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The what and the who of Linda

A psychic once told me that it was almost as if I had appeared fully formed on earth at the age of 10 – rather like Mr Bean – with no history or family to speak of. With a statement like that I might have felt it incumbent upon me to explain why the age of 10 was so significant in my life, and whilst it surely would have been interesting to you; personally, I’m much more interested in the present.  As Leslie Poles Hartley once said “the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there“.

People, I believe, are often tarred with two brushes.  That of ‘WHAT’ they are, and the more interesting – to me at least – of WHO they are. So, dear audience, I decided to take you on a short, but hopefully interesting journey in the What and Who of Linda!

So, what am I.

Well, I’m a woman, at least I was when I last looked!  The eldest of three and originally from the North West of England. I am half Irish with largish dollop of Spanish thrown in for good measure. I’m about 5 foot 6 inches tall and currently weigh somewhere between 9 and 20 stone – but I’m not taking you any closer than that!

I’m an information scientist by profession – which means I love the feel of information, the empowerment it brings and I love sharing it with everyone – so much so that I can become quite a bore really.

My career has wandered aimlessly through a variety of roles that have included board marker in a betting shop without having a single maths qualification to my name, artists muse and nude model – which was very well paid for the 1980’s, green party candidate in local elections and I even got more votes than the liberal candidate, but not enough to win fortunately for local politics. I’ve worked my way through Wimpy – the hamburger chain, narrowly avoiding becoming an accountant along the way, and which is why I never touch burgers; Victoria Wine with a lot of qualifications that mean I’m supposed to understand something about wine – but probably accounts for why I never touch the stuff these days if I can help it, marketing manager for Nurofen and Strepsils at Boots Healthcare International, Webmaster for the Faculty of Computing at UCE. And these days I find myself working with companies to help them use Microsoft 365 as a metaphorical diving board in the pool of digital transformation.

I’m a writer as well and so far I’ve produced several books as well as numerous articles, academic papers and contributions. One of my books is a best seller on Amazon on both sides of the Atlantic – if you feel like a good read it has the natty little title of 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy – yes really!

But, all of these WHAT’s wouldn’t be possible without the WHO I am. This is the aspect of people that I find most exciting and interesting, because these are the characteristics that drive us to do the things we do with our lives when we are finally in a position to live them as we would want to.

So, WHO is the Linda that stands before you in this blog post?

I love life, in fact my mantra is that life is for living not for enduring.  I have seen too many people enduring the life they have, all the time complaining that life happens to them, without recognising any obvious input on their part whatsoever.

Life is too short, too precious to be thrown away like that.

I’m curious. I love to know what makes me tick, what makes you tick, why the world is the way it is, how we came to believe in this thing we call ‘reality’. I like to find out what lies behind the news and I particularly love a good conspiracy theory – in fact I can probably make up a few of my own right now, but I’ll save that for another time.

I feel things deeply, perhaps I’m over emotional – which is odd seeing as I’m an Aquarian with almost all the planets in my chart residing in Aquarius too with the exception of my  moon and my rising sign which are both water signs – a sure signal of someone who is going to cry at Bambi or over a song on the radio that meant something during a long forgotten love affair.

I’m a lifelong learner – new tricks, new skills, new knowledge; it is all grist to the mill for me and I lap it up. I share my learning as well as I don’t subscribe to the knowledge is power adage.  Knowledge shared is even more powerful.

My interests are almost as varied as my career has been and cover every colour under the rainbow from philosophy, psychology, women’s health, crop circles, quantum physics, metaphysics, personal development, spirituality to partying.

I’m into everything t’Internet, in fact I was once told I’d probably marry WordPress if it were at all possible. I work on the Internet all day every day and couldn’t imagine a life without access to this vast information repository.

I love exploring new concepts, new ideas, new ways of living and being and I challenge myself at almost every opportunity to be or do something just a little bit differently

I love my friends, going to the cinema, the theatre, anything Abba; and I’m known for throwing good parties.  I love the Rocky Horror Show and anything that involves getting dressed up and having fun – in fact the more outlandish the better.

I have to credit my parents for being the WHO I am today and for encouraging and allowing me to have an open mind, free from shackles and constraints. My mother is a strong woman, brought up in India who loves to travel. My father was quiet, reserved, shy really – who didn’t like people much and stayed away from our many family parties. But he introduced me to ley lines, astronomy, economics and challenging authority at every turn. In the two years before he died he also taught me one of the greatest lessons I have ever learnt, that of the power of living wholly in the present. He had Alzheimer’s, he had no past, he didn’t concern himself with the future, he lived in the moment and it was a privilege to share that experience with him.

So, the psychic was right in a sense. I am a person in my own right. Yes, I have been influenced by my parents, my upbringing and the social mores of the times but I’m fortunate that I had a father who encouraged the endless questions, who allowed me the opportunity to explore the world my way without standing too much in the way; and who had a mother who loved to travel, to learn and who encouraged independence.

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  1. Hi Linda
    You already helpped from miles away in a big way during my hysterectomy and i love your articles. Very grounded. 👍🏽