A difficult few weeks, haematoma after hysterectomy – Caroline’s Story

I had a front and back pelvic repair and my womb removed 11/11/13. I went home 4 days later feeling really unwell, SO tired, was told I needed to take 3 iron tablets a day due to having a low blood count. After 5 days my urine was cloudy, I was in agony passing wind or trying to have a bowel movement. I was put on antibiotics for a urine infection for 5 days.

Two days after antibiotics had finished I couldn’t pass urine, in agony I went to hospital. For a whole week I was on antibiotics as had temperature peaks, had a catheter, after 7 days I was sent for a ultra scan that showed fluid in my pelvic area. I had a haematoma due to a bleed where my womb had been taken away. The doctor wanted to drain it, so the stitches were removed so I started to get discharge as the old blood started to drain. That in itself was to cause problems, so still had a catheter so as not to cause another bladder infection.

After 11 days in hospital with strong antibiotics by drip, it was decided I could go home as my blood results were healthy, as they should be, so home I went with 10 days oral antibiotics. I have been told the haematoma should be desolved by my body if I’m healthy, I have to go for another ultra scan in a few weeks to see if it has reduced. I feel these weeks have taken away my confidence. I cry all the time, I hate my body. Is this a normal reaction to what I’ve been through.


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  1. HI i am currently in hospital due to having intense back pain and spasms numb inner thighs and issues with my bladder not emptying or me not feeling it.
    I’ve been in hospital a week already had two MRI scans which show my spine is fine. One dr told me I had soft tissue showing on the scan in my pelvis but another dr told me it was a hematoma.
    I just want to go home and see my 5 kids I’m only 37 and need to be with my family.
    My gynaecologist hasn’t even been to see me yet. I’ve had urologist and spinal surgeon but no gynae ?
    Anyone got any similar stories or advice

  2. Hi was supposed to have laproscopic vagenal hystorectomy but due to a hemmorage. Dr had to open me up to stop the bleeding.Awoke to my husband telling me dr had to make a little bigger incision…catheter was in place two ivs . I was shocked the next day when I saw the five two inch incisions and a full abdominal incision.. Once the catheter was out my bladder sent pangs and still continues to now 2 weeks post op . Went to one week appoitment and what a night mare that was .. She asked for any complaints and I responded well I have a fever of 101 I have a rash covering my abdomin still my bladder was not only not emptying I had spazems of bowels and bladder left side pain more so than the right. So she had me use bathroom then cath me to see how much is not emptying finding I was not able to pass more than half of the urine . She said it’s still ok things will settle down a full pelvic exam was next and she said she saw more swelling on the left side. When I was done and sitting up she began to tell me I’m going to give you antibiotics only because I was complaining of left side pain .while she was talking to me she blinked with big cow and proceeded to talk to me as if I’m over reacting. I cryed like a baby .. A very frustrated baby the second week started feeling better unexplained rash still driving me nuts. Urinating more but pangs of spazems after …and to top it off bowels started Salem too had to use a suppository twice .had a good weekend played with grand kids and went to bed feeling ok . I woke the next day to so much abdominal pain and my right hip and leg hurt too .. Odd …spent the day in bed and took pain meds that I did not use after surgery,the next day awoke neasueas abdominal pain vagenal pain bladder and bowel spazems and started to bleed went to see dr told her all my complaints again a very painful pelvic exam . Dr said she need me to do bloodwork so I did she also wants ct scan that is set up for tomm woke today with so much pressure and pain I can’t sit on my right but cheek because of the pain back hurts leg hurts headace neasueas fever . While wondering why I don’t feel better the dr calls bloodwork is back whit blood count is very very high infection ,, dr prescribed 4000 mg of antibiotics and now I wait with infection for my ct scan tomm .. Please if anyone reads this .. Don’t let your doctor shrug you off . It’s your body you know when things are wrong . Don’t give in to go home and cry this has been a complete nightmare and I’ll probably be in the hospital tomm after ct scan .How do I know that ??? My body tells me ❤️

  3. Hi, I had a laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy 14 days ago. I had a drain in which leaked loads. They let me home after 2 days, with iron pills because I had bled a lot. After ten days I started to bleed, not spotting, but proper bleeding – I had to go back into hospital due to haematoma, antibiotics via iv, and it was touch and go as to whether I needed to go back to theatre. Today they have switched me to oral antibiotics and said I can go home. While I am pleased about this I am also confused. Surgery possibility yesterday and home today? Anyway I’m still getting shooting pains up my back and going to the loo is really painful. I just sat and sobbed last night in total despair. I have three kids at home who need me to be better, and I just don’t understand what’s happening to me. This operation was supposed to make everything better. Instead it’s made it worse.

  4. Hi ladies. I had a cone biopsy and hemorraged 12 days later. It was temporarily stopped with tabs. Thereafter bled 6 weeks continuously so Dr recommended a hysterectomy.Had a TVH ovaries kept as I’m 41 years old. 2 weeks later got really ill vomiting etc. Went to see Dr. Ultra sound and CT dye test revealed hematoma and bleeding/ fluid where uterus was removed. I was taken back to theatre and had a laparoscopy aided removal of fluids etc. Then reffered to a hematologist to determine why this was happening. I bruise easily and they think I have a blood clotting disorder. I had a vaginal catheter to drain excess blood. I was on antibiotics and iron tabs. Became very aneamic. Home now taking it day at time. The iron tabs are constipating me now but that’s not a major issue. I hope the bleeding inside doesn’t recur.

  5. I had total hysterectomy done 3/4/3016 two weeks later I’m in the er with belly pain which gave me chest pain, bloody urine, vomiting, bloody nose, I was told the I had a hematoma on top of cervix…been on antibiotics for four days now tomorrow having done an invasive procedure to drain the blood…praying that this is not an on going thing…very uncomfortable pain…is this normal?

  6. did my hysterectomy on 03/12/2015. Everything went well, my haematoma is still draining as I was told that it will take +- 6weeks. You don’t have to worry gal you will get over it. Keep well.

  7. Hello, I am going through exactly what you did after my hysterectomy, the Dr. Sent me home for bed rest and I just finished 10 days of antibiotics. I am not better. How did things end up for you? I see your hysterectomy was 2013 mine was November 2015. I feel like Im about to loose my mind in this bed, any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,