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Exterminate, exterminate – #FridayFiction

Jamie ran round the field waving his hands screaming ‘exterminate, exterminate’ as loud as he could.

The grownups all smiled smugly saying ‘it’s nice to see a child so happy’.

He watched them as he ran, trying to work out what they were thinking and how they’d all react when the daleks landed for real.

And then, a hand caught his tee-shirt as he flew by and he was dragged to an abrupt stop.

Wriggling, he tried to get free. ‘Let go of me, let go ..’ he shouted.

He tried to see who had caught him but couldn’t twist round far enough.

‘Let me go, let me go’ he demanded.

He was about to stamp on the nearest foot in the hopes the hand would release him when a second hand swooped down with a large ice-cream cone attached to it.

‘Your Mum thought you might like an ice-cream Jamie’ his uncle Danny said letting go of the collar.

‘Mmmm’ Jamie said smiling ‘ I love Snugbury’s‘!

If you’ve never been to Snugbury’s in Cheshire, you’re missing out on one of the wonders of the North West. And the annual hay bale sculture is a wonder to behold!

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