A very sore neck

You may well have noticed that I do have a penchant for believing that we all create our own reality, including our experiences of health, but in my line of work – most people probably wouldn’t find that belief helpful and I have to say at the moment I have some sympathy for their point of view.

I have a VERY SORE NECK, more so than usual. I have been struggling to work out what this is all about and am failing to come up with any spiritual answer. It is the neck, so it is related the 5th chakra which is associated with choice, will, personal expression, following one’s dream, using personal power to create, addiction, judgement and criticism, faith and knowledge and the capacity to make decisions. So that really leaves the field wide open so far.

Perhaps it could be that I have just spent too long this week huddled over my laptop as well as coping with the stress that accompanies selling a house! Having said that I have been trying to work on my personal expression, and I feel quite blocked in some ways, particularly when I am trying to work on sensitive issues such as who’s chocolate we are going to eat tonight!.

I’ll let you know how it all goes and maybe I might just make it to the doctor, either way though I do recognise my own part in creating this situation with the neck – it’s all down to that darn laptop!

with much love, light and laughter


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  1. Hi Sue,

    The source of your neck pain is that you are fearful of looking anywhere but straight ahead in front of you. We cannot be afraid to look back at others, as if doing so will keep us from moving forward. The key is to learn to look behind with understanding and compassion. Then we can let go more fully and all parties can move on in the directions which best serve them. May healing soon be yours.


  2. Hi Sue

    Yes, I am debating whether or not to go to the doctors about my neck – it really seems as if it is the tendons that are the problem, not the muscles where I usually hold all my stress (and very bad posture from sitting at a laptop all day long). But I’m going to a Crop Circle Conference this weekend and I thought I might take a dowsing crystal with me as well, and I have been told that crop circles have healing energy within them – so if it works I’ll let you know and save you a few dollars!

    lots of love, light and laughter – through the pain (gosh that sounds a little like a Jane Fonda workout video).

  3. Yes, Ive created my own reality too- a damned sore neck.But for how long do we have to pay penance? Stressing out over work, kids, the other half, and stressing out because I’m stressing out! I’ve had it for 5 years now. I’m using my personal power now to bounce off critism and judgement, and giving me a lot more consideration. But that pain is jammed in my neck. I’s a pain in the neck! The physio. was very kind and eventually told me it’s management of the pain thats required! $400 later! Acupuncture! that WILL fix it! $300 later. Now it seems I need a neurologist. He will inject an anaesthetic (no spell checker here) under scan to eliminate it. I’m not rushing out in a mad frenzy for that one. But they tell me it works. Maybe I will have to visit my bank first. Oh! feel that stress coming back? I’m not worried about whose chocolate we eat tonite, Ill just eat the lot before he gets home! With much love, light, and laughter, SUE