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Wheels within Wheels is this weeks contribution to Madison Woods, Friday Fictioneers challenge. For those who are unfamiliar with this Friday activity, it is a challenge set by Madison to write a 100 word flash fiction story based on the photo prompt you’ll find below. My personal enjoyment comes from reading the enormous variety of interpretations that come along in both short story and poetry formats. I hope you enjoy my own effort and if you would like to take part there are more details at the bottom of the post about how you can do so.

The photo this week is courtesy of Piya Singh (Bittercharm) and the usual restrictions apply, it is her copyright so please respect that. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.


‘At last ….. I can’t believe it’s taken so long to get here’.

Gemma turned to look at him. ‘I did say it would be a day’s hiking … didn’t you listen to me!’ It was said without rancour, just resignation. Knowing that this was how it was, how it would always be.

Tony shrugged off his pack plumped down on a grassy hillock and looked at the cottage in front of him, ‘what a mess’. He pulled off boots and socks to dangle feet in cool water.


‘Is that the Police? ….. There’s been an accident …!’

(100 Words)


You can find a bunch of other observations and interpretations here: and also by following the links in the box below. If you would like to take part in Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers you will need to visit this page on her website which explains what to do: You can also join in on Facebook at:


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  1. The dark side is alive and living not only in me but in the lovely Stevie as well – great day yesterday by the way and I’m not sure I really had time, but as I missed last week as well and was about to do a flash fiction workshop I thought I’d better … 😉

  2. I guess sometimes you just think it’s not worth it and I’m still not convinced she did snap – perhaps it was a genuine accident 🙂

  3. Wow, my first taste of marital support and counselling – thanks Paul for sharing and I do hope that you and your lovely wife are both well, oh and thank you for making me smile at lot too 🙂

  4. My wife asked me to read this. As a cautionary tale, I hope. I guess I’d better check my sarcasm at the door from now on. Thank you for entertaining said wife. And wife? I love you…

  5. Well done Linda, glad to see the dark side is still alive and well 🙂 Couldn’t resist dropping by to read your story even though I didn’t have time to write one this week.

  6. I see we took a similar approach, as I began with the hiking as well. I get a sense of their real relationship in a few words. Well done. I enjoyed it. – Amy

  7. Oh boy, so many delicious twists and turns that this story could take from this point. This is a great piece of flash fictions. I envy your ability to be so concise. Well done!

  8. Sounds like it could end up on court TV years after the fact. There were holes in Gemma’s story…like why had she given all of his clothes away the week before… etc etc.
    Thanks for your kind comments on mine.