I did not want to have this op … but had to :( – Elena’s Story

For many years, I was told to have a hysterectomy but did not want to .. firstly I had miscarried and never had any children and was hoping to have one… and secondly simply because I was so scared.

The 25th November 2011, arrived and I had my operation, I was so afraid that I would not be able to cope with the pain, but thank God I managed. I had three massive fibroids, each 10cm x 10cm, my uterus was that of a 26 week gestation, they were pressing on my kidneys and bladder, and ended up having an up and down incision.

On the whole I cannot complain about my recovery, I had terrible flushes and therefore started having HRT in January 2012. They have lessened but still get the occasional flush here and there ! oh well I guess I just have to carry a hand fan wherever I go !…

The only two things that really bother me are my interrupted sleep.. I used to manage sleeping a whole 8 hours with no problem at all .. since my op I get up at least three times and I am really tired… and the obvious which is weight gain … In January 2012, I joined a gym and was using the treadmill.. watching what I eat and still put on weight. Two weeks ago, I decided to low carb and I have managed to lose 2 kilos in 2 weeks..I just hope it will all go off before summer kicks in !!

Prior to my operation, I also took vitamins which I believe helped me with the operation and recovery, and basically that was Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Fish Oils and Turmeric… another tip which I would like to share is take charcoal tablets after your first meal and add olive oil …. I managed to go to the bathroom with no pain whatsoever and get rid of all the unwanted wind .. which is so painful…

I do feel more tired than before my op .. but I think I am getting better … I hope that all you women who have to do this op will find my posting of help.. I was really petrified before my op, because I thought that I would not cope with the pain .. but I did .. I was afraid that I would have complications with the stitches because normally a simple scratch would turn septic but I managed .. so .. I just take one day at a time and try to be as positive as possible ! sometimes I managed .. sometimes I fail .. sometimes I laugh !… but I am just thankful to God that I am healthy and I think that is the most important thing to remember !


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  1. Hi Elena & Kate

    Your comments are very helpful for me, especially Kate’s hoping for a “Miracle Baby”.

    I have been the same for years, silently praying but just had internal scans yesterday and found out that I have a huge fibroid blocking my uterus and a massive ovarian cyst bigger than my bladder so my chances are pretty much zero. Adding the fact that I am 46 anyway it was even less unlikely but I think, as the doctor said, it’s time to get on and live my life now.

    Also, have had low iron for about a year and bad back aches – all falling into place now!!!

    I have one healthy ovary which I have to decide if I want to keep or not but Op is probably 2 months away so plenty of time to decide and read posts on here.

    Thanks again

  2. Thanks for sharing Elena – I didn’t want the operation either for various reasons, including hoping for a ‘miracle baby’ after many years of trying.
    Your tips for pre-op vitamins and post-op with the charcoal tabs sound great – it’s amazing how wind can rule our lives for a while!
    It is just one day at a time as you say and some days are meant for letting the tears out and some for the laughs.
    Hope the rest of 2012 is a fabulous year for you. xxKate (TAH in Feb 2012)