Finally the pain has gone.. Karen’s Story

I was diagnosed at 29 with severe endometriosis. I was told if I had been 10 years older and had a family they would have done a hysterectomy then! Due to my age and having no family it was difficult to treat and over the years I had various non invasive treatments including seven laparoscopies, synarel, the pill, contraceptive injections, coil etc. I would get a few months relief then it would all return.

Over the past year my quality of life has been affected, almost constant pain affecting my day to day schedule including work, exercise etc. In October I went for my three monthly visit to the consultant and was given an ultimatum..continue with non invasive treatments for the next eight to ten years or have a hysterectomy!

It’s not the easiest decision I have had to make! I had a week to make my decision and armed with a list of questions I went to see consultant again. My decision…. to have a hysterectomy. I had lived with this horrible condition for twelve years and had enough!

So aged 41 without a family (there are other options) I had TAH/BSO in January. Despite a few initial problems post op and being re admitted to hospital, I am now just over five weeks post op and, whilst not fully recovered, I feel better now than I have done in years and know I have made the right decison. I am now looking forward to a healthy and pain free 2013.


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  1. Hi Sara I am so gladI had the op it has given me a whole new lease of life. I was a bit concerned howbivwould cope post op but really comparedvto the pain i had put up with it was nothing. I would recommend this to anyonesuffereing like we have and urge you to consider having the op. Best of luck in whatever decision you mmake

  2. Hi georgina I am so gladI had the op it has given me a whole new lease of life. Like u the endo was on my bowel and also in my pelvic area. The constant pain has gone its such a relief and I am sure it will be the same for you. Best wishes for your op and heres to a pain free 2013 x

  3. Dear Karen
    I am so happy to hear that you are feeling so much better than you have in Years. I’m waiting to go into have My Hysterectomy/bowel removal all due to Endometriosis and have started my Testosterone injections, so feel like I’m going through menopause already and like You I have no children but I do think I have made the right decision also. Thank you for putting you story on board I feel a slightly better about recovery now.
    All the very best for you future health and new life without pain.

  4. Hi Karen
    I’ve just read your story and pleased to hear you are recovering well and content that you have made the right decision. I’ve had endometriosis for just over 20 years so I know exactly the pain you are talking about. I would have had a hysterectomy 20 years ago but as I didn’t have children and was then only 23, it wasn’t an option that anybody would consider even though I didn’t want children. I’m now 43 and considering a hysterectomy so have been doing a lot of research. Like yourself, I have endured years of pain and I feel that I cannot take any more. I am open to other options but cannot get on with hormones, so the pill is out, and will never have another coil as until I had one fitted when I was 23, I never experienced the pain I feel now. I had it removed after 3 months of heavy bleeding and excruciating pain every day. I’m waiting for an appointment at the hospital to discuss this further but will continue to research in the meantime.
    I hope 2013 and every year thereafter is pain free.
    Take care