Hysterectomy advice for a worried brummy – Donna’s story

I’ve always been fit and healthy and always thought I would be. However in November 2014 I became ill with severe abdominal pain 2 the point I couldn’t work or do anything.

I had an ultrasound revealing a dermoid cyst. Surgery was arranged but the night before I was due to go into hospital I was in so much pain they took me by ambulance as they assumed it was rupturing.

I went ahead with the surgery only to find it wasn’t a cyst but a abscess in my uterus caused by my coil perforating my womb. Well at least I thought that was the end of it but no….the drain I had in got stuck and on day 2 when trying to pull it out I passed out with the pain.

Day 3 of my stay I went down hill and ended up with septicaemia. I spent the next 7 days in hospital. Thankfully I was so well looked after by all the amazing nurses and doctors and went home on day 10.

My only problem is the damage to my ovaries and uterus is so scarred the pain is still unbearable and I don’t want to be on pain relief for the rest of my life. I am now having a full hysterectomy on the 7th of August and I don’t mind telling you I’m a little scared, worried, happy it’s being done, sad I’m losing a huge part of me that gave me 2 wonderful children. My emotions are all over the place.

I will be going on HRT which I’m ok with, but I don’t wanna get fat, go wrinkly or grow a beard as I’ve been told by many people this could happen.

Just need some reassurance that I will be fine after and advice from anybody going through the same. I love reading all your stories and have to say us women are fabulous….x


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  1. I went into hospital with abdominal pain, was told it was my appendix and I’d need urgent keyhole surgery. Woke up with 22 staples holding my stomach together, morphine drip…I’d had an absess because of iud and it had burst. Any longer and I’d have been dead. That was a year and a half ago. Instant menopause, doctor who won’t prescribe hrt, now capable of doing half what I could before. Bits I still can’t feel and a very big scar vertically from button to well…Low! Be prepared for being able to do very little x be prepared to sleep alot, cry alot, and for some reason suddenly want more kids. Best of luck x

  2. I am 46 and have been on HRT for nearly a year now, I have not gained weight or grown a beard. I had my hysterectomy laproscopic on 10th June 2015 and while I am still recovering, I still think it was the right thing to do. I have one child, While I had hoped for another, I am now at the stage where I know that I do not want to be up all night with a screaming baby or spend the next six years getting the baby to stay in bed at night until morning. My first still wakes up at least once or twice a month, usually with a nightmare.

    You will find that you wished it had been done a lot sooner once you are on the mend! You are no less a woman for not having the womb anymore and with your problems solved, you will find life is a lot better.

  3. Hi Donna
    I am due to go in hospital to have a total hysterectomy on the 22nd June. I can relate with your anxiety I asked the questions will I get fat grow facial hair but have been told its a myth. I feel very sick in my stomach when I am going about my daily stuff and suddenly relise its the op in a few day. Aarrrgh!!
    Hope yours goes well.

  4. Too put your mind at rest. I was 44 last year when I had full hysterectomy and went straight onto hrt. After a few different ones I’m now on the patches which work the best, don’t give you wrinkles or make you fat or hairy. I’ve been on them for a year now and feel normal

  5. Hi
    My total hysterectomy is booked for the 28th July I have had similar problems to you but fortunately they removed my coil prior to me getting septicaemia thank goodness. I have lots of scar tissue from the surgical removal of ovarian cysts the coil and now I have fibroids too. I understand how your feeling as i’v had the same emotions. I can’t take HRT so am looking at antidepressant that control hot flushes mood swings etc following much research and good advice from a lady whose been through something similar.
    I just can’t wait to be pain free! I know it’ll probably get worse before it gets better but at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel now …. and if I grow a beard I’m off to join the circus we all have to go through menopause at some point and when we can’t change the direction of the wind we have to adjust our sails. Good luck and try not to worry …. Best wishes Carol

  6. Hope this might help – I had a hysterectomy on 20th November last year (the doctor had overdosed me on oestrogen, three times the recommended dose, and I got endometrial cancer, low grade, low stage). Honestly, I was prepared for so much pain and discomfort from the hysterectomy but there was some discomfort (NOT pain!) as I felt my insides shaking around on the way home, and then the most painful bit was the wind – my hysterectomy had been done laparoscopically but by the time I’d spent a day debating which wind treatment to take it had abated. The healing was remarkable and surprised me. I did exactly as I was told, avoiding lifting etc. and my husband was a huge help, but the whole experience wasn’t nearly as traumatic as I expected it to be. Best wishes for your hysterectomy.

  7. Hi Donna, after all you have been through, the hysterectomy will be a breeze! I’m 8 weeks’ post-op (TAH+BSO) and won’t lie, it has been the hardest couple of months of my life, but that compared to the 8 months of continual bleeding, haemorrhage, bloating, cramping and severe anaemia I feel I have made the right decision.
    I still have a long way to go in terms of stamina building as currently still have swelly belly and lower back pain and progress has been slow, but I’m back to work 2 days a week and pleased to report I haven’t gone wrinkly or grown a beard yet!! Yes, I’ve put on some weight due to inactivity but that’s slowly coming off with a healthy diet and a bit more walking and so far, despite having my ovaries removed, I’m manageing without HRT, just alternating sage tablets, Menopace and a multivitamin with evening primrose added and taking a flaxseed tablet every day!!
    My top tips: get as prepared as you can before you go into the Hospital, house cleaned, prepared meals at the ready etc. Buy something to do for during you recouperation, knitting, magazines, jigsaw etc as you will be bored. A couple of days before the surgery, start thinking bowels – eat a healthy lighter diet, soups etc and have a laxitive (Lactulose) the day before so your bowels are pretty clear. Drink plenty of water (a water bottle is easier than a glass), to stay hydrated (this will help with bowels as will drinking orange juice). Take a nightshirt instead of PJ’s (easier with a catheter). Try to keep mobile each day but most of all get lots and lots of rest.
    Be kind to yourself and wishing you the very best of luck x

  8. Hi
    Just be sure the surgeon tacks up the vaginal cuff during hysterectomy or you could be prone to prolapses of bowel or bladder in the near future, especially if going into surgical menopause. Also be warned my menopause symptoms started two days after hysterectomy. I was sweating and freezing every hour, nurses thought I had an infection, after IV antibiotics and blood screen showing no infection and symptoms continuing, surgeon guessed it was hot flushes! God luck.