many things including a change in routine, anaesthesia, hormonal fluctuations and general post surgery blues 🙂

  50. Thank you all for your comments, am at 5 weeks post LAVH and same feeling, felt good and started the school run after 3 weeks and pottering around, hit a brick wall last week, tiredness, lethargy and guilty about feeling I should be back at work, I commute and school run also. I’ve had good physical recovery, just be light pink bleed occasionally and dull aches when overdoing rather than pain, odd twinges. Have decided to listen t what feel comfortable with, give myself another couple of weeks before return to work (8 week post op by then) as will fit in with school hol and not having to do school run. Felt a bit abandoned in the advice stakes after return to home and didn’t right physio advice until the 4 week post op physio follow up, which would have helped with bowel returning to normal.
    Also not sure if my low moments are menopause symptoms or just feelings from being at home and not in normal routine. Had ovaries removed due to endometriosis and have been given conflicting info, don’t take HRT until 12. Months although my frost consultant sued I wouldn’t be able to cope with symptoms without it!

  51. I had a LAVH 4 and a half weeks agp, didn’t feel too bad for first couple of weeks and because of this my partner stepped back as he seemed to feel that I was alright so started doing jobs and didn’t get much rest as had to start getting up with the kids for school. By the third week I went very fast backwards and couldn’t unstand why I was in so much pain. Went to the doctors and found out I had an infection, I am now on my second week of antibiotics and feeling much better. The doctors think I may have got the infection very early on after my op but because I was doing too much I continued to bleed longer than I should so the infection wasn’t detected as soon as it may have been. In some ways an abdominal cut may have actually helped as because my partner couldn’t see the cuts he didn’t seem to understand the amount of recovery I really did need. Anyone having this procedure please remember that even though you don’t have a cut across your stomach your body still needs to have the time to recover.

  52. I Had a LAVH on 8th Nov,the pain after surgery was unreal but i had a patient controled pain relief,i needed this op after many years of irregular periods,lasting anything up to eight weeks at a time,bad abdominal pains,miscarrages and discomfort.I was very pleased that i had it done as my life will now change for the better.I read lots sites about my op and asked many questions to my doctor and gynie team everytime i went,They always reassured me it was the best result as i was getting very frustrated about my problems and i couldnt wait to get it done.My family and friends have helped me so much,before and after the op,its been two weeks now and i feel ok, not doing everything i want to yet,but im doing things slowly and taking plenty of rest,Good luck to anyone who is gunna have it done,it will hurt slighty after but afer about four to seven days,it will go graduly,dont worry and always ask lots of questions if unsure,the best thing ive ever done,a few days of pain but a lifetime of happiness xx

  53. You need to make an appointment with your GP to discuss the options, he will then refer you to a gynaecologist who will make some recommendations about treatments, which may or may not include hysterectomy.

  54. Hi there.
    I am suffering a lot of pains on my back and legs and feel really heavy in my abdominal area.Is it due to fibroids as some symptoms tell me.i want to know how do i get a hysterectomy done and will the gp guide me to the hospital as my gp doesent really pay attention on my problem so what do i do

  55. I had a LAVH 6 weeks ago and I am still having pain and discomfort, I was admited back into hospital 2 weeks ago but was told it was just scar tissue Im suposed to go back to work on Thursday but dont feel 100% yet feel quite low as I was told recovery was 6 weeks

  56. They are normal if you are going through the menopause Katrina, in 50% of women who keep their ovaries, they will fail within five years of surgery – that could be at day one post op or at five years post op. You would also go through the menopause a couple of years earlier than you might have done anyway.

  57. I also had a LAVH, kept ovaries, was also told that this procedure was a quicker recovery, I am 4 weeks post op and over did it at 3 1/2 weeks, thought I was being weak because I was told I could be back to work in 4 – 6 weeks, I thought it must be time for me to stop laying about and watching my family run around and start doing some of these things myself. Because I over did it I went backwards and have probably slowed down my recovery. On another note could anyone give me any advise if having hot flushes, not sleeping at night and headaches are normal after having a hysterectomy, I kept my ovaries so I was not expecting to have these problems

  58. I took great care after my LAVH. Starting with small walks for a few minutes, building up over the 6 weeks day by day. At the end of 6 weeks I would say I was completely back to normal. You have to remember that its regarded as major surgery and should be treated us such. Dont rush anything!

  59. The normal length of time for recovery after an abdominal hysterectomy is around 13 weeks – 6 weeks is totally unrealistic for most women – most because of the ongoing tiredness. The only thing to believe is your own body – it will tell you all you need to know, by paying attention you’ll be able to sort out your own recovery rate far more effectively and the trick is to do enough exercise and have enough rest to encourage the healing process – but how much of each will be unique 🙂

  60. I had one of these 5 weeks ago. Totally overdid it at 3.5 weeks and went out to the shops with hubby and ended up in a real bad way. I am now just back to the point I was at over a week ago. The original Consultant was insistant I would be back to normal after 3 weeks and ready to return to work so although I felt a long way from being able to do this, that a quick shopping trip would be okay. Apart from that blip I have been very careful and had loads of help from family and friends and so can’t understand why my recovery, which should have been ‘Rapid’ has been so slow.
    My GP and other doctors have said that internal healing will be needed over a much longer period before I am feeling well. Not sure who one should believe but can only get to the end of the Close and back comfortably and putter around at home with lots of rest still. I have complained of feeling very dizzy when I walk and having pains in my back where the local anesthetic went in but doctors say I don’t have neurological damage and that healing will take time.
    I do feel that for those like me that are not dancing around at 4 weeks the schedule is rather unhelpful and very very depressing.

  61. I had one of these 3 weeks ago. Apart from having an infection soon after which was easily treated with antibiotics I have been fine. I have been walking and looking after myself (i live alone) and have had just a few days pain. I was discharged from hospital after 2 days. All i need to do now is get my belly flat and lose a few pounds.