Friday Fictioneers – Shell Seeker

I didn’t manage to join in last week and I’m hoping that this week’s offering will make up for my absence from Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers community of writers. For those who are unfamiliar with this Friday activity, it is a challenge set by Madison to write a 100 word flash fiction story based on the photo prompt you’ll find below. My enjoyment comes from reading the enormous variety of interpretations that come along in both short story and poetry formats. I hope you enjoy my own effort and if you would like to take part there are more details at the bottom of the post about how you can do so.

The photo this week is courtesy of Susan Wenzel and the usual restrictions apply, it is her copyright so please respect that. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.


She spotted them immediately. Slightly hidden by the eddies of the rock pool, their bright glint catching and re-catching the sun as the water swirled over and around.

She plucked them from the sand and held them aloft to examine their clarity. They were exactly what she’d been hoping for, almost translucent in their natural state.

Crushing them in her fist, aware of the tips of pain that burst from her fingers, she ground them between her palms until at last she was sure they were small enough to be undetected in the can of Pepsi she’d bought for him.

(100 words)


You can find a bunch of other observations and interpretations here: and also by following the links in the box below. If you would like to take part in Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers you will need to visit this page on her website which explains what to do: You can also join in on Facebook at:

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  1. Well, that’s where the latest novel seems to be heading Anne – don’t know if could do downright evil though … I shall have to wait and see 🙂

  2. Nice twist! This only emphasizes what Bill has always told the girls–never drink from a drink you haven’t either opened yourself or seen opened, although I’m sure crushed shells weren’t what he had in mind!

  3. Ooo brutal! Think I’ll be a bit more careful next time I drink pepsi from a can.

  4. Yikes…your last line made me gasp. Didn’t expect it. Wonder what he did or is doing to deserve this. If not poison, I think the crumbled shells may cause kidney stones…painful enough. Tks for visiting mine.

  5. Either she likes to watch people in pain or she’s trying to kill him, either way she’s evil! Very mysterious.

  6. What a menacing young lady she is. Ha. She had a very crafty way of spiking his drink. Adding a little ‘salt’ and ‘fiber’ to a Pepsi certainly would alter its flavor some. Thanks for reading my story and the positive comments.

  7. I’m not surprised! 🙂 Perhaps when you’ve got it out of your system you’ll be back to cute and fluffy, or perhaps it’s just showing the depths of storytelling you’re capable of. Murder mystery next time??

  8. Wow, that had a twist.
    Don’t know what he’s done but she’s definitely not happy.
    A great story.

  9. I have no idea whether shells could be used as a poison – it was just an idea Doug. I shall think more about it, but I’ve noticed I’m definitely veering towards murder, death and mayhem in my flash fiction, perhaps it’s telling me something I ought to pay attention too 🙂

  10. Dear Linda,

    What’s going on here? Naturally occurring poison shells? A murderous intent in a keen eyed girl on the beach? Tell me more.