Hysterectomy Hospital Bag – your suggested packing list for hospital

One look at the list below for your hysterectomy hospital bag and you’d be forgiven for thinking we are suggesting packing for year long round the world trip! Before you go faint at the length of this list, please remember it is intended to act as a prompt. You do not need everything listed; it is compiled from recommendations from the members of our HysterectomyUK Facebook page and you will know what is important to you. The explanations should help you decide. Please bear in mind you (or someone you can persuade to do it for you) do have to carry your bag in and get through the door!

In terms of quantities, many women go home from their hospital stay within 4 nights and most by 2, but some stay in for up to a fortnight. Some women are encouraged to get dressed from the day after the operation once the catheter is out. It sounds like an effort but it is a good routine both to get you mobile and also to make you feel a bit more human.

If you group things into several clear zip-lock bags to make up ‘grab bags’ you can lean over and get stuff e.g. a little bag with all the creams and stuff, another bag with your phone, headphones, charger etc. You could also have a bag with long handles that would be easy to pick up from the floor.


  • 2 or 3 nighties, button up the front is helpful or ones that are easy to pull over your head. Many say don’t take pyjamas because of the catheter.
  • Dressing gown
  • Slippers and trainers/non slip shoes for wearing during the day, preferably slip on and not ones that need lacing up. Crocs/flip flops for the shower if you don’t like the idea of sharing showers.
  • Bed socks: a nice touch if you feel the cold
  • Clothes: comfy ones like track suit bottoms and vest tops/ loose dresses especially to go home in. Remember to leave room for your tender post operative abdomen.
  • Bra
  • Bridget Jones knickers / abdomen support knickers (available from this site)
  • ‘Disposable’ hospital knickers are brilliant as they stretch as far as the moon, and you can just throw them out afterwards.


  • Waterless body wash so you can freshen up in your bed, or wet wipes.
  • Dry shampoo/waterless shampoo and normal shampoo
  • Shower gel
  • Moisturiser (body and hands) and deodorant
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, denture pot and sterilisers
  • Sanitary towels: Most women don’t actually bleed a lot and you may only need one or two pads (which most hospitals provide). Avoid ones with the ‘plasticky’ cover and use the older fashioned soft cover ones.
  • Eye mask and ear plugs: recommended for a good night’s sleep – everyone says they are essential for wards can be noisy at night
  • Towel – one large, one small. A large travel towel is lighter to manage but only if you already have one
  • Tissues – particularly as it can be an emotional, hormonal, tearful time
  • Hair brush and hairbands
  • Skin tonic spray (fabulous for refreshing your face) and/or perfume to prevent from you from constantly having to smell the hospital smell
  • Arnica, Bach’s Rescue Remedy, Lavender Essential Oil if you use them. If you have no idea what they are for, then don’t pack them!
  • Lip balm – the air is very dry in hospital – this is an essential
  • Medication if you are on it (especially migraine medication, don’t assume the hospital has what you need)
  • Razor – if you admitted immediately after your pre-op assessment you might need to shave; it depends on the consultant so you won’t necessarily have to do it.
  • Mirror
  • Make up and jewellery – the vast majority of our members say leave it at home as you don’t feel up to wearing it but some say it helped make them feel better


Often your concentration span can be poor and you may sleep a lot but it is good to have some options. Most people do a little of lots of different things.

  • Reading glasses!
  • iPhone/charger/ear phones
  • Kindle or laptop and their chargers. Most hospitals have wifi but you might want to take a dongle if they don’t.
  • iPad loaded up with films and audio books or DVD player and take some films.
  • Book/magazine/puzzle books: take a few things. Make sure the books aren’t heavy or they will be hard to hold.
  • Notepad and pen – to make notes of questions to ask doctors, make paper airplanes, start your novel etc….
  • Don’t forget 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy too.

Food and drink

  • Small water bottles or Waterbobble (it’s a water bottle with a filter that you can fill from the tap): Keep the bottle small so that you can easily lift it post op.
  • Flexible straws or any device that helps you drink whilst lying down
  • Squash if you want to flavour the water
  • Peppermint tea bags/ peppermint and lemon cordial/peppermint oil capsules/ Windeze/ginger biscuits (to ease digestion, bloating and wind).
  • Polos/mints/chewing gum/sweets for post op dry mouth
  • A few snacks and instant soups (the hospital kitchen is not room service and sometimes you might miss a meal depending on the timing of your op)
  • Prunes and fruit to help get you going
  • Your favourite tea bags or coffee


  • Pillow: the beds are usually comfy enough but a pillow is good for car trip home
  • Loose change for the hospital trolley of goodies and TV service
  • Spare plastic bag to take home dirty laundry
  • Photo of your family
  • Hand held fan or small battery operated table top fan
  • Back scratcher to reach that itch down the hospital stockings
  • Home comforts if you need them like a fleecy blanket or your own mug

Finally, our forums have a fab section for General Hysterectomy Questions and in there is a thread called TOP TIPS From Ladies On The ‘Done Couch’. It contains a number of other tips and suggestions that would go into the ideal hysterectomy hospital bag. It is worth reading and our forum users will be adding to it regularly.

