Hysterectomy Granulation and Post Op Bleeding

Hysterectomy granulation (also known as vaginal vault granulation) is the growth of scar tissue at the top of the vagina when the cervix has been removed. It isn’t common, dangerous or serious but it can cause discomfort, pain and some post operative bleeding. If you were to see it, it might look like raw tissue and it might have raised nodules as well. A study in 1998 found that 34% of the women followed suffered granulation after a total abdominal hysterectomy.


finger with granulation tissueThe scar tissue from hysterectomy granulation occurs before the vaginal cuff that is left after the cervix is removed, has healed properly and means that the cut takes longer to heal than normal. It is thought that it occurs because internally the wound can’t be kept dry and the moistness is what prevents healing from happening at the normal rate.

Checking for hysterectomy granulation is one of the most common reasons to have a check up at around six weeks. By this time the stitches should have been absorbed and the cut at the top of the vagina should have healed. Not all women are offered a six week check up at the hospital; if this is the case for you you may wish to make an appointment with your GP instead.

What is the treatment for hysterectomy granluation?

Treatment for hysterectomy granulation can be simple and might involve the application of silver nitrate to the wound which can be painful for a few women, or the cauterisation of the wound. This doesn’t involve an inpatient appointment and most women will return home the same day treatment takes place. If you are treated with silver nitrate then it is common to have a little discharge for a few days after the treatment.

Alternatively, you may wish to leave it for a few weeks to see if it all heals quite naturally and of it’s own accord.

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  1. Thank you so much.
    I had a Hysterectomy 6 weeks ago. The pink discharge I had after the surgery had cleared for two weeks and then started back. I was a little concerned, but my GYN said it was granulation of the tissue, and I should not worry. I do worry and this explains it well, and for those of us that require more detailed information about what is happening to our bodies this was wonderful to find.

  2. Thanks for the forum. I feel less crazy. I had total hysterectomy(due to prolapse) on 9/27/2016 with an accidental bladder injury which was repaired as well as a sling placed. I had a catheter for 16 days. 3 months later I am dealing with granulation and my uno-gynocologist said surgery would need to happen if this didn’t get better over time. She never suggested silver nitrate so thank you for that info. 2 1/2 months from surgery I developed what I, without doubt, believe to be a high rectovaginal fistula. Uro-gyno said that she doesn’t believe that it is a fistula and that it could not have happened as a result of the surgery. She couldn’t provide an explanation for my very clear cut fistula symptoms so she was going to send me for tests. I asked that my gastroenterologist surgeon be copied on results and that is when she decided to consult him before doing anything for me. It’s been a couple days so far and no word. I also have an appointment with the gastroenterologist but he is in high demand so I thought I could get a jump on diagnosis and maybe treatment by going to my uro-gyno. Apparently not.
    The gyno, who performed the hysterectomy, and the uro-gyno are in the same medical practice and I really think that they are in panic mode; afraid that I will sue. I have no plans to sue. Their error and my complications have caused a rift that has impaired my ability to get good care from them. The gyno didn’t even visit me in the hospital after the botched hysterectomy. I was in for all or part of 3 days. On the second day a nurse, who was not happy with this fact, told me that she(the gyno) had been in the hospital all day. The next day another nurse made a point to pop in for the sole purpose to tell me that my gyno stopped in but didn’t have the heart to wake me. I call B.S. on that. All of my many other docs (gyno’s resident, who asked daily if gyno had been to see me yet and was always surprised at the answer, the chief of surgery, my bladder surgeon, the uro-gyno all visited me daily). I think my gyno was running scared.
    This has been a very frustrating process. But on the bright slide the bladder sling works great. I can now cough and sneeze without peeing myself -Yay!

  3. Hi I had full hysterectomy 9 weeks ago and tried to have sex twice both times failed with pain and bleeding, I think I need silver nitrate treatment iv read so many horror stories in scared I go back tomorrow to see surgeon x

  4. I am having granulation 35 years after my hysterectomy, and I experienced pain like yours during the pelvic ultrasound. All the tests were very painful. I’m still in process.

  5. I had a hysterectomy 30 yeArs ago now getting bleeding the hospital have done two biobsys and they say it’s granulation what can be done for this they its the vault of the womb

  6. Oh my gosh I swear I just read my story exactly! I had my hysterectomy in Feb and yesterday went back to the dr because I have not been feeling good. I’ve had crampy stomach and side pain and bad back pain. My dr said I had granulation and with no warning did the silver nitrate. I don’t know what that consisted of but at one point I came OFF the table in agony. I was trying not to cry but omg! I have to go back in 2 weeks also and the thought of going thru that again makes me want die. Can I ask what other symptoms you’ve had? My dr says we are gonna fix this before worrying about my stomach and back because he says this can cause a lot of different problems and this might fix everything. Thanks and hope you feel better soon!

