Friday Fictioneers – The Sculptor

Once again it is time to enter the melee that is Friday Fictioneers; once again I will be stunned by the variety of offerings my fellow participants share and once again I will be inspired by them, intrigued by them, amused by them and fall in love with them.

The usual rules apply. The photograph is copyright to Claire Fuller so please don’t use it without her permission. It’s 100 words, give or take the odd character and thanks go to Rochelle the Wise for organising the high jinks.

You could hear the tap, tap tap of the hammer and chisel from over 100 yards before you happened across the little shed he worked out of. The sound carried you, magically, along; encouraging you, engaging your senses until you felt you just had to know what caused it.

And when you finally entered, he’d look up from the stone and smile, inviting you to sit down and watch a while, explaining the current piece with pride.

And the tap, tap, tap would carry on until its soporific effects took hold and you fell into sleep, ready for carving too.


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  1. not sure if anyone already said this, but if you break that in the right spots, you’ll have an excellent poem.

  2. Tap, tap, tap …you are very sleepy. Yo will cluck like a chicken when I say the word pinochle. How interesting you chose this way with the prompt.

  3. Sinister twist, well done. I’m fascinated in that a good number of stories prompted by this photo, seem to manifest a subconscious idea of the artist as in possession of supernatural powers or are in touch with those who have. And sometimes use these to harm others. This includes my own. And I’m an artist!

  4. Sitting, smiling, enjoying. Right up until the last line, when you slapped me with the creep stick – fantastic!