Friday Fictioneers – Too near the sun

This week’s photograph for the weekly challenge set by Madison Woods called Friday Fictioneers is a beautiful picture provided by Doug McIlroy which looks very like the top of the world to me.

Copyright Doug McIlroy


Whhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …….!

The flight took him upwards, away from the mountains and their prison towards freedom.

He heard his father call over the wind ‘Russsy, remember what your mother said … don’t disobey your father …. just follow me’.

Pretending not to hear preferring to be be just like the crows who fly as high as they dare then tumble towards the earth in an endless game of chicken on a windy day, Rus continued his unknown, internal game of consequences.

Until his death, Dae berated himself for the lack of attention that meant he didn’t notice Rus climb too high. His mind played the scene over and over watching the dark mass tumbling toward the sea and destruction.


The idea behind Friday Fictioneers is that you submit a 100 word flash fiction story associated with the picture challenge added the previous Wednesday. You can read the other submisions this week on Madison’s Blog here: There is also a Facebook Page too specially for Friday Fictioneers and you can find it here: If you’d like to know the rules then this is the page to visit:; and finally, if you’d like to read my previous attempts you can find them all listed here:

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  1. I have that feeling about it not being quite real all the time …. mmm sounds like we have something major in common here 🙂

  2. Haha…I always feel like a woman on the edge of reality…and being an author is not an easy to thing to realise I reckon..its like “oh ok, now what? its not even a real job!”….

  3. Wow, thanks for that it all adds to the visual imagery I have and helps to explain why the crows do what they do around our home 🙂

  4. I guess he’d be a bit like candle wax dipped in water – all white and hard and brittle …. I know that the title of my novel is called Woman on the Edge of Reality but it was the title of this blog for many years before that was ever conceived and I’ve always said that it’s because that’s where I feel I am most of the time, betwixt and between different realities (but I’m not odd, honestly). When I first started on this blog I was never sure what it was going to be about and it languished for about six years before I finally realised I was an author (I’d been saying that was my dream for years whilst busily producing and publishing books …. duh!) and so got my act together …. sorry for rambling on … 🙂

  5. Wonder how he looked, would he have been covered in wax?? Tis is so cute..would like to get inside your head when you’re writing these stories to see how it works! 🙂

  6. Do you know, there are just some words which I love rolling around in my head – so I know exactly what you mean 🙂

  7. So what is it about tumbling that you like so much? And thanks for the lovely comment too 🙂

  8. I should proofread my own comments before I leave them. I meant to say I hope that my comment doesn’t come across poorly. And I see what you’re saying about the calling to him. Do your thing! 🙂

  9. It’s a shame we miss so many things as we get older but I must admit that I’ve found this exercise particularly good at re-acquainting myself with many things 🙂

  10. I think I was trying to convey the calling to Rus from his father although I realise that might translate in my mind rather than in the readers. Thanks for the alert and feedback though very much appreciated 🙂

  11. Oh thank you – what a lovely thing to share and say too and I shall as I plan to start doing more fiction on my blog in the future too 🙂

  12. Hi Linda,

    Your story was a lot more than a few words on a page. I really enjoyed reading it and had to read again and again, to make a picture of my own. Keep Penning.


  13. I’m a big fan of mythology, Greek or otherwise and the flying was the thing that hit me as soon as I saw the picture – the two came together beautifully 🙂

  14. I’m sure they would enjoy yours as I did and thanks for the lovely comment too – muchly appreciated 🙂

  15. Dear Linda,

    Icarus—-Russy? I’m tuned in and getting it now (I think:). Very nice story. It is the top of the world.