  7. I had a vaginally hysterectomy and prolapse repair in February and just didn’t feel right, went back to my doctor two weeks ago, he sent me back to my gynaecologist who on examination said I hadn’t healed which I’ve now found out is called granulation and gave me the silver nitrate treatment, which I have to say absolutely killed me and I was in a lot of discomfort but had to go straight to work from my appointment and refused to let it show on my face. I have to go back in two weeks for a check up, but today one week in I’m in so much agony, the feeling of wanting to hold myself up don’t below is excruciating and I feel like I did in the beginning. I so thought that having the surgery would make me feel tip top and I don’t feel like that, tonight I have to stand up for 5 hours for work, I’m dreading it and just want to feel 100% again. Hope everyone who is still suffering feels better too and to think it’s cost me £7,000 as thought going private was the answer to quick operation and better healing, how wrong was i?

  8. I had a total LAVH in October 2015. At six week check I asked my consultant to check for granulations as I’d had this problem on my episiotomy 23 years ago. At that point, all was healing normally. By January 2016, I was in a lot of pain and struggling with infections. Consultant thought I’d torn a ligament and that the infection would clear up with antibiotics. Six months on, 6 infections and 13 courses of antibiotics, a full urology assessment, MRI, and bleeding following examination by my consultant, I’m just recovering from having a large granuloma excised, cauterised and restitched under general anaesthetic. My advice would be if you have any pain, discomfort and/or bleeding to insist your GP examines you and treats any problems early. I asked my GP if it could be granulations and was told it was very unlikely more than six weeks after the operation. I had silver nitrate on my episiotomy and it can be sore, but is quick and easy. I’ve now got a week off work to recover. And don’t get fobbed off with antibiotics for UTIs without proper laboratory investigations of swabs as well as urine. Incidentally, my consultant and GPs are all fabulous people. I’ve just been a bit unlucky, mainly with out of hours GPs mis-diagnosing.

  9. You can have scar tissue at any time and you can have a plnkish because I did after a vagina repair .14 years ago

  10. The proceed make me weak and very sick also made my blood pressure go up and down now my blood pressure is very low I am concern is that normal. So dose Silver nitrate usually make that happen to you blood pressure, can someone answer that,

  11. I was dealing with similar issues. Discharge, blood with intercourse. I had my hysterectomy in August. Ever since then I had been dealing with more discharge than I had ever had. Kept thinking it was a yeast infection. They prescribed Diflucan more than once. Finally got checked out last week. This was March 30th. 6 months post op. She found two large sections of granulated tissue. It hurt like hell when she cut them off and burned them. I had a bit of odd color discharge for 2 days but finally no more yellowish discharge. I am so relieved. I thought that was going to be the new norm.

  12. I had an abdominal hysterectomy December 2015, didn’t have a 6 week check up, but did get called in for a check up 3 & half months later. I’ve been experiencing more than normal discharge and (in the beginning) slight bleed after intercourse, now it can be just a little discomfort. After my examination it turns out I have granulated tissue. I did wonder if it was caused because they had to ‘pack’ me to stop a bleed after surgery, or just one of those things. I’ve chosen to wait a bit longer to see if the wound will heal on its own, if not they’ve suggested cauterization. My next appointment should be in the next 2-3 months, so hopefully my body will heal itself, but if not after reading up on the granulation of tissue I feel more comfortable about the cauterization. Hope this helps if anyone has been experiencing similar.

  13. Ugh…just ugh…I had my post op yesterday ….prior to post op my bleeding was hardly at all ….during the exam I like to of come up out of myself …hurt extremely bad when the speculum was used …and then the hand check in not healing well and stitches are still there…omg …since the exam …oh …I’ve felt like the speculum is still in me !!! and just up walking taking care of buisness that’s been put off…I’ve had to change 8 padss today …n …I get horrid cramps that are coming n going …oh n ugh I don’t feel good from like my ribs to pelvic area and I feel like I get the chills on n off today …is this all normal …I’ve called Dr . If it continues I’m to go to ER …n …I hate that place …I’d avoid it like the plague…but, I’ve felt soooooo crapy today the day after my post op exam …and I feel like I’m having vaginal spams …I hope all this is normal ****!!!****

  14. Had vag hysterectomy Aug 4 2015. 6 week check up showed some granulation which should clear in 2-3 weeks. At 3 months with no change went to gyn today and had silver nitrate applied. It was painless and I do have the black/gray discharge which is supposed to go away in about a week. I have another appointment in about 3 weeks to have it checked again. I am hoping there are some positive stories out there about treatments that have been successful. What I have been reading here is not comforting.

