Beeble’s bedtime biscuit

Beeble lay in her basket listening to the tick tock of the clock on the wall.

Where were they?

She snuggled down further tucking her tail under her legs and sighed.

Where were they?

It was a long time past bedtime, the light had gone out long ago and she could feel her breathing slowing down as she drifted off into sleep.

She was just reaching her paw out to grab a juicy bone from behind the butcher’s back when she was jerked awake with a start. Listening carefully Beeble could make out voices, thick with sleep she wasn’t sure. Were they back?

She sat up, head cocked on one side. It was tempting to get out of her cosy basket but the voices drifted away and within a few seconds it was quiet again.

Giving her head a shake to loosen her ears she settled back into her nest; head tucked between her paws and tail contained by the basket side.

Tick tock, tick tock, the hands continued their journey around the clock face. Beeble didn’t know the time, but she knew it moved from light to dark on a regular basis and this was definitely dark. It was time to go to sleep but they weren’t home and she was alone.

Her tummy grumbled and she edged into a more comfortable position head lolling over the basket’s side.

Sighing, she glanced at the cupboard door wishing it would open to reveal the treats stored inside. Nothing happened.

Closing her eyes seemed the best thing to do and she was soon back in the butcher’s shop.

“Some guard dog Beeble is ..”

So far gone in the dream it took a few seconds to realise they were back and smiling as they watched her.

Rolling over for a tummy tickle she made them laugh.

“Did you miss us?”

A jump brought her to their side to start her dance of welcome.

“I think she missed us”

“I think you’re right”

“Is it time for Beeble’s bedtime biscuit then?”

The cupboard door opened and the biscuit tin appeared. Stopping her dance, Beeble watched with anticipation.

It was dark, it was bedtime and it was time for her biscuit. All was well with the world.

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