Tales of t’Internet – the feast and the famine

The continuation of the Tales of the Kindgom of t’Internet a slightly irreverent look at search engine optimisation.

When the Kingdom of t’Internet became first occupied the land was lush and green; food and wine flowed for all the inhabitants and everything was good. There was much cheer amongst the people and they regularly enjoyed glorious gatherings with all manner of feasting and entertainments.

Visitors came regularly to the kingdom and they were directed to those inhabitants that could best meet their needs by the Lords who ruled over the vast machines in the base of their castles and which were called data-bases.

It came to pass that the wonder of the Kingdom spread far beyond its borders and soon there were more people wishing to share in this bountiful harvest. They too created homes from whence they could trade with the visitors who trod the well-worn paths through forest and field to reach those who could give the best value.

These were the best of times and yet these were the worst of times for it happened that the Kingdom became a haven for all manner of people and opportunities; the good and the just came in their thousands and so too did those who would who would abuse and dis-honour the land upon which they all resided.

And the Lords and Princes and Kings of the castles were sorely pressed to keep up with the demands for bigger and better and faster replies for the supplicants which flooded their vast halls.

And so, as the numbers of residents grew and spewed all across the Kingdom the land itself fared less well; and it came to pass that it was no longer as lush and green, the wine no longer flowed as freely and the sumptuous feasts and gatherings became fewer and fewer. The residents looked longingly at the Kingdom of Facebook and the Land of Twitter hoping that they may solve their problems for they were no longer guaranteed the visitors they needed to simply provide their daily bread and it seemed that war  might loom upon the horizon for battles were breaking out amongst the disgruntled and the disenfranchised.

Those whose livelihoods had once been ripe but were now pitiful resorted to changing signs upon the highways and pathways of the kingdom; they burnt down and infiltrated other homes spreading seeds of discord whilst watching their enemies every move; and they even attempted treason by breaking into the basements which stored the vast machines.

Some decided that they would no longer keep their homes looking as pristine for they could not afford the artisan fees to do so; their signs fell into disrepair and their interiors were not swept in many a long year. They had no new offerings upon the table for their visitors and so the visitors stayed away, preferring to spend their groats with those who cared. Such was the scale of the famine that many were removed from the Kingdom for such acts.

To be continued ……

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