  15. Had total hysterectomy late June 2015. Was having heavy periods every 2 weeks lasting 7-10 days at a time for few years before i finally decided to do hysterectomy – thinking it’s a simple and common procedure nowadays. Been having cramps and pinching pain on right side from time to time and also get piercing pain near different laparoscopic sites. GP tells me: could be my brain’s memory of my period…i guess her way of saying, all in my head. Ugh! Started to have spotting 2 weeks ago but stopped after 2 days. I do have light seepage, thought I have incontinence. After reading posts here, now I understand better. Bleeding came back just Monday lasting couple days and saw Gyn today. Was told I have granulation. Each and every time i get pelvic exam i bleed and today is no exception. Painful as heck getting the darn thing out. Cramping worsened. Going back in a month to see if any new one formed. Hopefully SN treatment did the trick, but after reading all posts, seems unlikely…which is sad. Wishing all good health and best of luck.

  16. I had partial hysterectomy where I kept both ovaries on June 24, 2015. I just saw my Dr today September 22, 2015 and found out that I have granulation tissue. I told him that I was in pain when I went in for my 6 week check up, but he said that I just needed to heal. He used silver nitrate to remove the tissue. Wait 2 weeks to have sex and come back to see him for a follow up . I pray that this is the end of it.

  17. Hi there, I found you all by google, is it ok if I join in? Im in the USA though. My hysterectomy was 12/23/2004, my dr that did the surgery fought me tooth and nail on it. I had heavy 2 week long clots coming out the size of my palm several times daily, severe severe pain and anemic all the time. I would also get a yeast infection the week before I started my period from like 13 years old and up, I started when I was 9. I was put on BC pills at 15 bcuz ovulation was really painful I would double over in pain and turn gray my mom said. Stopped the BC pills they added to my migraines. Well I had my 2 kids and 2 miscarriages, hubby had gotten fixed, we were done having kids, I was at work one day and all of a sudden felt a plop and walked awkwardly to the bathroom to find my utereus sticking outside of my body a good 2 inches. So I fought with my OBgyn to just take it out. My mother had severe periods and pains also. Surgery day went in everything was fine the little bag of antibiotics made me sick so I turned it off. The dr seen me for less than 10 seconds after my sirgery he said You had fibroids and endometrosis too in there and that was it. I went hom on the 24 walking up and down 1 flight of stairs on Christmas eve felt great. Then the next week got so sick I lost 20lbs I had a fever went into the er on new years eve they kept me I was so dehydrated, I was going potty every 7 minutes. I had tried numerous times going into his office for help, one time I had an infected stich, he refused to talk to me sent a girl in to take it out and clean it up. I tried getting info from him and he refused to talk to me. They never could figure out what was wrong with me, it wasnt cdiff, it wasnt a parasite, they just didnt know. SO after all that I go in for my 6 week check up the lady dr that did it said I had a nice smooth clean cuff, “he did a great job” she said. Sad thing is I knew nothing of my body after that. I didnt know if my ovaries still worked till I got rushed to the er with severe pain in an ovary to find out it was a cyst, well then I guess they still work. Never had cysts till after my surgery. I was never told if he got all the endometriosis, where it was out how much was there, I got told nothing! I was even told I didnt need annual visits to the gyn. So 10+ years have gone by without anything getting check on down there. So most of you are saying granulomas are from not healing well right? Well I was healed well, and now I dont know what happened. We did have some bleading down there after sex a few years ago and that scared me, we went to our PCPs office and of course she didnt look at anything just said sometimes traumas can happen. UGH a bit of TMI coming up here, my husband is decent sized for me but he isnt long enough to hit rock bottom to make me bleed from down there, where the granulomas are. There is just no way. So I checked last night myself sitting on the toilet and my vagina has shrunk quite a bit in size dont know how or why thats even possible, plus I felt all those little bumps down there, you know what they remind me of kind of like the side of a dogs bumpy lip just a thicker dogs bumpy lip. I finally went and had my abdomen, pelvic and trans vag ultra sound done, outside my body didnt hurt so much till she was pushing where my ovaries are, but the trans vag hurt the minute she slid it into me like I was bruised the whole inside of me was just bruised, when she got to the bottom, my cuff area I was crying very hard at this time, oh it hurt so bad and she was very very gentle. But then she slid it from side to side and I was sobbing uncontrollably. Something is not normal down there and I dont know what it is. When she was doing the pelvic ultrasound she was showing my ovary and explaing it but she was not allowed to tell me if there was anything going on, well a huge area attached and around my ovary she measured and clicked marks on the picture so they could see what she was talking about its like 3-4 times the size of my actual ovary. So now Im freaking out about that too. I know if it was something too major they would have called the dr in right away. But if I get that same deep vaginal pain and ovary pain tonight do you think I could go to the ER and make them help me figure out whats wrong? I really cant take it anymore. Oh and why would it take so many years for my granulomas to show up for me its been 10 years. Are there any other groups out there for women who have had their hysterectomies over 10yrs ago out there? Thanks for reading this, Im sorry its so long. Its just nice to get it out there and maybe hopefully get some answers to at least one or 2 of my questions.

