Hysterectomy bladder hell – Vicki’s story

I had my total hysterectomy recently. As far as the hysterectomy is concerned all went really well. Op stayed keyhole as planned and I seemed to be doing well. That is until the morning after when they removed my catheter and I went for my first pee.

Not only could I not pass urine, I was in excruciating pain so intense that I fainted. This resulted in having the catheter inserted and another stay in hospital overnight. The following morning again the catheter was removed and the same thing happened again. This time the nurses used a in/out catheter to drain my bladder, but later when again I failed to pass urine, the consultant took the decision to send me home for a few days with catheter in to allow my bladder time to sort itself out.

So few days later I return to the ward, after discussing the feelings I had been experiencing with spasms etc. She said that after speaking with a bladder specialist he had advised leaving the catheter in until the following week. It was at this point she told me that basically my bladder had been moved way over to the side and folded in half during surgery to allow better access to my womb, due to my womb being enlarged and a rather large fibroid.

So away home I went, after another few days and having been warned to look out for infection, I begin to feel that I did indeed have an infection. I called the ward the asked me to go in so they could dip my urine. I did indeed have a urine infection, so away I went with some antibiotics.

A few days later I went in, they removed the catheter and, success I passed urine! ….the 3 times they asked for …. no pain, no issues, no leaking, nothing.

I was elated, I had been so worried. Then the next morning I started experiencing urine leaks, some quite substantial, some very very small. I called the ward who tried to reassure me that this was down to both bladder recovery and still fighting infection.

This continued and I finished the course of antibiotics. Then things got much worse. The leaks became complete bladder voids….not all the time, but a few times throughout the day….again concerned I called the ward to be told not really their problem now to call my GP. Distraught, I called my GP practice. Gave them a sample and yes still fighting infection so more antibiotics.

The following day I guess I had what I can only describe as a meltdown. At home alone, urine constantly dripping from me, sat on the toilet unable to move and just completely mentally done in. My partner came home early from work and arranged for me to see a doctor.

I have to say the GP was very good and patient with me and done a very good job in explaining what she felt was going on. Basically a weak bladder being attacked by a vicious infection and right now that infection is having a party.

She was not concerned, as no one before her had been either that this was anything more sinister than a urine infection. I am now half way through my second lot of antibiotics and so far very little improvement. I am exhausted both mentally and physically and so worried that there is more to this.

My GP said I have just been very unlucky, and that I am one in only a handful of woman that experience this. She also did say that she fully expects me to make a full recovery as have others. Right now I feel so alone and helpless and cannot see an end to this.

I wanted to tell my story in case anyone else does go through this, so at least they might know they are not alone.

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  1. I had a uterus removal, rectal and vaginal lift three weeks ago.
    I could not wee after my cathiter was removed the next day and was in extreme agony. I had another bag attached and was sent home with it for one week. After that it was removed again and I could only manage small amount of urine on my own with extreme pain. they decided to let me go home with cafiter sticks.
    I have been doing this for one week. Still only managing a small amount of urine on my own before using a cathiter.
    I went to the hospital two days ago with kidney pain and feeling ill and extreme pain when trying to pass urine naturally. I was told I had a slight infection.
    3 days of antibiotics and some cystitis sachets and I still can’t go. I’m getting quite sore from keep inserting the sticks.
    nobody seems bothered by this though. retrain your bladder they say. my bladder feels broken. anyone else had this?

  2. Hi,
    I’m going through the same thing!!
    It’s been awful and makes me feel like an old lady!
    Can you contact your gynaecologist and tell them what you’re going through as you may have a fistula. So the urine is leaking through the vagina and you’re not incontinent. I had a ct scan which has shown a small hole between the bladder and vagina so I’ve been referred to a urologist as it may need repairing.

    I really hope this helps… good luck. You’re not alone xx