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The leap of faith – #FridayFiction

Jenny looked down and gulped.

It was higher than she’d expected.

The whole gang were below shouting at her to jump as she clung to the frame for support.

‘Jenny, just jump please sweetheart, just jump down and I’ll catch you’.

Dad with his arms wide and welcoming.

Ben was looking at her expectantly, ‘come on Jen, you know you can do it, we know you can do it, just have faith’

Jenny watched them all willing them to see what she saw, the distance to the floor below; and feel what she felt, the terror of leaping not knowing what the outcome would be.

She breathed deeply and let one hand drop from the frame.

Closing her eyes she let the other hand drop away too and then leapt out and away just like Ben had told her.

For one glorious second she was flying. The wind rushing through her and past her, ruffling her hair as if it were feathers.

And then she was safe, in her father’s arms. She hugged him tight, he hugged her back.

‘See Jenny Wren, we all knew you could do it’, he smiled down at her.

Looking up she nodded looking at her brother for confirmation ‘I just had a little faith’.

Ben smiled and held out his hand, ‘come on smallest one, shall we go again?’

She giggled, ‘yes please’ then looking serious ‘I want to fly, fly as high as a bird, could I do that one day do you think?

‘Yes Jen, I’m pretty certain you could’. He spoke quietly and thoughtfully, ‘all it takes is a leap of faith’.

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