  18. I had my hysterectomy on June 24, 2015. Removed all but my ovaries. On Wednesday, September 16, 2015 after my husband and I had sex I noticed blood. I called my doctor because I was not sure what was going on! He told me to come into his office and after the examination he confirmed the same diagnosis as many of you. He gave me a silver nitrate treatment and I have to have a follow up apt next week to see if there are any changes. I pray that it goes away and want to be positive…. but just reading the prior post… I am very doubtful!

  19. I have been having granulation tissue problems for about 3 years now but I have not had a hysterectomy or any other surgeries that the Dr. says would typically cause this to happen. Is anyone else in this category and if so am I going to have to put up with this forever like most people I am reading about here??

  20. My hysterectomy was 4.5 years ago and about 6 months ago I started spotting. Eventually it got worse and I started seeing tissue in the toilet after I used the restroom. I went to the gyn over a month or two ago and he said I had granulated tissue around a suture that is still in place holding up my vaginal cuff. He did a silver nitrate treatment that hurt so bad and told me to call him directly if it got worse or started again. Over the last two weeks the spotting is very light and started again. I am concerned. When I went in he mentioned this shouldn’t be happening this far after the surgery. My husband wants me to call the doctor but I am scared.

  21. I’d like to know if Mary’s bleeding stopped after having her two stitches removed in the doctor’s office. (Mary posted April 25, 2015 at 3:12 am.) I have had one of my stitches removed under anesthesia 7 months post hysterectomy. My second stitch is still intact and the doctor did not remove it. She was afraid of vaginal vault prolapse. My bleeding continues 10 months post op. My vaginal vault granulation tissue was treated with silver nitrate (3-4 times) in office, and then cauterized under anesthesia. I believe the blood from the vault is healed. I am bleeding where the vault was attached to my pelvic ligaments (I think).

  22. I had a vaginal hysterectomy with removal of the cervix on June 1st. I did everything the doctor told me. After 6 weeks I tried intercourse and it was quite painful and I bled a lot. I waited 2 more weeks, and it was sill the same. I went to the doctor and he said I had granulation and he applied silver nitrite. I’ve had three silver nitrite treatments, and now at 17 weeks I’m still not healed but it’s getting better. If you are bleeding don’t wait too long to see your doctor.

  23. I am 4 months post laparoscopic hysterectomy, with ovaries still intact. About 3-4 weeks ago started having cramping and pinching pains in the lower abdomen. Also felt like bladder was being pinched or squeezed first thing in morning when urinating. Exercise makes the abdominal pain worse, like walking and aerobics. I went in for ultrasound, they found nothing of note. Went in today for pelvic exam and she found this granular tissue. She did not use the sliver nitrate, but instead cut it out and cauterized. I will go back in a week to see if it healed. But I am very crampy after the in-office procedure today. I do have a bit of water discharge, have had very slight pink discoloration after intercourse, and have pain for several days after intercourse. I have also had sharp pains in sides, closer to the incision sites, randomly. I don’t know if the granular tissue is causing the internal pain in the lower abdomen, it sounds like it is possible from all these comments.

  24. 3 years after a full hysterectomy and I am still having this problem! Today marks the 3rd time I’ve had silver nitrate put on the area. It is very painful for me, leaves me with cramps, uncomfortable to sit or stand, and usually in tears. I can only hope that the 3rd time is the charm because my sex life has sucked the past 3 years from the pain and I really don’t want to endure the pain of the silver nitrate again! I hope you ladies are all getting well!!

  25. I am 10 months post abdominal hysterectomy and first the problem was “a little spot that wasn’t healing as quickly” then I was still spotting blood intermittently, and can’t even have sex, too painful. Even “the big O” from manual stimulation caused, seriously vaginal “Charlie horses” and abdominal/pelvic pain worse than period cramps. Several trips back to the doc, then she says “that spot healed, but with scar tissue” and tells me she can feel the mesh and sends me for an ultrasound to make sure no infection behind the space where the scar tissue is. NICE….. NOT. AgNo3 not discussed yet, she has only said that I “could have surgery to fix it, but my tissues are so thin there that she’s afraid I’d wind up with a worse issue” LOVELY. Also, ever since the surgery I have had nasty pain in my right hip (and to a lesser extent my left) Now I have had disc back probs for a long time BUY never across my hip in the back…. Then I read that it can be related to where the mesh/sling is attached in the back. Ultrasound is this Thursday and see doc on Tuesday. Film @ 11

  26. It’s possible intercourse can aggravate it if there is any still left.

  27. I was just treated for granuloma tissue after hysterectomy, my doctor told me no restrictions? Scary after reading these posts, would having intercourse aggravate it? I had silver nitrate after the granuloma was removed

