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The amazing WordPress store

Once upon a time there was a man who had a secret recipe that turned chicken into the best meal in the world. Despite his ability to make chicken taste so wonderful that people salivated at the mere mention of his name, he had yet to earn a penny.

He became sadder and sadder and as he trudged the streets he got thinner and thinner. It seemed no-one wanted to buy his chicken recipe and he despaired of ever changing the taste-buds of the world.

One day he happened to pass a brand new WordPress store. He checked out the window and was about to walk on when he spotted a sign, very low down in the corner ‘free blogs for everyone’. He wasn’t really sure what a blog was, but he hadn’t eaten that day and thought that perhaps this was something that might satisfy his belly, at least for a little time.

So he pushed the glass door and found himself in a very friendly lobby. There were people all over the place, each talking earnestly to at least half a dozen others. They were waving their hands around and getting all excited as they shared their ideas. The atmosphere was infectious and the man found himself starting to smile as he watched all the people sharing their brightest and best thoughts.

He couldn’t see the free blogs anywhere and asked a friendly looking woman where he could find them. If the store was able to make all these people look so happy he felt sure he would be able to feel that way too soon.

She directed him to the corner where he spotted a queue of people all lining up to fill in a form. He joined at the back and patiently waited his turn. Eventually he got to the front and was given a form to fill in that asked for his name and email address. He filled it in and handed it back and was given, in return, a small package to unwrap. Making his way to a vacant seat he sat down with the box and slowly pulled the packaging apart. When it was completely open he saw that he had a shiny box with space for a title and some words.

He was very confused. He’d hoped that a blog was something he could eat and instead he had a strange empty box. He must have looked very sad because someone else came up to talk to him.

‘What’s the problem?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know what it is and I suppose I’d hoped that a free blog would mean I could eat today’. He held up the box as he spoke.

She smiled at him and showed him her box. It wasn’t quite as shiny as his but there were lots of titles and there were lots of words. ‘This is my blog’ she said ‘ it feeds me every single day as long as I remember to feed it in return.

He must have looked puzzled so she asked him what his dream was.

‘To change the taste buds of the world with my amazing chicken recipe’ he said.

She smiled again and said ‘I think we can do something with that, it’s a good dream’ and showed him how to add a title about chicken and some words about his recipe to his box and then pressed a little button in the corner that said ‘publish’. All of a sudden his box came to life and he found that a little sandwich had presented itself to him.

‘So, all I have to do is feed my box with titles and words and it will feed me in return?’

‘Yes’ she replied. ‘That’s all you have to do’.

The man thanked her for her kindness and sat down mystified as to how it worked. But he put another title in and some more words and sure enough, out popped another sandwich. The man was relieved, it wasn’t a fluke after all.

(Image by Pexels from Pixabay)

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  1. yes, well, no fine .. keep on truckin’ – and enjoy the filling of the sandwich. I enjoyed this Linda thank you .. lovely metaphor! Or analogy ..