What the humble bowerbird can teach us about marketing

What the humble bowerbird can teach us about marketing

Why is Apple like the bowerbird? The bowerbird, an inhabitant of Australia and Papua New Guinea is a great marketing metaphor that every business owner would do well to learn from. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if even the late, great Steve Jobs himself had been secretly influenced by this fascinating avian…

Facebook for Entrepreneurs – Five Top Tips

It would be difficult to imagine anyone who hasn’t heard of Facebook these days. It is one of the worlds top social networking sites, regularly trouncing even the mighty Google in the rankings. It is a great place for the entrepreneur to dip his or her toe in the water of social networking and yet many are confused by what they can do. I’ve listed just five tips that could get you started.

Promoting a free Amazon Kindle book? List it with these sites

(image courtesy of NotFromUtrecht (Wikipedia)[/caption] Promoting a free Amazon Kindle book is not a simple task especially with the increasing mass of books that can now be found for the Amazon Kindle. Therefore getting a book to the right reader’s attention is hugely important but it can be time consuming. However, all is not lost…