  28. At age 24 I was dealing with sever abnominal pain at a constant rate. After my 3rd child in 2013, I had my tubes tied and an ablation done. My pain worsened a few months later. It took a laparoscopy to diagnose me with endometriosis and see that my uterus had collapsed down to a “pancake”. (As painful as it sounds.) Since my tubes were tied and uterus was shot, we did a full hysterectomy. I was so excited to stop hurting as I couldn’t remember the last time I lived pain free. My vaginal hysterectomy was done, and was told this is less painful and quicker to heal vs the traditional way. (Great! I have three kids, a single mom, and run a day care!) Within days, I was back in the hospital for heavy bleeding. Then back again for 104 fever. Back again for a fowl infection at the incision site. Back again for the stitches ripping open. Back again because they still weren’t healing. Back again for a colonoscopy to make sure there wasn’t a fistsula fusing my colon. And now, four months later after being told I’m perfectly healed a month ago, I have granulation tissue, and a lot of it! Next week I get it surgically removed. All they are giving me is NOTHING but injections to numb the site. I am really upset all of these problems have occurred and have been advised to see another opinion, but it’s on me that I haven’t. Lifestyle changes have diminished in areas you never want ever, let alone at 25. Uncontrollable hot flashes. No sex drive. Painful sex and is not the same fory partner. Not to mention some depression knowing there is absolutely no way I could ever carry a child. This is just my experience. It could be cake for others. But I just want to be normal again.

  29. I think you need to speak to your GP about that one Sue 🙂

  30. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in 2007. A few days ago I started spotting so I saw my GYN who said I had a bleeding granuloma and treated with silver nitrate. (Ouch) she also said I had severe vaginal dryness and started me on Estrace which is inserted vaginally. She told me to start it today, which I did, but I the bleeding has started again. I have a 2 week follow up appointment but should I be using the Estrace so soon?

  31. You probably need to see your GP for an exam as it’s not usual to start bleeding at this stage.

  32. I had a hysterectomy in October 2014. I Had a lot of spotting up until March 2015, it stopped. To my surprise I have started bleeding again. Very bright red. Is this cause for concern. I also find when I sit for too long my upper thighs become very stiff and slightly painful. Right now I have pains like period cramps. Has anybody gone through this.

  33. I had laparoscopic hysterectomy in Jan 2015. I’m 48 but decided to have everything removed after genetic testing showed I have a gene that increases my risk of ovarian cancer. I naively thought it would not be a big deal and wanted to take care of it so I wouldn’t worry about having ovarian cancer. Well it was a bigger deal than I thought. I had a severe hemorrhage three weeks after surgery which was explained to me like a scab healing over a cut and holding blood. I don’t know what size scab it was but blood was coming up into my lap in the car. The doc cleaned things up and used some medicine that seemed to alleviate the problem. then had what is referred to as obstipation which just means severe constipation that can lead to a bowel obstruction. Now taking herbal laxatives daily to stay regular and have to watch what I eat or I start to get backed up again. This week I saw the gyn for painful bleeding during intercourse and found out about granulation tissue. My gyn said it occurs in 5-10% of women. He used silver nitrate and it hurt but seems ok now. After reading this information I am worried that it will come back. Even after a of this I would still have had the surgery but I just wish I had more concrete information so I didn’t feel so blindsided. I hope everyone is able to find relief and good docs to help you through it.

  34. Hi ladies again, so now im 18 weeks post op from the cautery and re suturing and diathermy to cuff, my gp has referred me back to gynae as i still have the discharge and still cannot tolerate an exam, the minute even a digital exam is done i bleed, iv had the length reduced also, i presume this is from all the surgery, but 5.5 cm 🙁 just seems like this is never going to end and that i may not even be able to have a relationship again at age 31. the gynae team have said they will not do any surgery again as i bleed excessivly in theatre which is hard to contrrol, so i think im at a total loss at to whats going to happen, thank you for advice on here.

  35. I had a complete hysterectomy in 2007. Several sutures did not dissolve and the dr removed them on a couple of occasions in the office. Ouch! Second bad thing is my bladder was punctured, unknown. Four months later, that issue was finally discovered and repaired. At the end of 2013, beginning of 2014, I started having the spotting. A suture that hadn’t dissolved was working itself out. My practitioner referred me to a gyno-urologist. He trimmed the suture and used silver nitrate on the spot, prescribed Premarin cream to help things heal. Not pleasant, and not convenient. Things were OK for a while. About a year later the symptoms reoccurred. Trimmed suture again, silver nitrate, Premarin cream. Here we are in 2015 and I developed an infection with discharge, apparently, my body fighting off a foreign object (suture) in my body. I also had watery seepage too and the suture had further worked itself out. Again, the suture was trimmed. He was reluctant to use the silver nitrate not knowing how thick the bladder wall is. With the watery seepage, I thought the bladder fistula had maybe re-opened, I insisted on further testing. Cystoscope, Xrays, CT with contrast, etc all came back normal. So, I now have two spots, just had them treated with silver nitrate and will wait and see. He says we may have to throw in the towel and take me to the OR. Almost 8 years later………very frustrated.

