It’s 3am Day 5 Post Hysterectomy – Annie’s Story

I had my operation 5 days ago. I am reading this at 3 am whilst contemplating whether I should try go to the toilet – a frightening prospect but reading this I no longer feel alone.

I don’t have the pain many seem to have (except for poo and wind pain) and I’ve not needed the pain killers given by the hospital, although this in itself worries me – do anti-inflamatories have other benefits (ie reduce the swelling) as well as pain relief?

I’m very fit, 3 days before my operation I was climbing the highest mountain in North Africa’s Atlas Mountains but now I’m going crazy being able to do so little. I’m allowing myself a few days of comfort eating but am terrified of weight gain – I used to be morbidly obese so I’m going to have to keep that in check.

This is less of a story and more of a thank you. At 3am sometimes you just need to tell someone how you feel. Right toilet beckons – wish me luck!


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  1. Hi Day 6 got out of hospital on day 4. I am v sore when l sit down is that normal. Started on HRT this morning.

  2. Day 5 post TAH with cervix and ovaries removed: thought I was doing quite well, feel great emotionally apart from the odd outburst and have not started with any menopausal symptoms. Am slightly anaemic post surgery and on ferric sulphate. Just had a shower and am exhausted, is this normal, thought I was doing quite well!!!

  3. Hi, I had my op on 3rd December and totally agree about the pain going to the toilet being far worse than the op itself. The wind pain is something that I have never experienced and finally going to the
    loo on day two was very painful, i sat for nearly an hour. I have been very good and eating plenty of fruit, drinking lots of water and using lactulose just to make the job (excuse the pun!!) a bit easier. Really hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible.

  4. Hi, Annie! I had my surgery on the 10th, so I’m right with you.

    I know what you mean about being active and hating the fact that I am sitting here, feeling like, “YES! I think I can get up and go do things.” and “NO! I was told to wait 6 weeks.” That is a terribly long time. I was doing yoga, walking my dog, gardening, hiking, all that. Now… I sit, stretch carefully, lay down, walk to a different room and sit, stretch carefully, lay down.

    The exciting part of it is that pee and poo are only once or twice a day, versus once and twice every hour. I wonder how amazing it is going to be to hike without worrying about whether I’ll need to go in the woods or if I’ll make it back to a toilet.

    What I’m wondering… I still have my ovaries, but I things are making me weepy. Is this supposed to be happening?

  5. HOPE ALL WENT WELL WITH YOUR VISIT TO THE LOO ! To be honest i found the bathroom visits far worse than the op.1st i couldn’t go then boy oh boy couldn’t stop.Getting on and off the loo was a mean fete in itself.After 2 days all went back to normal.