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Friday Fictioneers – Music To Live By

It’s that time of the week again, it’s time for Friday Fictioneers and the challenge of the 100 word short story. I’d like to thank Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields for hosting the whole shebang again and also Jennifer Pendergast who provided the photograph.

If you’d like to find out more about what Friday Fictioneers is and how to get involved, you just need to follow the instructions on Ms Rochelle’s site for more info.



The sound drifted upwards toward the ceiling, her notes taking shape, swooping and swirling in eddies before landing in the ears of all who were listening.

They all knew why she played; they could hear it in the pain that was transmitted through her violin.

“He is gone, I am bereft”.

They grew used to the music that shared their lives, each weighed down by its melancholia.

On the clear Sunday morning when the notes finally changed, they realised she had grieved enough, that her violin had played her madness out and she would live, like any other, once more.

(100 words)


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  1. In shared living, we share so much more than a staircase and a front door. I like how her emotions effect her neighbours and they all elight in her recovery

  2. I love the idea of music floating up and down those stairs, and the neighbours sharing in her pain and happiness. Beautifully drawn.

  3. I thought your words were woven like a symphony too, Linda. I could hear the cadence of the music in your words. Very well expressed, and I loved the ending as well.

  4. “He is gone, I am bereft”. — sad, sad, sad yet beautiful as a declaration of what they had once shared.

  5. This is poetic and beautifully written…We were on some what of the same page this week. Sunday and sadness. But yours had a happier ending and fell within the 100 word limit.

  6. I love when a thought come immediately from a prompt. I thought it was a lamp and later when I got to the computer I saw it was a staircase. I ended up writing two this week and I believe both pale to yours. It’s really beautiful.