  36. You might be better off not straining when you go to the loo. A change in diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, fibre and water should help in time.

  37. There’s all sorts of reasons it can happen and bad sutures are just one.

  38. I’m 43 years old with hysterectomy and ovaries and tubes and everything out and 3 months later I have granuloma in my vagina cuff my gynecology use silver nitrate. But this gynecology told me that granulomas are from a bad healing for a BAD TECHNIQUE SUTURE. So the butcher that made my surgery made a bad technique suture and that is why I healing bad. I want to know is this true. Thanks.

  39. Oh my! I certainly hope that the granulated tissue does NOT grow back! I just had some removed (the second time). It was very painful for me. I also had 2 stitches taken out today that had not dissolved/come out 10 months post-op!!
    I didn’t have the leakage/discharge that seemed to be incontinence. I had bleeding…..that first began only when straining at bowel movements, then when also urinating, then just at random moments.
    i just don’t think that I can go through another in-office treatment like the last two!!

  40. Granulation is very common and it’s a bit like a scab over a cut on your finger – except it’s internal.

  41. i had a hysterectomy done in late 2011. Today i had a routine check n my gynae found granulation tissue, he used the forceps and some tools that nipped off the tissue to be sent for a biopsy. Is this anything to be worried about? It was painful but thank goodness no nitrate or whatever. when my doc left the room, the nurses mentioned this is a hard to do process but the doctor is really good. off in a niffy. But i really had a bad scare from the pain which is crazy! I just had a CT scan last week n the results show normal. So really concern about what this is n wondering what i should do… regards!

  42. It sounds like you have some serious issues with scar tissue and I guess it’s just going to take time for it all to be sorted out.

  43. I had tv 30/09/2014, returned to theatre 01/10/14 for oversewing of vault and uterine artery pedicles. Ten weeks post op silver nitrate failed and exam was excruciating and caused bleeding. So 14 weeks ago had general anaesthetic for cauterisation and examination. Woke up to find I had bled in theatre and needed re-stitching end extensive diathermy. Had vaginal pack out but had to be re-packed for further bleeding. Now 14 weeks on from that op I still have discharge and just putting a speculum in and not opening it causes bleeding. Also have abdo pain. Not sure what’s going on with this healing :-(.

  44. Is the pain in your sides, pain in the sides of the vaginal wall or abdomen? When the Silver Nitrate was applied to me today for the second time, I had pain on the left side of my vaginal wall that shot down through my rear end. (I know that’s a little much to know about me…)

  45. I had a partial vaginal hysterectomy in January of 2014 due to a prolapsed uterus that carried and delivered 4 babies. During my 6 week check up my GYN asked if I had any bleeding and I told him I was still spotting, but thought it was just healing. He told me I had granulation tissue and applied Silver Nitrate and to take it easy for a couple of days and no intercourse for 1 week. I just went back today for my yearly exam and knew I still had granulation tissue since I have occasional spotting and bleed for 2-3 days after having sex. My GYN used 3 applications of Silver Nitrate since he said it has gotten significantly bigger and will only treat me with SN one more time. He said if it isn’t gone by a 3rd treatment, then he would schedule me to cauterize it off. The application of SN today did hurt, but it wasn’t terrible.

    I knew the granulation tissue was still there, but just didn’t want to deal with having it taken care of. However, my husband (who really is the best husband in the world) is getting a little tired of the continued bleeding. He is a very loving, patient husband, but is frustrated that he can’t “fix” the problem.

    I also have to say that I am very blessed to have the GYN that I have. If you don’t think yours is up to snuff, find another one. There are some gems out there 🙂

  46. I had a partial hysterectomy and bladder sling in June 2014. I experienced pain in my groin area and legs after the surgery, About 6 mos later, I had some spotting…finally saw my dr, she said I have granulation…she was ready to just pull it out and use the nitrate…the day before vacation. Luckily I stopped her in time. I just started spotting again and having terrible pains in my sides. Is anyone else having the side pains? I don’t know which is worse..the problems before the surgery or after…and now I’m worried.

  47. I had my partial hysterectomy on Dec 30 ,2014. All went well,I thought it did. My lower stomach was so hard and swollen and I was having pains, sex was a lil painful and I bled after sex. Went to my gyno and he said I wasn’t healing good cause of scar tissue covering where my cervix was and he did the silver nitrate and I cramped and had a good amount of pain for about 2 days and he also gave me some suppository things to use ( antibiotics) I had a greyish discharge, my problem now is I’m swollen again and having pains. Should I go back to my gyno??

