Feeling Wonderful After Total Hysterectomy – Diane’s Story

I had been visiting my doctor for several years with really heavy and painful periods. They suggested my best option was to have a Myrena coil fitted, which they said would help with my periods. As I was close to menopausal age. In my late 40’s I did not think this would not be right for me.

Last year, in desperation, I asked to see a consultant and paid privately. It was the best money I have ever spent. My consultant was fantastic and after examining me said that a coil would not have solved my problems, as my uterus was equivalent to a 14 week pregnancy.

I had my total hysterectomy late May – having my ovaries, cervix and everything removed (I had cysts on my ovaries too). I had my operation on a Friday and was discharged on the Sunday – and have to say I have never felt better. I only had to take paracetamol for a week – and have had no pain at all – only minor discomfort.

I am now 5 weeks post operation and feel great. I know I will probably have to take HRT in the coming weeks to help me, but it was the right thing for me and I feel wonderful, healthy and free. The booklet I downloaded from this website really helped me (as well as the knickers purchased on-line) – thank you!


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  1. I’m 3 days after having a total hestorectomy vaginally I felt Amazing the moment the doctors took the uterus Filipian tubes out and the cervix out but lots of pain im on my 4th day pre op but I feel all my Hormones are better why hadn’t I done this year’s ago? ?
    There was a cyst on my ovaries and the uterus prolapse I had a hard time getting someone to listen and get them removed I’m very happy I done this..??

  2. After 3 years of being on the Norethistorone pill to stop my heavy bleeding, i had a merina coil fitted. I began bleeding again heavily and found out i had a large fibroid that had dislodged my coil. After 6 months of deliberation i finally decided to have a hysterectomy keeping my ovaries and cervix. I am now 14 weeks post op and i have to say all the worry i had initially was far more traumatic than the actual operation and recovery. All went well. My scar is almost invisable and my stomach is as flat as it was years ago. I have lost in total so far over a stone and a half. I feel like a new woman. So anyone who has the initial fears prior to operation, positive thinking and making sure you don’t overdo it during the important 5 weeks after the operation is the key to good recovery. Good luck to all.