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  1. I’m actually in hospital now after having hysterectomy yesterday and my experience is practically identical to yours. Feel overlooked and no idea what am meant to do

  2. Elizabeth, can I ask where are you from? I live in the USA, and that would never be acceptable care here! The care (if you can call what you got care) would be grounds for a malpractice sued.
    You should of NEVER been put in a chair, a total hysterectomy is a MAJOR OPERATION! And for anyone but a medical professional to administer a syringe of blood thinners or ANY drugs let alone to make you administer it to yourself is appalling!
    I hope you have recover fully in spite of your terrible medical care.

  3. Wow I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. Did you write the hospital to inform them of this horrible treatment? What did the surgeon have to say?

    My surgery is on November 28, but HUP is an exceptional hospital for inpatient care.

    Take care.

  4. I went in at 7!i sat in a chair for 11 hrs I didn’t know what was happening I have later learned I had no bed to recover from my op I was eventually given a bed at 20.15 I was in a gyno ward with 4 women very much older than me , I am 59, they have suffered falls and had dementia! I was asked to vacate my bed after 8 hours because they needed the bed I was given syringes for blood thinning which I was never show a how to use!! I was already on tablet blood thinners!! I had no advice on what I should or not do do when home or if I had stitches or anything!!! I am feeling I am not important and that my operation was nothing !!!!

  5. I read your list on what to take into hospital it was a real help especialy the lip barm. Had surgery every thing removed had next to no support when I came home if you find this the Red Cross is very supportive.

  6. My surgery is Monday 7/11/2016! I’m excited to get this done and no longer in pain! Complete Hysterectomy. I’m 26.

  7. Mine is June 23. Is there anything you knew after surgery that you didn’t know going in? Suggestions/thoughts?

    I hope you are doing well and having a successful recovery.

  8. mine is this Thursday of 5/19/2016 how did yours go? what kind of how did the hospital handle pain management and what were u sent home with!!? i am most nervous of this i had 3 c section in the past plus gallbladder and e topic pregnancy um worried about all that scar tissue, any advice?

  9. I have my scheduled SURGURY on May 12, 2016. I’m nervous and ready to get it out the way as well.

  10. Hope everything went ok for you today and I wish you health and a speedy recovery.
    I got told today my op will be 19th May for full radical abdominal hysterectomy

  11. Mine is April 20th and I am a emotional train track waiting to happen. My emotions has been going up and done. The closer it gets, the worse my emotions gets. I am really happy the day is coming so my pains will be gone be also so scared because its different. What to do!!!

  12. Thank you for this my scheduled date April 18th. Full abdomen procedure and also cyst removed ?

  13. can you take a fan? I find hospitals terribly, terribly hot and suffer alot from over heating and excess sweating. I shall take a pillow as I cannot stand plastic pillows, they make me sweat too much. For me being comfortable means being cool so it won’t be easy.

  14. Thank you my surgery in 2 weeks! I am so ready to get this over with so I can move on with my life!

  15. Very helpful list one less thing to worry about. I have my operation on the 17th October xxx

  16. Thank you this helped a lot I’m going in for my surgery Oct 1,2015 super scared but I know I will be better after .

  17. That would probably be a vaginal bi-lateral salpingo-oophorectomy which removes the fallopian tubes and ovaries as well.

  18. Find out tomorrow the time of my vaginal bi something hysterectomy (they’re removing my faloppian tubes also) on Tuesday. Very helpful info. Nerves are really bad as I am not going to see my boys for a while and it’ll be the first time my almost 10 month old will be away for more then a few hours.

  19. I’m due to have my pending operation in May 2015. Anxiety feelings for me at the moment, sleeplessness through worrying about it.

    This website has been very useful and I look forward to receiving any information that is sent and read every last word from both web-site and clients.

  20. Im going to consultant wednesday next for consultation and having my total hysterectomy on the 26th , not feeling nervous or anything , just rushing about giving the house a complete overhaul before i go in so i can rest when i get out.

  21. Im so nervous at the moment seems to be getting worse everyday, My TAH is 17th jan 2014, loads of thoughts swishing about. Having a few nightmares through the night, my youngest son is also worried about me going into hospital. Roll on when ive had the operation aarrgghh xx

  22. Listed for TAH and bi-lateral salpingo oophorectomy for 2nd April 2014 and just found this site. The information is INVALUABLE. Thankyou. All these little tips are gratefully appreciated and reduce any concerns I am having.

  23. Thank you for this helpful list my surgery is scheduled for Monday the 26th ..I am very nervous .. I have gotten several things together already but I have added a few things after I seen this list

  24. This is a great list.I am scheduled for a TAH on July 15th and am already thinking about what to pack for hospital.This site is fantastic and it’s so good to be able to hear the wit and wisdom of those who have gone through hysterectomy already.

  25. I took and wore pjs as I wore the hospital gown for the first 24 hours and the c

  26. Thanks for very useful info, I’m getting ready for my operation on June 13, and started packing pyjamas! Will certainly use these advice