  48. Hi all,

    I just cry when I listen to all your stories. I only hope your able to find good educated doctors who know how to deal with this mesh debacle. It was 2010 when I had my hysterectomy and bladder sling put in. Not even 6 months later it began eroding and I had to have it removed. I never quit bleeding post-op so I new something was wrong, I to ended up with the granulation tissue. So far I have had to endure 5 surgeries to have it removed. It will not go away. The doctors even reopened the vaginal cuff and rebuilt it, but it still grows back. My life is in shambles with pain, depression, lack of intimacy, and the list goes on. Where do we go from here? Who is going to fix us all? I want answers and nobody can give us any……..

  49. Can granulation be picked up on a transvaginal ultrasound? I had a haematoma but following an ultra sound last Friday I was told all was well and yet I’m still getting a very weak discharge

  50. The exact same thing happened to me. It seems like I have to go back every 6 months for more silver nitrate treatments. 🙁

  51. I had a hysterectomy in Jan 14 where they removed 1 ovary and my cervix. I had discharge for about 8 weeks which was light pink. My gynae said it was probably granulation. I started on HRT after it stopped in March but in July I started have abdominal pain and a lot of watery discharge. My gynae reduced the HRT and things seemed to be OK until this past Dec when i got all the symptoms of having a period – breasts were swollen and sore, big hormone spots on my face and then I got severe cramps and the discharge started again on xmas day. I wasn’t sure if it was estrogen dominance or something else. My GP doesn’t seem to care and is pretty insistent I should be on HRT. I am really worried as don’t know what this could be

  52. I had a hysterectomy leaving one ovarie may of 2013. I am now having bright red blood, i feel bloated, and my stomach doesn’t feel right. What could this be?

  53. Hi Louise. If you still have your ovaries then there is always the possibility that you have both a regrowth of endo and/or pelvic inflammatory disease. The gynaecologist should be able to give you a better idea of what can be causing the problem.

  54. I had a hysterectomy in December 2012 and had granulation and vaginal polyps a few months afterwards. They used silver nitrate to treat it but it didn’t work. In January 2014 I needed another lsparoscopy due to pain and they noticed further granulation and polyps. So the burnt them away. Since then I have had discharge on and off and recently pain and some bleeding (I found this out when inserting a continence device as I am not currently serially active since my husband left last year). The nurse tried to insert a speculum but I screamed in pain, she managed to get a swab of the discharge though. Today the gp examined me and said there was granulation again and thickening of the vaginal wall. She couldn’t see too far up and was using a virgin speculum to try and make it.less painful for me. She has referred me to the gynaecologist. What could this mean if it keeps coming back? Could it be endometriosis related? I’m really lost with this.

  55. I my hysterectomy in March and have had bleeding some every month and after intercourse more bleeding! I went to the OB yesterday and he seen the granulation that is described above! He done exactly what they say above to do! Very painful but in the end I hope it takes card of it all! Only time will tell! The tissue was sent off for a biospy hope to know the results soon!

  56. I had total abdominal hysterectomy six and a half weeks ago and still have slight spotting of fresh pink blood. It is only a tiny amount but isn’t stopping – it might stop for a day and then come back. Could this be granulation or is it normal to have a little bleeding still at this stage? I don’t really want to contact hospital as i would prefer to leave it to clear up on its own without having any of the procedures you mention. Don’t have any pain. Would like to know though if this is normal at this stage and if it is likely to go away on its own. Many thanks.

  57. Hi I had my vaginal hysterectomy in March 2014. After consistent bleeding for a week post op I went on to haemorrhage and be readmitted.
    All this has calmed down but now 7 months on I am bleeding after intercourse. It’s light pink in colour should I be concerned??

  58. I had a divinci hysterectomy in Oct 2013, at 30 years old. About 3 months post op, I began having bleeding and pain after intercourse, not so much during, but I would be sore for days afterward. Went to the dr today and found that I have the granular tissue. My OBGYN cut them off and applied the silver nitrate. It was quite painful, and I am still having pain this evening. She said that I should heal up completely in about 2 weeks and she didn’t feel that I would have anymore trouble. I’m just waiting to see if it took care of the problem.

  59. Are you still having this issue? I just went to the gyn wed and he said I had granulation tissue..he used silver nitrate and said to come back on 3 wks and if its not healed he will do cryotherapy.. Maybe they can try it for you too??

  60. My doctors that have been treating me after my hysterectomy stated that it WILL keep growing back!! I have quite a but of granular tissue and never have wanted to have them take it away because they were very up front and informative with me! Growing back anyways and probability of infections and all other different complications…. I’ve decided NOT to do anything to actually NOT make more granular tissue! Sexual relations are EXTREMELY Painful and very limited as well. I’ve been dealing with this for 5 yrs now and it is AWFUL and quality of life has changed dramatically! Sorry for the bad news but….having these PAINFUL procedures done and it’s only going to come back and maybe even more tissue than before??? NO THANKS!!

