Heavy Periods – Steph’s Post Op Follow Up Story

I posted my ‘heavy periods‘ story on here some weeks ago, I am now 10 days post-op.

Arrived at the hospital 25th March at 7am on a very snowy Monday morning, had spent all weekend worrying that my op would be cancelled again, due to the bad weather, but luckily the phone didn’t ring.

After checking in and sitting in the waiting room with my mom for company (partner had to work) for a couple of hours we finally got called in to see the Consultant who explained the operation and answered questions. After that we saw the anesthetist, I can still remember her saying ‘when you come round you will be in no pain, but you will know you have had surgery’ wondered what she meant by this but didn’t question it. Finally we saw the ward sister who did all the final checks, blood, urine ecg etc, whilst this was being completed a nurse popped her head around the door to say they were ready for me in theatre.

Up until now i was surprised at how calm i had been feeling, but now I couldn’t even get the ties on my gown done up, had to ask my mom for help, surgical stockings were another problem, after about 15 minutes I was finally ready, with a hug from mom and accompanied by a nurse I made the long walk to theatre. Once there the anesthetist was very calming and before I knew it I was under.

On coming round all I could feel was an immense pain in my abdomen, I was in so much pain I somehow kicked my catheter out, my heart rate became erratic and I was shivering uncontrollably. Apparently I was having a reaction to the anesthetic. I was put back to sleep whilst they sorted out my catheter and pain control.

When I woke again I was back on the ward feeling much more comfortable, still in a little pain but the morphine pump sorted that out and boy did I enjoy pushing that button! The next few hours passed in a blur with half hour obs and the nurses constantly asking me about my level of pain, I couldn’t praise the nurses enough, nothing was ever too much for them.

Mom and partner arrived for evening visiting and by then i was fully awake and having fun playing with the bed controls!! After visiting I was surprised at how well and awake I felt, spent the time talking to the two other women who were in the small four bed bay with me.

Around midnight I started itching very badly down below, knowing I was allergic to latex I called the nurse who quickly examined me and agreed that the catheter needed to come out asap. I was a little nervous about this but actually I didn’t feel a thing and as soon as it was out I instantly felt the need to pee so a commode was fetched as I was sill attached to the morphine pump so couldn’t move far from the bed.

Took a little while for things to start flowing but once they did it was such a relief as I had heard so many stories about women having problems in this department.

The rest of the night and next day flew by, I was out of bed the minute the morphine was finished and at 10am Tuesday morning was having a strip wash by my bedside and into clean underwear and pj’s all completed unaided and painlessly. Consultant came to see me before lunch and was amazed at my activity and best of all agreed I could go home as soon as meds etc were sorted. Had lessons on how to do my anti blood clot injections before I left, have to inject once a day for 10 days.

Arrived home around 6pm that Tuesday evening, 27 hours after surgery and I haven’t looked back since. I feel very very lucky, because unlike a lot of ladies my pain has been minimal and I am already down to only taking painkillers twice a day. Because I am feeling so good, the fact that I must allow my body to heal and rest is the only cure, I am becoming frustrated at my lack of being able to do anything. During the last few days I have limited myself to making drinks for myself and my partner and loading and emptying the washing machine together with a little light dusting.

My scar is looking very good and I have to admit i am quite proud of it. I had dissolving stitches with steri-strips on top. The strips were taken off on Tuesday by the nurse at my local surgery and i am now allowed to bath and shower. Today is my last injection which is nice because we are running out of space to do them, for some reason some tend to leave a big nasty bruise where as others just leave a pin prick mark!!

Its been a relatively short journey for me, from being diagnosed with fibroids in Nov 2012 to having my op March 2013, but happily I now start my new period free life and what a relief.

To all those ladies waiting for surgery I am sending big gentle hugs, as you can see from my story its not all scary hospitals, mega pain stories, with cold uncaring nurses looking after you. I was very lucky in that my initial pain was sorted quickly and the nurses that looked after me obviously love their job and care about their patients. Since coming out of hospital I have done very well, maybe my positive attitude has a lot to do with that, but then again maybe its all down to the amazing surgeon I had, whatever the answer I know a lot of ladies won’t be as fortunate as me and that saddens me but as long as you stay positive there is light at the end of the hysterectomy tunnel, stay positive.



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  1. The emotions you are feeling are perfectly normal and will be due to all sorts of things, not just being upset – anaesthetic, hormones, post op blues etc … all contribute 🙂

  2. Thank you all for your lovely comments. All I had read prior to this was doom and gloom. I am 8 days post op and have only just started feeling positive and good about it all today. I have been teary, angry, emotional, having lots of problems with my partner, and basically screaming the house down. Hopefully this is all behind me now.

  3. Had my “full works” done on 17th April after 2 years of heavy periods, 3 blood transfusions. Had an amazing lady surgeon who stopped me feeling like I was going mad. Operation went well, and I had a spinal block for the pain which unfortunatley only worked on one side so had a morphine pump, but within 24 hours I was up and shuffling about. Nurses were amazing and checked my pain level every hour. I went home after 3 days with paracetamol, I did have a urine infection 24 hours later from the catheter but that was sorted with antibiotics. 2.5 weeks on I feel good, tired, but no giant sanitary towels, and no weeing myself!!.
    I was so nervous about the op, I nearly bolted for the door, but there really is no looking back! xx

  4. Hi I agree with above comments I had a full hysterectomy on the 21st march, I won’t lie it was very scary and I did start to wonder if I was doing the right thing however 5 weeks on I feel great, the first week was the hardest and I had really bad constipation which was very painfully and felt really guilty watching my family and friends running about after me but now I’m back on my feet doing most house hold chores big hugs to any one just about to go through this life changing operation xx

  5. Hi Karen, will be thinking of you on the day. Its only natural to be nervous, its a very big operation but just think of the benifits, No More Periods, that is one hell of a life lying in front of you. Let me know when you are on the done couch sweetie. If i can be of any help just ask. xxxx

  6. Hi carol, ive been using Vit E capsules for the past 3 days. I break one open each morning and gently smooth it into my scar. Mentioned it to my doctor this morning and he said it was fine as my scar was healing over nicely, to be fair it just looks like a nasty scratch now, am surprised as i am only 3 wks post op.

  7. Good to hear you share. I had TAH on May 8th and it’s been a week now. Post-op in the hosp was good, and I managed to walk a bit and did the discharge procedures myself while waiting for my husband. Couldnt wait to go home! I have a bit of spasms due to the antibiotics and pain on my right side. Other than feeling tired, I think everything is ok. I stare at the incision scar whenever I go to the washroom, anyone any idea how long before I can apply anti-scar serum to heal faster?

  8. Lovely to hear how well you are doing, i had mine in nov and like you i was very positive and i was back to normal in no time, it really does make you feel like a new woman.

  9. This has been such a relief to read, I too am having a full hysterectomy everything out on may 18th and am absolutely petrified. I will read this the day of my op just for a boost. Hope all is still well x

  10. Thank you for sharing this I have my op on 26th of April and your comments have been a great comfort to me 🙂