  61. Oh my gosh, this exact thing just happened to me yesterday. I was actually feeling fine but went in for a follow-up and my Dr said there was some granulation and proceeded to rip it off and applied silver nitrate to stop the bleeding. Im in terrible pain still, and it is mostly on the right side of my lower abdomen. I can’t believe how bad it hurt.

  62. I’ve had similar experience. Hysterectomy Feb 2012 then spring 2013 started to have pain with intercourse and what I thought was a UTI. Three doctors later and multiple treatments for different things a new doctor determined it was granulation tissue. I was so glad he found out the culprit but then he used some tool to literally rip the tissue off with no warning! It was probably the most painful thing I’ve ever felt and I nearly passed out. Now a year later I’m having the same pain on my right side but planning on finding a different doctor to treat it this time. Hopefully this is the end of it!

  63. I have a very stubborn case of granulation after total abdominal hysterectomy in Dec 2012. My OB/Gyn has performed silver nitrate treatment 5 times, electro-cauterization once, and I am one week post op of surgery to remove the granulated tissue. Nothing has changed: Constant spotting of blood and passage of tissue. My question is this – What ELSE can a doctor do? Granulated tissue on the exterior of the body seems infinitely easier to treat than a vaginal vault area. I’m at my wit’s end, I’m sure my doctor is, too. I am amazed there is no other treatment or protocol besides “wait and see.”

  64. I just had this happen to me as well, Had me scared thinking I had cancer because she said it was a growth. I went to the Dr. and she said it was granulation tissue she put the nitrate on it and I have to return in two weeks. It changed my vaginal area a dark color spooking me out.

  65. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago and started bleeding about 2 months back now I have to go in any have another op to remove the granuloma and the mesh which has become exposed. Thought after 3 years it is unusual for this to happen.

  66. I had a total hysterectomy a year ago and have just been in to have granulation tissue removed under anethestic as I had so much. That was a week ago and now I have an infection so I am on heavy antibiotics and pain tablets….feel rough! Not happy. I am only 33…really hope I don’t have to do this again if it grows back?!

  67. How serious or dangerous is post hysterectomy granulation? In 2 days time I have to start on a world tour of 15 days. Can I carry on with just medication to stop my bleeding? Or any other precaution is needed? What sort of emergency can happen?

  68. Omg I just found this out today is what I have been so frustrated my dr sent me to a urologist thinking I was leaking urine I keep telling them no its not. Instead they sent me for CT came back fine they sent me for cystoscopy came back fine after accumulating major medical bills they informed me its granulation tissue wtf???? They preformed the nitrate procedure on me told me to call them back in a week yo see how the leaking is going on.

  69. Saw dr today, 6 weeks post op. Have had a discharge since surgery. He used silver nitrate on me today. Was rather uncomfortable. Said that the discharge should be gone within the next 7-10 days.

  70. Please post results of second opinion. I am six weeks post-op and had to return to doctor yesterday with the same problem. The nitrate or exam did not hurt but want to hear results so in case I experience anymore problems….Thanks!!

  71. I had an abdominal hysterectomy In march 2013. I was ok until about six weeks after when I thought I was incontinent!!!! After being fitted with a catheter a d some X-rays etc it was discovered that I had this scar granulation problem. I’ve been corterised twice and now a year in I am going back in hospital in two days time to have it all taken away under anaesthetic. If there is anyone out there that has had the scar tissue removed like this, please could you tell me if this will be the end if it!! I just want my life back! I’m only 41!!!

  72. Can you please tell me what the second opinion was? I am having the same issue and am scheduled for surgery and am very worried this could create another problem.

  73. I also have this issue. At 5 months post-op, discharge (which seemed like incontinence) was investigated at my annual exam. Silver nitrate was used. It was quite uncomfortable, and the speculum had never felt that badly prior to hysterectomy. It was not unbearable, and there was minimal discharge afterwards. However, a few weeks later, the discharge returned. I waited a while to see if it would go away on its on. Now 7 months post-op, I went in to have it examined. The doctor found worsened granulation tissue. This time the speculum and silver nitrate were so painful, I was brought to tears! If this does not solve the issue, he says he may bring me into the OR to cut out the granulation. It seems this will create another wound that will have trouble healing, so I am off for a second opinion.

  74. This is exactly what happened to me after my hysterectomy in Feb. 2012. When I went for my check up at the hospital my gynaecologist diagnosed just that and simply applied the silver nitrate which was not painful at all and didn’t cause any problems afterwards other than stop the minor bleeding I was still experiencing. I had been to see the GP before that appt. to have it checked there and I don’t think this particular GP knew exactly what she was looking at, so she just said it still looked a little bit raw and to leave it to heal a little bit longer….